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Published on May 7th, 2014 | by FuNkwoRm


Hip Hop Artists: Post Your Music – Indie Wednesday (5-7-14)


What up Rap Ratz?! It’s Indie Wednesday and this indie hip hop movement is alive and well.

If you’re new to this hip hop blog, check out the rules below and post your music.


1. Everyone is limited to one music post per week. Spammers will be banned.

2. You can post the same song if you posted it the previous week but keep that practice in moderation

3. Converse and dialogue with each other as much as you like. In fact, I encourage it.

Here is the suggested format:

1. Name of the artist:

2. Location (where are you from)

3. Couple of your social links (Twitter and or Facebook)

4. Say something about yourself, hip hop, or anything interesting. It can also be totally unrelated to music. Show us you have a personality.

Post music or videos that can play in the thread please. No download links to your mixtape.

Feel free to post any PICS and GIFs.


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About the Author

FuNkwoRm is a music producer, creator of the hip hop comic strip, Rap Ratz, and has a dope backspin.

  • K.i.D

    Hello world …southside Chicago’s K.i.D here..i just wanted to post a quick dirty shameless plug snippet of a video that’s going to drop within the next week ..been workin on this for a long time and it’s finally going to drop!

    follow ya boy on twitter @kid_world

    My new project CDGC is going to drop this summer….all new music !
    Also hit up my soundcloud :

  • Remember Neal

    Greetings fam new artist coming to you from the 757 Norfolk Virginia DMA Remember Neal. I got a few tracks on the website and you can follow a guy on twitter @ThanxSociety or check out the facebook page Remember Neal. I follow back and reply back so if you ears are pleased do let me know. I’m into tacos, movies and sports real different kindof vibe so fwm man!!!! S/O to the makers and handlers of to for doing what they do to!

    Soundcloud link:

  • Remember Neal

    dope man I was vibing to it to then it cut off on me! lol shoot me a link or some g!

  • Sniper Cheez

    Sniper Cheez

    Santa Cruz, CA

    I do stuff….

  • Hoffa Bee

    Hoffa Bee

    Washington DC by way of Paterson NJ
    Follow me on Instagram and Twitter: @hoffa_bee

  • ItzProf

    Itz Prof – Roll It Up ft. Breezy Hendrix

    Prof is a new-age/hip-hop recording artist from a small southern town you’ve probably never heard of located in south-western Virginia; far from the horrifying rap tales of the streets in New York and Los Angeles we’ve all become accustomed to. He is currently signed to the independent label 904 Star Productions located in Jacksonville, Fl.

    Prof originally started rapping at a very young age with a very strong influence from the late and great Tupac Shakur. After leaving Virginia for the midwest to Cincinnati, Ohio Prof found a different level of affiliation with the same game he had been involved with for years. During this time Prof was introduced to battle rapping, where he began to make a name for himself all over the streets of Cincinnati. After multiple run-ins with the law he decided to take his talents to North Beach in Jacksonville, Fla.

    After arriving in Duval County, Prof began to treat his music career like an actual Job and recorded his first mixtape “In The Duval”. After releasing the tape, you could find Prof everyday at one of your local gas stations in the Duval County area handing out free mixtapes. Eventually one fell into the hands of the 904 Star Productions and they signed Prof in early 2009.

    After label mate NB was incarcerated due to Drug & Gun Charges, Prof linked up with “We The Best” CEO DJ Khaled for the labels first collaboration release (that featured Prof) “904 Star Productions & DJ Khaled Presents: Like A Star (Free NB)” still to this day the labels most successful mixtape gaining over 100,000 downloads.

    After touring all over the South and the Midwest; getting the feeling his music career was drying out Prof decided to move to San Diego, California to join in the bustling medical marijuana trade. After 2 years as CEO and running the Non Profit Medical Marijuana Collective “The UnCollectively Collective” was forced to close by the federal government. Since then Prof has relocated back to his roots to the South-Western Virginia/North Carolina area as CEO & Owner of The Studio 336, North Carolina’s Newest Professional Recording Studio and is back to doing what he does best. MUSIC.


    John Vaughan, CEO

    The Studio 336, LLC

    904 Star Productions

    Itz Prof Productions

  • Audotrophic
  • Remember Neal

    I dig it man! the beat the sample and your flow is all good. It sounds like a mix of flow like Danny Brown and punchlines like Gambino.

  • Remember Neal

    LOOVE IT G!! Got that feel to it that’s missing in the game right now. Man ima hit you up on twitter! who produced this? and Kayla did her thing to!

  • Remember Neal

    I fuxk with it and the beat man!

  • Remember Neal

    im digging the instrumental man. Sometimes these are better than compositions with words

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Artist: (X)hristopher Holmes

    Residence: Boston, MA

    Song Title: “Friends Of The Family”

    Twitter: B_H_Society

    What’s good world, the song I’m dropping off today is “Friends Of The Family” (Prod. by Falside) a song from my “Lightly Seasoned EP” I hope yal rock with, peace.

  • Remember Neal

    feeling it man!

  • El Dorado

    Artist: Matthew ‘Ice’ Isham

    Residence: Lawton, OK

    Song Title: The Distance || [Gone]


    Whats good people? Hope y’all been having a blessed week. The song I’m sharing this morning is called, “The Distance”. It’s going to be on my upcoming mixtape “For the People”. Hope yall can vibe wittit. Let me know how yall fell about it.


  • Audotrophic

    Appreciate it man. Thanks!

  • Justice Gamble

    Jus Gamble (Producer) ; @JusGamble on Twitter
    Beantown, MA ;

    Track Last Scripture

    It’s Gamble back again with another beat as usual. The grind doesn’t stop over here as it never does for the rest of you like me fightin’ to get to where you want. This beat here has a Persian/Arabian vibe to it, but nonetheless, in the end it’s Hip-Hop. Lemme know

  • Dre Lorenzo

    Dre Lorenzo

    Buffalo, NY

    Song: No Direction

    What’s Poppin, this week I’m dropping off the title track for my mixtape “No Direction”, hope y’all enjoy



  • ItzProf

    Thanks bro I appreciate that. We got another one droppin next week called “No Apologies”. Subscribe to my channel 4 new videos coming out this month!!!

  • Mr.KRT

    1. Mr.KRT of the DMT (Dimethyltryptamine)
    2. Memphis, TN by way of Houston, TX
    4. Some emcees take themselves WAY to serious

  • K.i.D


  • Justice Gamble

    good vibes on this 1

  • George Hollow

    George Hollow from Pittsburgh, PA. Check it out if you want to!

  • Justice Gamble

    this is tight man

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Real smooth man

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Thanks, I’m glad

  • Glitch Mouth

    Digging this– really chill.

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    I fuck with this heavy man, I’m glad I pressed play.

  • Justice Gamble

    gritty beat, feelin the 2nd verse n the 4th. white boys got bars n flow

  • Dre Lorenzo

    This Dope! Nice arabian vibe with the flute and, dope layering doe.

  • Dre Lorenzo

    Routinely nice fam. Dope!

  • Justice Gamble

    U got a good sound here bro, ima producer too. check mu instrumental above wen u get a min

  • Guest

    stephmills from South Jersey

    Just a track I decided to drop from my upcoming mixtape. Feedback/constructive criticism always much appreciated! Much love

  • Justice Gamble

    thanks bro, appreciate u catchin the little things

  • Guest

    I’m feelin it!

  • Justice Gamble

    Good looks!

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Dope rhyme schemes man, digging the sample too

  • Glitch Mouth

    Glitch Mouth from Hartford/Brooklyn
    “Midnight Sun”
    Pushing the boundaries of hip-hop, for better or worse.

  • Justice Gamble

    some short n sweer murder. great flow to match the beat, this beats def tight too

  • Glitch Mouth

    I’m a sucker for the xylophone.

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Dope as usual man

  • DynestiWilliams

    Dynesti Williams | Toronto Canada |

    My music is a dive into consciousness through hip-hop soul.

    I absolutely love this site. Keep making great music everyone. Independent artists were meant to out do the mainstream bullshit!

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Dope flow man, much respect

  • Glitch Mouth

    Really feeling the old school vibe and the humor!

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Appreciate that my man

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Thanks man, your post was dope as well

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    This is tight man

  • Justice Gamble

    7mins not wasted, great full track u got here

  • Justice Gamble

    thanks homie

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Very dope man

  • DynestiWilliams

    I really like the style. Your voice & your rhyme patters are great!

  • Justice Gamble

    Ugh, way to attack the beat on em’! good track

  • Dre Lorenzo

    Nice vibe bruh! This got that 90’s underground sound.

  • Dre Lorenzo

    Thank bruh much respect

  • Mr.KRT

    smooth beats, flow, lyrics & delivery. Smooth all around

  • Dre Lorenzo

    Thanks for the love homie appreciate it. Respect

  • Scottynando

    Scotty Nando 22 year old upcoming hip hop artist from NJ/NY area, worked with uncle Murda & west philly freck. Currently just released a video for my new single BOTTLE SERVICE featured on YouTube and we

    ALL SOCIAL MEDIA @ScottyNando



  • Agent Smith 78
  • Mr.KRT

    And that stuff you do Is Fan-freaking-Tastic. Great track

  • Kasper Kills

    The Killing Joke – Houston TX (FREE EP DOWNLOAD)
    Official Music Video – “Scumbag Steve”


    !nfidel Ca$htro

    New Orleans,LA

    i jus love making music fuck all the bullshit

  • Legind Lee
  • Decarie Black

    Decarie Black
    Sacramento, California
    Decarie Black is a producer/lyricist from the capital of Cali who creates his beats based on abstract imagination, moodswings, and reflections of reality. In Which the lyrics he draws out twist the minds of thosee who listen. His music brings out the battle in your brain between love and hate showing you that the two are the same. So if you enjoy having your brain flipped, this is the artist to check out. Here is a video from my latest album LEGEND OF THE RULE BREAKER called SWEEVEE SWERVICLES. HIP HOP FOR LIFE!

  • Decarie Black

    Decarie Black
    Sacramento, Ca

    What’s Good Y’all!! I just want to thank you for the support and respect you guys/gals have given me to keep pushing and enhancing my craft to create more mystical, motivating music to give back to you, and I have more to come. Check out more of my music. I have a new album called “Legend Of The Rule Breaker” and it is available on iTunes, iTunes Radio and Bandcamp. You can also stream it on Spotify and Rhapsody. once again thank you for the support. Peace.

    iTunes Radio:




  • DynestiWilliams

    Yo… you’re dopeeee!

  • Dre Lorenzo

    Dope! smooth vibe, and heartfelt lyrics. Good music!

  • CoolAsFuxxx
  • Angela Daniels Culliver

    Hello everyone my name is “FEENiX” you can find me on all social media @officialfeenix.. I currently have the 1st 2 singles released off my new EP “Living It Up”.. The tracks are “Living
    It Up” & “Getting Richer Ft. Hitmaker D-Aye”.. . I am from Columbus, Ga and I am currently on my “Living It Up” Tour… LIKE, WATCH, COMMENT & FOLLOW The New Hip Hop Princess…

  • SOLO


    Palm Beach, FL

    I dig psychedelics, and I have a dark soul

    Shouts out to everyone on this blog

  • Stephen Hero

    ‘Please Listen’ by Stephen Hero

  • Skaduf James


    Dallas Texas

    $kaduf influences include Poems
    Poetry Is Music And Music Is Life Im Letting You In my Life
    Inquiries #1stchapter coming soon

  • Glitch Mouth

    Real cool, as always.

  • Dustymac

    Central New York
    Here is my remix to Child’s Play by SZA and Chance The Rapper

  • Justice Gamble

    Ooo once you started spittin i knew the rest was gunna b right. raw barzz

  • Justice Gamble

    Nicee, you got flow there’s no debatin’ that. I’d b interested to hear another track a yours, this shit is tough

  • baritone scholar

    baritone scholar (b dot)

    bankhead (west atlanta, ga)

    crack_hop (instagram)



  • baritone scholar

    revolutionary blunted rap

  • SpeedontheBeat

    Speed on the Beat

    Beltsville, MD by way of Baltimore

    I have a Daniel Bryan t-shirt what I wore during Wrestlemania 30 and unabashedly did the “YES!” chant when WWE booked him to win the title(s). Shruglife.

    Track: “Death of the King” from the upcoming album of the same name.

  • baritone scholar

    lol @ taco bell giant!! loved the originality homie!! salute!! the beat is stupid dope!!!

  • SpeedontheBeat

    I love this, especially the fact that it IS “revolutionary blunted rap.”

  • El Dorado

    Thanks man, I really appreciate that fam

  • El Dorado

    Preciate that pimp. It’s definitely mutual

  • baritone scholar

    nice flow homie, love the beat!!!

  • baritone scholar

    lol thanks man!!

  • ☆★Sonny Vega★☆

    NAME: Sonny Vega

    FROM: Sacramento, CA.

    @sonnyvbeats @californiafig

    I was playing my boy California Fig some beats, he heard this one and was like lets do somethin’…..this is the result.

  • SpeedontheBeat

    Was this a sample or an original beat?

  • baritone scholar

    long live the king!!!

  • freestlyin fluent



    twitter: @FLUswaggpissy
    IG: iblikeyeaaa

  • baritone scholar

    shes back at it!! love the message and the strength in ur words!! bless up

  • BuBBa Dak

    Bubba Dak
    Phoenix, AZ
    I’m a Native American Hiphop Producer ready to collab and sell beats, give beats for free , anything hit me upppppppppp!!
    Twitter: @bubbadak
    Youtube: Bubba Dak

  • freestlyin fluent

    i fucks with yo shit bro watch my new video #GGI

  • Dre Lorenzo

    The revolution will not be televised!!! Bullets of pure truth.

  • baritone scholar

    yeah the beat is ill!! REAL lyrics!! #hiphop

  • freestlyin fluent
  • freestlyin fluent
  • freestlyin fluent


  • freestlyin fluent
  • baritone scholar

    it’s a sample

  • SpeedontheBeat

    Hit me up on GMail, and let me know what you’re looking for production-wise.

  • baritone scholar

    man u kind of sound like chance the rapper, flow wise salute to the originality!!

  • MertzMusic

    Providence, RI by way of Burlington, VT | |

    Peace, today I’m posting one of my favorite jams from my new album. This is another joint I produced with no samples. The drums were made from a free drum break that ?uestlove put out a while ago. I chopped the break up on my MPC & layered in other drum sounds. The instrumentation was made in Ableton Live. Hope you enjoy!

  • Justice Gamble

    you can tell u and ur producer put a lot of effort into making each part of the track blend from one to the next. keep it up

  • baritone scholar

    voice/flow are great, love the track!! salute to this!!!

  • SpeedontheBeat

    Steph, you’ve got a helluva flow on this one. Gotta agree w/Justice. I’d love to hear some more shit from you.

  • baritone scholar

    classic hip hop sample, man this took me back love the track!! #hiphop

  • Justice Gamble

    Strictly producer here. I got atleast 30 a my beats on there, get at me.

  • Dre Lorenzo

    Thanks bruh, produced it myself. Respect

  • baritone scholar

    nice flow the hook put me in the mind of that old 36, i see ya homie!! salute

  • Dre Lorenzo

    Another dope song homie! Nice production and, strong lyrics. Dope!

  • MertzMusic

    Yoooo, I didn’t realize you worked with Falside. He’s dope & he’s from Providence. Good shit as always homie

  • MertzMusic

    Diggin this man, one of my favorites I’ve heard from you. Much respect

  • MertzMusic

    Love this feel good vibe!

  • MertzMusic

    Thanks man, much appreciated!

  • SOLO

    thanks g def one of my influences appreciate it

  • MertzMusic

    Feeling the vibe homie, I like the timing switches throughout the beat. Good shit

  • MertzMusic

    I love the energy here, something you can feel for sure. Good shit

  • JustiKe

    JustiKe (pronounced just-ike)
    Spokane, WA x
    Something to briefly get you all hip to me, my sound, x what eye’m all about.,,
    Soul Connection Commencing, NOW

  • Nafets


    Washington D.C.

    I’m 17 and hoping to start an evolution of hip-hop lyricism, as well as eventually incorporate full band instruments into the backing tracks. Also reefer madness

    Follow or subscribe if you dig, but feedback is always welcome

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    I actually just grabbed this beat from one of his beat tapes, I was just giving him credit for the production. But either way good looking out man.

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Much appreciated

  • baritone scholar

    another banger, great voice homie!! raw hip hop!!

  • Justice Gamble

    thanks yo, glad to see u feelin it

  • Sasha
  • baritone scholar

    my love for hip hop will never grow old!! love the track homie!! #inspiration

  • Justice Gamble

    glad i came back to hear this, im feeelin it

  • baritone scholar

    man thats so disrespectful to post your music/video as a comment on someone else’s post or to keep responding with the same comment. take the time to actually listen and comment accordingly. if u treat people with respect it will be mutual and vice versa. this isn’t a contest, we’re here to network, critique, praise, and support each other.

  • Lovey

    Artist: Lovey

    Location: Bay Area

    twitter: @zaclovett

  • baritone scholar

    i was born in columbus, ft. benning!! keep grinding, love the confidence!!

  • C_Bucket

    Name: Charlie Bucket
    Location: La Puente, CA
    Twitter: @_CharlieBucket_

    Hip Hop ain’t about money, hoes, and clothes. If you agree with that, you’ll like my music.

  • Mitri Corleone

    Mitri Corleone

    Fredericksburg, VA

    “Dahmer” Music Video.

    Twitter: @Mitri_Eff_You
    Instagram: mitri_corleone

    I’m just trying to be more than a rapper…REVOLUTIONARY. Check out the visuals for my single “DAHMER” !

  • Corey Bezel

    New music from NC artist Tre-Dot entitled “Soul On Ice”
    giving respect and reverence to our women and communicating the internal
    issues that plague our relationships. Men, let’s respect and protect
    our women. Ladies, let’s work together to bring our communities back.

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Appreciate that Baritone!

  • Coty Cech


    Location: Midwest (St.Louis,MO)


    About me. Enjoy reading, Phillip Roth is one of my favorites

    Song:Time Changes (Produced by J-Spenc)

  • Alex Brittney

    1) Alex Brittney

    2) Chicago (by way of the mighty Englewood)

    3) Dont think imma have enough time to upload the joint I’m in here cooking right now…displaying my pen health! So iFigured i’d hit the site wit something old to show the contrast for next week! On this track I’m feat Young Cin…who also produced the track…no specialty sauce…we jus flex’n some random bars..and i am singing at the end for those who might not know! #hotep (Love) & (LIGHT)

  • Spacey Onit


    Chicago IL

    Checkout this single from my upcoming project “Unknown Symphony”. This track is an up-tempo banger with Chicago house music bounce along side a sample of the Angel Aaliyah’s vocals.

  • The Julian Day

    The Julian Day
    Winston-Salem, NC
    New Song: The River (A Dirge for Kurt Cobain)
    New Video!

  • toke a loc

    Latest track…rap/rock type vibe but my feature Walker came and killed it…dude’s like a super emcee…

  • toke a loc

    This one features a local emcee out here….

  • TheRealProTeGe

    ProTéGé (aka The Real ProTéGé)

    From Las Vegas, Nevada (aka Sin City)

    If your looking to hear a breath of fresh air into hip-hop, then I invite you all to check my music/videos out. Unlike most hip-hop out today, I make the kind of music that everyone (not just rich people who drive Bugattis) can vibe to.

    Check out my latest music video “Las Vegas (Satans’ Playground)” come see what the real las vegas is like!

  • TheRealProTeGe

    Artist: STRUC SUPREME (@iamstrucsupreme)

    Location: ATL, GA (EastSide)

    twitter: @iamstrucsupreme

    IG: StrucSupreme

    #Salute to all the hustlers, indie artist, and anyone on the grind daily. This song is for you! Remember get your pockets HEAVY is a must. I present to ” Pockets Heavy” prod. by THAILLastrators first banger from “Hustlers Spirit” dropping later this year.

  • TheRealProTeGe

    ProTéGé (aka The Real ProTéGé)
    From Las Vegas, Nevada &
    I make music that universal because not all of us are rich, we dont all drive Bugattis, and we dont all get “turnt up”…..but we all grind, we all want the best out of life, and we all struggle…..check me out!

  • TheRealProTeGe

    Any artists who want to collab, feel free to holla at me. I’m down to make some classic music with any artists who want to do work. E-mail me!

  • Mr.KRT

    OMG this video is FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!!!!

  • Mr.KRT

    ‘Removing waste from my life like a bowel movement/So there’s a shitload of room 4 improvement’
    …….. off this line (and about 15 others), I’m sold

  • D.Curtains

    Artist: D.Curtains

    Residence: Atlanta, GA

    Song Title: Tuna Roll

    Twitter: @DCurtainCall

  • Coty Cech

    Dope hook

  • The Real Gregory Beasley
  • MT Bottle

    This is my boy. Yall should take a listen

  • ItzProf

    Appreciate that shit fam #RS

  • Drew Gonzalez

    My name is DGRZZL, I am a writer from NYC, currently in ATL.
    Please check out my new single “SAGITTARIUS” (prod. Snugsworth)
    Feedback is welcome. Love!

  • Lord AV

    I know its a few hours late but I don’t want to miss an opportunity to share work. I’m Lord AV, an artist from the city now know to some (for better or for worse) as ‘ChiRaq’ Chicago. We filmed this video on the downtown beach of Lake Michigan in the middle of a “Polar Vortex” in January as temperatures dropped below 0, including wind with real feel of negative 40 degrees. All while rapping intricate metaphors with godbody wordplay. Why you ask? Because thats Hip-Hop.

    Look forward to watching all the submissions. Feedback welcome!

  • Lord AV

    My Chicago brethren, nice visuals. Look forward to seeing the full video

  • Lord AV

    Nice fun summer vibe. Definitely hitting at the right time

  • My Name Is My Name


    Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

    Twitter: @TheXcellentZone

    The struggle never stops so enjoy the music…

  • Glitch Mouth

    Appreciate the sentiment behind this– Good job man! Nice track.

  • Glitch Mouth

    Lol– We got just one listen out of ya’ll. Come on dudes, if we listen/comment on your track, least u can do is listen back, sheez. Reciprocity! Anyway, keep up the great work everyone. Peace.

  • Kasper Kills

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Kasper Kills

    Followed you on Soundcloud, you got skills bro!!!

  • K.i.D

    thank u kindly!

  • JayKnew

    Hahaaa. I stole a beat from him for a freestyle too. Nugs. The dude is a secretly super ill beatmaker. Loving this EP man, if you’re ever down to collab let me know

  • Micajah Ra

    I’m Micajah Ra

    From ol’ Los Angeles by way of Va Beach…

    Unique Alt Hip-Hop, Funk, Psychedelic Rhythmic Weirdness
    My debut full length “Hotel Paradise” drops 5.22.14…

    Here’s a wacky vid I did for a funk-ish track off the record: track features Dani Ivory (Beyonce’s band, CeeLo’s band) on keytar.

    Stay Creative!!

  • Samu-L

    Name: Samu-L

    From: PG County, MD

    About: Samu-L is a producer, lyricist, and keyboardist from Prince George’s County, MD performing in the DMV region. Producing for well over 10 years, and performing live with the DC Funk band, New Retro, since 2011

    Posting: Concept album, The Circumstance:

    “The Circumstance” is an audio narrative of the trials and tribulations faced as individuals strive for adulthood. The listener is introduced to an audio-visual world, that of a young adult trying to make it. As he reaches a cross roads, he must decide to either make changes in life direction, or stay the course. As the narrator’s story develops, he is faced with circumstances and decisions, impacted by both positive and negative influences. “The Circumstance” is clearly defined as Samu-L gives listeners the opportunity to embrace him as protagonist, antagonist, or both. Ultimately, the album begs the question “…what would you do?”

    This album includes song structures of varying production techniques: Fully sampled tracks, Instrumental compositions, and combinations of both. Live instrumentalists were utilized for Bass, Saxophone, and Keyboard tracks. This captures a live funk band element, present throughout the entire album. The album concept became the culmination of a 4-year production effort: composition, production, recording, mixing, and album art all executed by himself (Samu-L), in conjunction with New Retro Music Group, G-Two, Brain Rapp, and several personal friends and family members.

    Twitter: @Samu_L21


  • JG The Beast

    Tripp aka Young Tripp


    [soundcloud url="" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=true" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

  • XR47ED

    stage name: XR47ED

    location: Massachusetts

    twitter @XR47EDMusic

    IG: @XR47ED

    About simplified: MUSIC, Ruff Ryders, motorcycles, comedys, horror, porn, Tattoos, Family, Dedication, Dogz 4 Life, website
    #XR47ED #XR47EDMusic #RuffRyders #Dogz4Life
    video story::

  • XR47ED

    @xhristopherholmes:disqus keep doing ur thing, mass representer!

  • raja

    ok i agree with you thanks.

  • Mike James

    Mike James

    Boston, Ma

    19 yars old

  • ezzy

    Hi! I’m glad you’re doing what you do!

    Keep at it!

    I just dropped my tape today. Care to review it?

    Its got my unique instrumentals and some funny elements maybe-

    Then there’s my beattape-

    If you’ve made it this far, and still don’t mind my music, I saved the best for last-

    Do let me know what you think!


  • mr|ADMZ

    NYC ;

    Been loosely writing music for 2 years, and rapping for over a year and a half. Just graduated from NYU’s film program and am about to start working on more material and putting out videos. Really influenced by ambient, hip-hop, pop, & electronic sounds. I like painting scenes with my lyrics more than anything.

    Always looking to collab, the more I can expand my ear the better. If you want more info hit me up!

  • Wormwood


    Missoula, MT


    Born and raised in the Treasure State baby! A lot of people don’t have any idea at ALL that there’s hip hop out here but believe me, we have it. More and more all the time, matter fact! But as the old adage goes, show and prove. that in mind, here’s a track off the mixtape I dropped on Monday with producers from all over the world and lots of MT-local emcees. Thanks for your time

  • Guest
  • Lindo

    My name is Lindo, I am a spoken word artist, emcee and photographer from Philadelphia, Pa. you can get at me on twitter facebook and instagram at LindoYes!

    here is my song “Helping Smile”prod. by DviousMindz (watch the video here: which articulate my relationship with women that have been role models in my life and friendships I hold while being an artist in the pursuit of happiness.

    Let me know your thoughts? open to all feedback

  • Shaool

    This Side Up

    We’re from the west of Ireland. Filmed a video for our track ‘Be Staunch’ recently. Appreciate if ye could check it out.


  • KO Music

    Bili Ro$e- Last Supper (Milwaukee)

    Artist: Bili Ro$e

    Title: Last Supper


    Bili Ro$e is a Rapper, songwriter, Recording artist and revolutionary with a diverse lyrical prowess, whose latest project, “Last Supper” deserves to be heard and spread. Part of collective The Lost, Ro$e’s “Last Supper” is a big indicator of where hip hop is headed, and he is one of the trailblazers expanding it’s sound. Bili Ro$e’s sound explores the territory of a hip hop/EDM hybrid, and Ro$e’s flow over trap infused EDM is catchy and can provide bounce and move a party when necessary. His debut project “Last Supper” is complete with bent vocals and is a solid project from start to finish. Bili Ro$e is trailblazing the industry with his refreshing unique sound. He is the epitome of what it means to be a true artist with an overall message of “You can do and be whatever you please, chase Forever”

  • Dappa Dan


    Queens, NY

    An all in-house Hip Hop collective. New Age Boom Baptists

  • Freddy Printz
  • king sko

  • TruthHurts
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