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Nipsey Hussle Shows That He Earned About $1 Million from Tunecore Alone

Don’t let anyone tell you that fans won’t pay for music. Independent hip hop artist Nipsey Hussle is known for not only blowing this myth to bits, but showing that fans will go way beyond what was normally expected to support an artist they love. He did this by allowing his fans to obtain physical copies of his albums for what most people thought were extraordinary prices.

In 2013, Nipsey only pressed up 1,000 physical copies of his album Crenshaw which sold for $100 each. He sold out of them! Jay Z copped 100 of them but it was still and amazing industry shaking feat from and independent hip hop artist. What makes this even more impressive is the fact that Nipsey makes his albums free to download digitally and his fans still show love with financial support.

Nipsey topped that last feat with yet another. He pressed up 100 copies of his album Mailbox Money that sold for $1000 each. The most recent reports were that he sold 60 of them! This is all while being virtually ignored by the mainstream. Not to mention that he gets additional income form merchandise, touring, and other business ventures.

So Nipsey posted his nearly $1 million Tunecore earnings on Instagram to give other independent artists a shot of motivation with a caption that the secret to his success is in controlling your music catalogue.


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