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Mac Miller on Why He Went from Independent to a Major Label


Warner Bros. Records reportedly signed Mac Miller and his independent label for a cool 10 million. As to why Miller made such a move after achieving a significant amount of success on his own; he wanted to explore other options and he was tired of only existing on social media.

I don’t know the details of the deal. But make no mistake about it, when you come explore the options of signing with a major after achieving the kind of independent success Miller has, these relationships become “partnerships” rather than your typical oppressive 360 deal.

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  • No need to explain why… It’s a $10m contract

  • Keef Keyz

    A $10m contract is great and all but I believe that in Mac Miller’s case being independent would work better for him. Being signed sometimes put a wedge to the personal interaction and connection that an artist can have with their audience. Mac I believe is talented enough to make more than 10 mil on his own. The only bright side I could think of is he promotion that he would now get from Warner Bros, I think the 10 mil he could have reached on his on. – Keef Keyz

  • True I agree! A good deal is a good deal though! If you can get it…GET IT! More money more exposure. At the end of the day he has his money and budget, but will he deliver great music is my question to those who are outside his normal fan base.


    You can’t complain, if you know you can sell and you come out on top in the deal why not take it. The only connection we have is will he he lose some of his loyal fans for making the move. Agreeing with the comments below by Keef Keyz, maybe his camp is finally at the height of their capabilities and need to turn to more resources. –

  • Luis Lame

    Smart move, lets him work while they do all the stuff he doesn’t want to do

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