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Published on May 9th, 2012 | by FuNkwoRm


How to Make Your Music Video Go Viral

Make Your Video Go Viral


How do I make my video go viral? This is a question I get asked often. It’s as if there’s a magic formula, out there somewhere, that can be applied to any video to make this possible. There isn’t one.

Want your video to be seen by millions of viewers? Create something that makes it hard for viewers not to share it. If you’re not a mainstream icon with a fan base eagerly waiting for your next visual, you better take the time to create something irresistibly buzz-worthy.

Before you finish your next video, think; Will this video entice the viewer to share it with his friends? Is there an element or scene in the video that compels the viewer to watch it again?

If the answers to either of these questions are no, then you don’t have a viral worthy video. And no amount of Facebook postings or Twitter spamming will change that reality.  If you’re fortunate enough to get a video shot to one of your songs, here are a couple of tips to consider, if you want to create one that’s hard to forget.


Having a good concept or story to tell, helps the viewer become more engaged with the visual imagery of your video and how it connects to your music. Performance videos can sometimes be entertaining, but if you create a video that only features you performing the lyrics to your song, don’t expected it to spread very far.

Oftentimes the director shooting your video has a some great ideas and experience with creating concepts, so is good to work with him or her on developing one that will make your video interesting.

Shock value:

You’re competing for attention with many other artists and other forms of entertainment. What will people remember about your video after viewing it?  It doesn’t take a big budget or a bunch of  props to create a video that people can’t help but talk about. Adding something surprisingly shocking or funny to your video will definitely help it go viral.

A video’s virality is not determined by how much money you spend on it, buying Youtube views, or how many half-naked strippers you cast in it. You need creative ideas. Make a list of videos you’ve seen lately that you can’t forget about, and study them to find out which elements made them stick with with you.  You want to create the kind of video that promotes itself. People are annoyed by aggressive promotion. They’d rather discover your video through a friend. If you have  to repeatedly post the same video day after day, on your Facebook timeline, to the same bunch of friends, to make them pay attention, you have to go back to the drawing board.

Videos are potentially a very powerful way to spread your music, image, and message. No amount of promotion will make a boring video interesting. Don’t make the mistake of putting more time and effort in the promotion of your product and not enough in the quality and creativity of the product itself.


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FuNkwoRm is a music producer, creator of the hip hop comic strip, Rap Ratz, and has a dope backspin.

  • This article is on point! I try to make sure my videos stand out and have a “i never seen that concept before” factor. So, I agree 100%. Maybe with my next album coming out, I’ll be able to get it posted on……LOL! Keep bringing great posts. #spreadthesoup

  • This is a great post … A lot of up and coming artist need to see this… Btw check out Iceberg artist management for PR and marketing … 🙂

  • There’s no blueprint for making a video go viral. Focus should be on creating incredible content and promoting it. Unfortunately too many people focus on the wrong thing and it shows in the poor quality of their art. Also the idea of you too can be an overnight success online is ridiculous considering the examples. People have no idea the engineering that goes on behind 99% of the so-called over night successes. Time to get focused on perfecting one’s craft and adding something of value to the world instead of trying to figure out the quickest way to become popular on the internet. Popularity does not = $’s in most cases too. Think about how best to be a self sufficient working artist. Be realistic and learn some type of business and organizational skilled. Do all your paperwork, build a team and build a REAL fan base.

  • The Feature

    Interesting information. For those indie artist out there trying to be heard, this is a great start. This definitely helped me understand more of what I should be doing to get my online present consistent.


    searching and still learning

  • ESellers1980

    Clearly you need visual content, but that isn’t typically what makes a video viral, especially with Music Videos. I see plenty of wack artist with wack videos on all these “indie” blogs all the time. You have to establish some sort of fan base if you expect your video to go viral. I agree with iAreConsious, there just in no blueprint on making a video go viral. How can there be a blueprint to being creative? Sometimes people need to stick to their lane and do what they know, not what they think they know. Not everyone is meant for success.

  • So it’s unanimous, there is no specific way to go viral. I do agree with you that having great concepts and shock value are an excellent way to make your videos share worthy. There are also a few other tips to gain views such as:
    1. Name your video/song with a catchy title that will make someone want to click on it just out of curiosity.
    2. Choose a thumbnail that is the most appealing. Preferably a woman. (Hey! Sex sells from what I hear)
    3. Tag your videos with power keywords that fit your content.
    4. Share your videos with your email list.
    5. Also the more videos you have, the more views.
    There’s way more tips. Search and you’ll find. You can also study Lil B the SEO God.

  • Blessed

    Another great article. Before I began rapping myself I hated when people would carelessely spam my wall with non-sense. More rappers need to realize that in order to gain attention you need to perfect your craft and then present your brand in the right way.. Swag.

  • this article was on point especially with the way people are buying youtube views to make their material go viral. make something worthy of watching and the views will pile up. for sure!


  • Casual

    An obvious factor that’s been missed here is the SONG. If I love the song, I will view the video regardless of video quality. I would even click on a lyrics or stills video for a great song.

  • Emerse
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