Published on September 8th, 2014 | by FuNkwoRm

Jermaine Dupri Says This Is Why Record Labels Are Failing…

Jermaine says that the old school formula that kept him winning in the 90’s is the same formula that works today. The problem is that record labels fail to apply it. Check out the video and hear him describe it in detail.

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  • Dupri making all kinds of sense here.

  • Mactown Playaz

    Mactown playaz is the best underground group in the world!

  • IndustryPlay360™

    Ahki Funkworm….gr8 piece! Alot of what is out here as far as the business goes is made up. Same formulas that worked in 90’s can work today if labels would do the work and if younger brands simply apply the formula and did the work rather than shortcut it. Yes, it takes money to make money, and today, it is a bit more difficult to successfully break a record in a short period of time since today’s distribution network is so expansive and diluted with ineffective media and music distribution networks.

  • Earl Berg

    Why so stoic, Yung Manboobs?

  • This is a damn good interview. JD keeps catching heat from bloggers but he’s always been smart about the business. He’s been around for way too long for him to be written off.

  • BezzBelieveteam

    Seriously, it also takes a lot of courage, determination and understanding aside from money to remain on top..

  • cool water

    This is a great interview and needs to be seen by more artist.

    cool water

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