[RAP RATZ] Things I Don’t Like… (#rapratz)

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Things I Don't Like Funkworm

Have you read these yet?

  • http://entelleckt.com Mike Wyatt | @Entelleckt

    Yes!! This is spot on. Lol @ Cotton Ballin.

    Side Note: In the same way some of the old spirituals had instructions for escape embedded in them there are a few songs that blend in somewhat with the garbage but have a positive message buried within.

  • http://quickbeats.net FuNkwoRm

    Thanks Mike!

    True. But those hidden messages are few and certainly not buried inside mainstream music.

  • kasey…

    love this…one of your best. and, i apologize, but i could not help but LOL at “cotton pickin bitches” and “cotton ballin”…that ish was funny! however, your message was not lost!

  • http://quickbeats.net FuNkwoRm

    Thanks Kasey! Always appreciate your feedback.

  • Nortey


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Zjz4UOepks FuNkwoRm

    Nortey, I appreciate all of your feedback on the strips. Been seeing you around often. Glad to have you as a regular reader. Keep in touch.