Paul Wall Shot a Music Video With an iPhone!

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Paul Wall’s video for “I Need Mo”,  featuring Kobe and Travis Barker, was shot completely on an iPhone.  This video premiered on MTV.  Not even 10 years ago, you needed 100 stacks from your label to get an MTV worthy video filmed. Then you owed half of that shit back to your record label.  There are very little excuses for artists these days in regards to what is and isn’t possible. With a little creativity you can do some incredible things with very little money.

spotted at: hypebot

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  • kasey

    jeez…his iPhone is obviously working better than my new iPhone 3GS.

  • C.KhiD

    that’s incredible he shot that with an iphone. right about creativity to the fullest htough! i’m trying to take advantage of that now on my

  • camerakazi

    not really doe…only some broll looks like it was odne on i phone…that whole video aint iphone…apple would love to make u think so..impossible//thnx

  • Damien

    Wow thats crazy that he shot that video with his iPhone. He probably edited in finale or some other video editing software.