The Dopest Hip Hop You’ve Never Heard (4-18-14)

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Lots of dope music submitted throughout the weeks. I honestly have no time to listen to mainstream hip hop anymore and I’m fine with that. I would love to make this a full blown out online radio show sometime in the future if I can get the time. Until then, let’s keep pumping dope into the hip hop community…music that is. Hope you enjoyed these joints as much as I did.

How to Become A Dope Rapper or MC

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How to become a good rapper

Here’s What DMX Had to Say About the Music Industry

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A reminder of how truly gifted the Dark Man X was. Very powerful, eerily prophetic, and still relevant insight.

Here’s What Legendary Producer Eric B. Has to Say About the Business of Hip Hop

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Hip Hop producer,  Eric B. gives some insight on the hip hop music business. He also educates on what are the differences between beat makers and producers. Good stuff. Check it out. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Big Mistakes Artists Make in the Music Industry

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  Entertainment Attorney Rasheed McWilliams briefly but effectively talks about 3 of the biggest mistakes artists make in the music industry. First he illustrates the importance of having and entertainment attorney. Far to often artists neglect to seek the counsel of one when dealing with contracts. While having one can be costly at first, artists can an often do end up paying tore than that cost for not having one in the long run. Having an entertainment attorney also helps you to better understand those legal documents so that you’ll know what’s in your best interest . Most of the stories Read the rest of this entry »

Hip Hop Producer Bangladesh Explains The Many Ways Producers Get Paid

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Hip hop producer Bangladesh has made beats for some of the biggest rap artists in the game. In this video he explains all of the ways producers and beat makers can make money from their craft. Check it out.

Funkworm’s Music Industry Adventures: The Rapper

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Funkworms_Music Industry Adventures-The Rapper
Rapper_Panel2Rapper_3Rapper_4Rapper 5Rapper _6Rapper 7

[Guest Post] Restoring the Value of Recorded Music

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studio recording

We’re amidst an era of superabundance. Western capitalism has found a way to supply a huge amount of products to a huge amount of people at a reasonably low price. We see this everyday in supermarkets and shopping malls. However, no section of the economy is experiencing this superabundance quite like the music industry is.


Today anybody with a laptop, a mic and some software can upload unlimited amounts of musical content to the Web, methodically contributing to the superabundance of digital music. This alone is problematic because the value of a commodity is measured with respect to scarcity. In other words, what makes something valuable is the fact that there’s a limited supply of it. In today’s digital music market, the supply of music is everything but limited. Add to this the fact Read the rest of this entry »

Mac Miller: “I’m Afraid of Major Labels & Radio” [video]

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Independent hip hop artist Mac Miller in this video talks about how he just sticks to what he knows. What he knows led him to a number one album which was a solid release in my opinion. Another indie making it happen. Check it out.
Read the rest of this entry »

Rocko Explains the Advantages of Being an Independent Hip Hop Artist

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Atlanta based artist Rocko, in this interview, points out the fact that artists end up in debt with major labels who subcontract the work needed to push and promote them. He explains how artists can bypass the need for those labels by hiring the contractors themselves. Another great example of an independent hip hop artist making it happen! Be inspired. Read the rest of this entry »

DJ Jazzy Jeff Tells Why Chief Keef and Drake Made Mistakes by Signing with Labels [video]

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” I know artists that made records without record labels. I don’t know too many record labels that made records without artists.”  Well said, Jeff.

[WATCH] Mobb Deep: Major Labels Are Irrelevant

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Prodigy and Havoc briefly address their feelings about the relevance of labels in this clip.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on the Colbert Show Talk About Being an Independent Artist

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More testimonials fromm independent hip hop artists who are actually making it happen.

spotted at: hypebot

Mannie Fresh Says That Record Labels Will Be Gone in 20 Years [video]

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This is real talk from producer Mannie Fresh. I agree with him wholeheartedly except for that fact that I think it will happen sooner. This is nothing new to hip hop though. Heads were selling their shit out of the car trunk for years because labels thought that hip hop was a fad. Now with the help of the internet you don’t need a label unless they’re giving you some kind of tour support. And even that can’t guarantee you a fanbase. Artists are finding out that you only need to win over a few hundred loyal fans to build some momentum. No one truly knows what the future will hold, but everything is here for you to blaze a new path to success in a way that has never been done before.

Immortal Technique and Tech N9ne Talk About Independent Hip Hop

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The two Techs talk about being hip hop and independent. Check it out. What do you think about being independent? Would you rather have a record deal? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

3 Things Artists Need to Know About Downloading Free Hip Hop Beats

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Making Beats


Many rap artists download free hip hop beats. Trinidad James said that his hit song was made by using one he got without paying. But this can cause you a heap of trouble in the future if you haven’t taken proper precautions. I touched on a similar topic in an earlier article. Here are 3 things you want to put on your checklist


1. Don’t make assumptions

If you didn’t get the instrumental directly from the music producer’s website or from the producer himself, that beat is not free for you to use.

2. Free doesn’t always mean free

If the instrumental comes from a website, read the policy or terms of agreement. The creator or beatmaker is always the default copyright owner of it. Just because you didn’t have to pay an Read the rest of this entry »

Hip Hop Artists: Are You Neglecting the Importance of Your Live Performance?

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Some time ago I did a post on 3 tips that would improve your stage performance. This can be considered a follow up of that post.

Now more than ever, an artists’ live performance is becoming the most important part of sustaining a career in music. Touring and performing are becoming the most largest sources of income for artists. But too many artists neglect this part of the game. No time is spent planning the flow of the show.

This is the time for artists to make believers out of the non-believers. Some rappers act like their just performing for themselves; no interaction with the audience, bad delivery, and no eye contact.

Rehearsal and practice is a must. Record video of yourself and be critical about how your come off. Get your endurance up. You’re Read the rest of this entry »

[Guest Post] The Hip Hop Biz: Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up System

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It’s pretty evident at this point that the music industry is in chaos. Major labels have tried to restrict innovation and have sued countless music listeners for pirating. Market consolidation has led to fewer people at fewer companies making the decisions on what music America will hear. Majors were slow to adapt to the digital music era, but still dominate the music world for the most part. All the problems we can identify with commercial music in the U.S. are tied to the major record companies. So why do we even need them?

Sure, the majors have the funding to promote certain artists on a huge scale, but this only benefits the 0.1 % of musicians who they decide to invest in. The media uses Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, and Drake to reinforce the illusion of music superstardom (i.e. Drake’s “Started from the Bottom”), but the reality is much more harsh for the other 99.9 % of music makers. Being talented and dedicated to your craft simply isn’t enough to guarantee a million dollar contract nowadays. There’s just so much music being made and so many platforms to Read the rest of this entry »

Buckshot Discusses the Business of Independent Hip Hop

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Duck Down’s Buckshot has paid his dues in the hip hop game and continues to be a trailblazer as an independent hip hop artists. In this video, he drops some serious knowledge for those getting into the hip hop game.

“You must learn” – KRS ONE Read the rest of this entry »

How to Not Get Screwed By the Music Industry – Wendy Day (@rapcoalition)

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Wendy Day is an advocate for indie hip hop artists and has prevented a large number of artists from getting screwed by negotiating their deals. Google her. I had the pleasure of interviewing her a short time ago when she first released her current book.

In this short video clip, Wendy explains that not all deals are bad when you’re educated about music business. But more importantly, she goes on the explain why hip hop artist these days are better off staying independent.

Do yourself a solid and follow her on Twitter @RapCoalition. Wendy is also on our “must follow” list in our Indie Hip Hop Directory, which should already be one of the tools in your grind right now . Read the rest of this entry »