Soulja Boy Tells The Wall Street Journal: How I Got My Millions

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Ok, let me first start out my saying that I like diversity in hip hop. And yes, Soulja Boy is a branch of the tree that is hip hop. You can’t hate on a 17 year old kid who became a millionaire from his bedroom by grinding his ass off. He did it. Captured lightning in a bottle. And people bought it. Lots of them. Hate his fans. Many will and have tried to carbon copy his footsteps but nah, it doesn’t work like that. You have to pave a new road. Explore new turf.

If you think he has no talent then that’s great news for you, right? Because it shows that a rapper with marginal talent can break through with hard work. That being said; I really tried to see if this dude would develop and evolve a bit, that didn’t seem to happen much by the look of this awful performance after the interview. Enjoy

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  • Lennox

    yo this is a good lil interview type thing i dont like souljaboys music but i have lways respected his hustle and grind thanks for puting this up.

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