How They Came Up

Published on June 20th, 2011 | by FuNkwoRm


How They Came Up: The Meek Mill Story


Coming up Meek Mill, aka Mr. Philadelphia wasn’t the typical aspiring rapper shopping for a record deal or hatin’ on other MC’s. Instead he was busy pushing out mixtapes and posting videos on YouTube. From a marketing perspective, Meek Mill definitely made the right moves to getting noticed because mixtapes are one of the best marketing strategies in the game. Whether it was consciously or subconsciously, he built his fan base by being consistent. With a strong following already under his belt, Meek Mill made a distinctive move that was the turning point in his career. He retweeted Rick Ross on Twitter numerous times and then tweeted that he needed him on his ‘Rose Red’ track. In short, it got Rick Ross’ attention and the rest is history. It’s ok if you didn’t listen in math class, IHH has your back. Here’s the equation, take notes: Mixtapes + YouTube + Twitter = Maybach Music Group.


  • Born Robert Williams in South Philadelphia, PA.
  • His mother, Kathy Williams was a single mom and moved him and his older sister to North Philly.
  • His father died from a gunshot when Meek Mill was 5.
  • Meek Mill said he tried hustling but was never good at it because he never focused on it.
  • He dropped out of high school when he was in 11th grade but went back and graduated.
  • Meek Mill has been rapping since he was 16 and he was once beat in a neighborhood rap battle.
  • He started a group called Bloodhoundz with 2 other local rappers.
  • In 2006 he released his first mixtape The Real Me and in 2007 he released The Real Me 2.
  • In 2008 he released his third mixtape called Flamerz.
  • Meek Mill caught the attention of Charlie Mack, President and founder of 215-Aphillyated Records and immediately signed Meek to his management company.
  • Through his manager, Charlie Mack, he met T.I. who then flew him out to Los Angeles to meet with Warner Bros. Records.
  • Warner Bros. Records and Grand Hustle offered Meek Mill a record deal but he decided to go with Grand Hustle instead.
  • While Meek was in the process of getting signed with Grand Hustle he was sentenced to jail on gun charges.
  • In 2009, when Meek Mill was going through his appeal trial, he released Flamerz 2 (Hottest in the City).
  • Although he was never officially signed to Grand Hustle, Meek Mill continues to keep in contact with T.I.
  • Later in 2009 he released Flamerz 2.5 (The Preview).
  • After releasing his fifth mixtape Flamerz 2.5, Clear Channel added his single ‘Starting Something’, (in honor of Michael Jackson) to their playlist.
  • In 2010 he released Flamerz 3 (The Wait is Over) and Mr. Philadelphia.
  • In 2011, he released the mixtapes Dreamchaser and Flamerz 4.
  • Meek Mill was featured in XXL’s 2011 Freshman Class and on the Freshman Class Mixtape (Hosted by DJ Whoo Kid).
  • While Rick Ross was visiting Philly, Meek tweeted to Rick Ross that he needed him on his ‘Rose Red’ track.
  • Rick Ross agreed to be on Rose Red, especially after seeing how he rocked the crowed in Philly.
  • Meek Mill was recently signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group and on May 24, 2011 they released Self Made Vol. 1, a compilation with Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Pill, and Wale.


Meek Mill’s advice to other rappers tryin’ to make it: “Go hard. Man, don’t never depend on nobody. People always think they gotta get a track from somebody to be hot. A lot of people say ‘let me get a verse and maybe I can…’ Naw, you don’t need a verse. I ain’t never had to get a verse from people. Just go hard and continue to go hard. And five months from now it might seem like nothins workin and that’s how it was. Cause before the XXL and the Maybach situation I was jus killin mixtapes and for the last year I was like man I gotta step up from this mixtape game and go nationally instead of killin’ the tri-state. And I been workin hard, I never gave up on workin’ hard and next thing you know…couple months later XXL, next week later Maybach Music. It just comes from workin’ hard. It always works.”


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  • Wow I like the fact that he used twitter the smart way..and didn’t just spam Rick Ross…I hope alot of Artists read this and learn from it…GREAT STORY!!

  • He Been rapping b4 he was 16. they got a youtube clip of him rapping @ 13

  • I been doing this rap thing for a long time. Being raised on the westside of Chicago, rapping with my lil brother at the age of 7 now I’m 15 you feel me Joe. Since I moved from Chicago to southbend I been working on my first mixtape trying to make some happened…trying to get my family out the jungle you feel me. The mixtape I’m doing is called the ( Youngest – N – Coldest ) its a mix of industry beats including some of your beats. I mean if you could hit me up on my email that would be real nice fam cause I out here trying forreal…

  • 50 cent

    Listen well…Too many mangaers labels a&r’s only sign black artists…hip hop was created in the 70s by black ppl afro puerto ricans….jay z only sign black artists..yes there are other ethnics that can rap but we will not sign then because they are not black…we only mess with the women of other ethnics that’s it…crowds only want black artists…black only deal with it….oh yeah meek millz is bullshit his manager got him signed

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  • fuck all yall haters hatin on my man meek. he stay grindin an doin his own. you hatin ass bitches should do the same. fux wit my man meek he go hard af

  • Meezy h babe

    Yho meek u rock man ….if i were a girl i would say meek mill u rock my world…but dude…I’m from south africa i’m your number one fan brother…i listen to your music man…My favourite two song is where u rolling down in phili that the new u iraq, that 1topuc back…couple cars u will never drive, cribs u never been,pool u wil never swimm,that 2 i’m a boss

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  • Chris Rojas

    Yo Meek Mill U Awsome Man keep doing what U Man

  • Haak Blast

    Meek Was rapping on Big Star dvd. A filmographer in Philly. It’s deep. Meek was always rapping on the steets of Philly any where there was a battle. Him Reed Dollraz , Chic Raw and tons of others.They where all killing it. Meek was the one that kept the bussiness part of it going. He hooked up with al kinds of managers and ple in the game in Philly.

  • Haak Blast

    Yes man this the young homie .

  • Haak Blast

    Meek didn’t say a damn thing. That’s how you come up in the rap game. Show’em don’t Tell’em It’s true go here you’ll see.

  • KurROD

    Meek mill might of been or still is a hot rapper in the streets of philly but i thinking he isn’t anything until Meek battle or sign Kur. Look kur up on youtube.

  • Tyler Eckhardt

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