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Published on April 30th, 2014 | by FuNkwoRm


Hip Hop Artists: Post Your Music – Indie Wednesday (4-30-14)


Welcome back Rap Ratz. We’ve got the dopest independent community anywhere and it’s constantly growing. I like seeing the new faces here. I also enjoy seeing the familiar ones as well that drop dope music every week as well. I’m still trying to figure out a way to handle videos like I handle the Soundcloud playlists. I don’t know, YouTube playlists just kinda feels lame to me. But I’ve been bookmarking a lot of videos posted here throughout the weeks.


It’s Indie Wednesday once again. Join the independent hip hop movement and share your creative talent in this thread.

If you’re new to this hip hop blog, check out the rules below and post your music.


1. Everyone is limited to one music post per week. Spammers will be banned.

2. You can post the same song if you posted it the previous week but keep that practice in moderation

3. Converse and dialogue with each other as much as you like. In fact, I encourage it.

Here is the suggested format:

1. Name of the artist:

2. Location (where are you from)

3. Couple of your social links (Twitter and or Facebook)

4. Say something about yourself, hip hop, or anything interesting. It can also be totally unrelated to music. Show us you have a personality.

Post music or videos that can play in the thread please. No download links to your mixtape.

Feel free to post any PICS and GIFs.



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About the Author

FuNkwoRm is a music producer, creator of the hip hop comic strip, Rap Ratz, and has a dope backspin.

  • Glitch Mouth

    1. Name: Glitch Mouth

    2. Location: Hartford CT/Brooklyn NY

    3. Twitter: Glitch Mouth

    4. Song: Phantom Pain

    We write, record, produce, mix, and master all our own material. This song was self-recorded in DIY guerrilla studios throughout NY and CT.
    Looking forward to hearing everyone else’s posts.

  • Jewbee

    1. Jewbee
    2. Clayco. Aka south atlanta
    3. @ still_jewbee Instagram, @stm_Jewbee
    4. I make beats and songs all kind. I write my own songsHandle it by Jewbee on SoundCloud

  • Sniper Cheez

    Sniper Cheez

    Santa Cruz, CA
    I like Spuhghetee!

    3 Minutes of Sniped Cheez

  • Shaheen Samadi


    South Windsor, CT

    twitter: @shaheen_samadi

    Song of the week: Friend-Zone


    1. L.E. PURPOSE

    2. Western, MA

    3 LE PURPOSE instagram, @le413 facebook

    3.LE PURPOSE is an up and coming influential , hip hop artist who is creating a new name and sound for himself. His sound is unique and specifically calls it a “Related Substance to Hip Hop.” Defining this as the back story to hip hop. Far from what most hear on the radio, he is crossing hip hop boundaries to send and reinforce uplifting and motivational messages to the youth and the adult of the hip hop generation.


  • AKoreanRapper

    I recently dropped an entire mixtape. Hoping to post it here for some additional input. Hope you dig it if you decide to check it out. Follow me on Twitter @AKoreanRapper

  • Lovey
  • ElementalzMusic


    Orlando, FL


    Twitter @elementalz

  • BoscoDreams

    This is Sick!!!

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Artist: (X)hristopher Holmes

    Residence: Boston, MA

    Song Title: “Keep It Real”

    Twitter: B_H_Society

    What’s good Indie Hip Hop Heads, the song I’m dropping off today is “Keep It Real” a song from my upcoming EP entitled “199X” a Ninety’s Hip Hop inspired project which is slated to be released later this year. Hope yal rock with it, peace.

  • Chris Lynch
  • Theoretic


  • Theoretic

    What up,
    1. Theoretic
    2.Chicago, IL (I study and work in Germany right now)
    3. Get to know me on IG, Twitter, or follow me on soundcloud:
    4. I’m tired right now. Gotta get back to homework. It’s almost 6pm here.

  • MertzMusic

    Providence, RI by way of Burlington, VT | |

    Peace, this week I’m posting a song I was featured on. It’s called “Dreamy” & it’s by my friend Aleck Woogmaster. He’s from VT too but now he lives in Portland, Oregon. This joint is produced, mixed & mastered by another friend of mine from VT who goes by SkySplitterInk. He’s a powerhouse on production & also mostly produces without samples, check him out! I’m on the chorus & 2nd verse.

  • Dre Lorenzo

    Dre Lorenzo


    Aye, back again with another track titled “Roadz” off my upcoming project “No Direction” Set to release soon. Shout out to ThoVoBeatz on this great production.
    Cruisn Music just chill out And hope y’all enjoy.

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Roadz was dope man, much respect.

  • MertzMusic

    Check out the homies!
    Aleck Woogmaster – | |

    SkySplitterInk – | |

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    This is my kind of music man, much respect.

  • T.V. Trey_Vilant

    Trey Vilant

    East Massachusetts

    Video: Take Me There

    -Song release off my last mixtape “Pinky Swear Promise” I released back in 2012 & deleted from the internet. Have a ton of new shit coming real soon, working a new project now

  • Keith Taylor

    DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) is a group composed of multiple MCs from all over, ranging from the Pacific Northwest to the Mid-south & Gulf Coast. But the team is headed by its two main lyricist, R.O.B (Rhythm Over Beats) Nollan, of Tacoma, WA, & Mr.KRT, of Memphis, TN. This Is Their Latest Release, Jekyll & Hyde, from their joint album of the same title that will be released later on this year, check it out:

  • Justice Gamble

    Jus Gamble (Producer)

    Beantown, Mass @JusGamble

    Track: Smokey Rhythms

    Was happenin Indie.. This weeks beat I got for yall has got a smooth reggae
    feel to it with a strong Hip Hop vibe. Just expanding the beat library
    with this one, lemme kno what u think..

  • Dre Lorenzo

    Hip Hop!!! Crazy flows bruh.

  • Dre Lorenzo

    Thnx bruh.Respect

  • The Julian Day

    Artist: The Julian Day

    Location: Winston-Salem, NC

    Song: Malcolm X And The Plymouth Myth

  • Stephen Hero

    whassup guys, heres a track from a mixtape im doing

    artist: Stephen Hero

    track: Gimme Some Mo


  • Keith Taylor

    whole song is great but that intro is just…. elegant

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Dig your style man, hope to hear more from you in the future, peace.

  • Chris Lynch

    preshiate that man, your shit’s nice too. i’ve listened to a coupla tracks you posted on here, dope stuff dude.

  • Keith Taylor

    slick killed tat shit, great track

  • Chris Lynch

    thanks a lot bro, much love

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    I dig this joint here

  • Chris Lynch

    i love the vibe on this track track, and ya flow is on point.

  • Justice Gamble

    nice flow

  • Chris Lynch

    did you make the beats on this shit? mad nice. also, it sounds like the vocals are mixed a little low on a coupla the tracks, but i love the samples and shit in it. good stuff man, keep grindin’

  • hungoverfrombeingsober

    !nfidel Ca$htro

    New Orleans,LA

    enriching the art screw the noise

  • Chris Lynch

    the flow on this is nice, and this a dope ass beat. good work bro.

  • Nada Problem

    Artist: Nada Problem

    Location: Oklahoma City, OK

    Song: Why Don’t You
    Here’s a little throwback from a couple years back. Featuring Othello (of Lightheaded) and Joe Average. Enjoy!

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    This is dope to me in a way I can’t seem to put my finger on, but either way much respect, peace.

  • Dre Lorenzo

    This joint dope.Nice flow, off kilter as hell but goes perfectly with the beat.

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Dope Jus, I love hip hop instrumentals with Jazz Horns much love

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Appreciate that man

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Much love my guy

  • Dre Lorenzo

    That beat dope as hell. Good flows bruh. Dope.

  • Chris Lynch

    that’s kinda my style, haha. i appreciate the love dude.

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    This excellent man, respect.

  • Aaron!!

    Artist: Aaron!!

    Location: Conway, AR

    Song: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

    Here’s a little gem for you guys on this great Indie Wednesday. Produced by Apollo Lane. Enjoy!

  • Keith Taylor

    appreciate it, your shit was dope ass hell btw

  • jonboy7oh

    here he go again! I’m becoming a fan man, this one is for real, salute

  • Alex Brittney

    1) Alex Brittney

    2) Chicago, IL (by way of Englewood)

    3) FB: Alex Brittney

    Twitter/IG: alexbrittney85

    4) Peace beloved…today I’m posting the 1st rhyme iEver wrote…”Check’n My Grind”…wrote it in late 2010…recorded it in 2011 for my freshman mixtape called “Memoirs of a Tomboy”…you can find the full tape on jus search “Memoirs of a Tomboy” hope you all enjoy! (LOVE) & (Light) #hotep

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Dawg! This is DOPE, I’m digging what you’re doing with your music. I’m from Mass as well, so if you dig my material & you’re ever tryna do work let me know my email is peace.

  • AKoreanRapper

    Thanks man, much love for your input, you gotta twitter?

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Every post I’ve heard from you has been dope, much love.

  • Infinite

    Artist: Emcee INFINITE

    Location: San Francisco/Bay Area


  • AKoreanRapper

    Mad nice as always man

  • Jacques Ellison

    Artist: JMJ

    Song Title: “Flowever”



    Peace to the Hip Hop Nation!!! Check out my track “Flowever”. It’s something for the old and the new. Hope you dig it.

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Everything I’ve heard from you has been dope, love the beat selections as well. Your style’s refreshing, I get a similar vibe from you as I do from Lauryn Hill.. I hope to hear more from you in the future, peace.

  • Ex.Oh, The God

    Artist: Ex.Oh, The God

    Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

    Song Title: Imitation (Prod. JESUSJUiiiCE)


    Instagram & Kik: exohthegod

    Just a 16 year old versatile artist trying to get somewhere. Not much to say. My music speaks for itself. If you like my music, go check out my Soundcloud ASAP for my singles “Live Or Die” “Royalty Sound” & “Keep It G” which shows my lyrical ability.

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Appreciate it man, I still gotta listen to your new tape hopefully I’ll get a chance to soon.

  • Dre Lorenzo

    Another week, another dope ass track. Nice.

  • DynestiWilliams

    DYNESTI WILLIAMS | Toronto, Canada

    Twitter: @Dynesti, IG: @Dynesti Williams

    This song is for anyone who’s ever had problems with the church and religion in general. It isn’t dissin’, it’s just sayin’ don’t judge us if we choose not to be a part of it all cuz it’s no better than anything “worldly”

  • Alex Brittney

    Lol thanx love #gratitude

  • K Dangerous

    K Dangerous from Phx Az
    Song: Second Player…. About Luigi and his lust for Peach!
    Hope you guys enjoy!…dangerous-prod

  • Alex Brittney

    thats a real honor…iReally appreciate the love..means so much! #gratitude

  • Sean Constant

    Brooklyn NY
    Molotov Cocktail
    What’s going on Indie HipHop. My name is SeanConstant aka
    SC. I’m from Brooklyn NY and I’m here to basically express myself. I think being true to yourself will equate to great music. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    I dig this man, dope work from all artist involved.

    I’m gonna need to do a little bit of mixing on that track I told you about before I send it your way just so it’ll be listenable.. but I’mma get that to you soon

  • Sasha

    Artist: Sasha

    Location: Virginia

    Song: SEizE THE DAY (Prod. by Qman1)


    And Now I’m Free EP being released May 4, 2014.

  • Love RichardOasis

    R.ichard Oasis

    Chicago, IL

    TWITTER & Instagram: @ourperiod
    Facebook: Love RichardOasis

    Im going to retire if I dont get acknowledged this week on my video. If you think I should retire then dont acknowledge me for the third consecutive week.

  • Love RichardOasis

    My soundcloud link is in my video description

  • Justice Gamble

    thanks man, hell ya I knew with those horns alone i had somethin wit this 1

  • $kaduf

    Artist: $kaduf

    Residence: Dallas Texas

    Song Title:Hydration

    Twitter: skadufy

    If you’re a hip hop head you’ll love my sound, raw poetry storytelling and its true why lie

    i realeased this track before i drop my next ep #1stchapter

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    This is tight! Great energy on this record


    Artist: Final Form X Denius Knight

    Location: LONDON UK

    Facebook: Final Form

    Whats going on! Heres a track from Me and one of my talented friends from Indigo Palace Mr Denius Knight! Features on the ‘Entomology E.P’ free downloads and all that jazz! Thanks in advance for listening! PEACE

  • PecksOne

    Artist : Pecks
    Location : Cypress, CA
    19 Years Old
    Music Saved My Life!!

    Song Title : “Deep In The Crates”

    Official Music Video:

    Twitter :
    Facebook :
    Instagram : PecksOne
    SoundCloud :

  • Justice Gamble

    really feelin the vibe/rhythm a this track here

  • Shayhan

    Artist: Shayhan

    Location: Seattle, WA

    Song Title: “Green Man”

    Social Networks:
    Twitter: @Shayhanm

    Bringing you spontaneous sounds that have no boundaries, yet you morally accept them.

  • Justice Gamble

    Can’t pin point what it is bout this, but from the group a rappers spittin to the beat im really feelin this track

  • Shayhan

    Hella old school. LOVE IT!

  • Justice Gamble

    mass, i respect it. ima producer from boston check me, mite b able to collab on sumthin

  • Justice Gamble

    this is good shit bro, love the direction the song goes in at like 2:29

  • MertzMusic

    Thanks man, I appreciate it! I especially like the way Woog rides the beat with that quick 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3-4 triplet flow in the 3rd verse.

  • MertzMusic

    Thanks homie, can’t wait to hear it!

  • Elementalzmusic

    We appreciate the comments homie thank you

  • Justice Gamble

    great flows all around on this one

  • Kacpa
  • Justice Gamble

    Checkin, Checkin my grindd…feelin the lyricism on the track! Keep At It

  • Justice Gamble

    crazy flow here yo, fux wit it

  • (X)hristopher Holmes

    Thank you

  • PecksOne


  • Aleck Woogmaster

    Mertz is good. SkySplitterInk is sick. That other guy’s okay.

    Thanks for the love, JG. I think it’s safe to say that we all appreciate hearing from real hip-hop heads and getting feedback. Be Easy!

  • Huthman King

    Artist: Huthman King

    Residence: New Rochelle, New York

    Song Title: ‘In A Daze For Days (Feat. Bogota scRAPz)’

    Twitter: kinghuff_

    Yo yo yo whattup my fellow Indie Hip Hop Heads, this is my first time posting a song on here so don’t be too harsh on me! The song is called ‘In A Daze For Days’ and its self produced featuring one of my good friends and great artist Bogota scRAPz’ its got a straight up Hip Hop feel and I hope y’all can relate. Hope y’all can dig it and spread the love.

    Much Love,

    – Huff

  • Aleck Woogmaster

    Thanks my dude… diggin your track as well. Keep up the classic work.

  • Justice Gamble

    wrong person

  • Aleck Woogmaster

    Aleck Woogmaster
    Portland, Oregon
    “Miss Stella”

    From “WzdoM” LP by myself and Zach Crawford aka SkySplitterInk Productions.

  • shlick smit

    Shlick Smit

    Brooklyn NY

    If you are from Chitown, most likely you’ve heard of The Palmer Squares. Just dropped my first single of an upcoming EP featuring these cats. Too dope

    twitter @shlicksmit

  • Nada Problem

    Thanks I appreciate that man, same to you. You’re putting out good quality stuff!

  • PecksOne

    sick track fam
    check out mine leave some feedback

  • PecksOne

    sick track fam
    scope out my music leave some feedback

  • PecksOne

    sounds dope fam
    scope out my music leave some feedback

  • PecksOne

    sounds sick
    scope out my music

  • MicP

    Emcee: MicP (RI)
    Produced by: Nick Mainella (MA)
    Mastered by: Chris Chase (NH)
    Song: Just Chill Tonight
    Album: The Fresh Air

    Wazzzzuuup! This is a layed back & definitely Dilla inspired track. Mainella & I put this EP (The Fresh Air) out (on bandcamp & CD) in January 2014 and it’s been getting a lot of support.
    IDK if this link is gonna work so I posted some additional links

    [bandcamp width=400 height=120 album=3549501973 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=2663829163]

    Peace & Appreciation

  • Success the Producer

    Artists:Gio Dee × Millyz
    Boston, MA
    ” Legacy ” ft GioDee × Millyz Success the Producer
    Instagram :@iamgiodee × @millyz ×@i_amsuccess
    Twitter:@IAmGioDee × @Millyz ×@YuhBoySuccess
    The Boston natives GioDee and Millyz came together to
    release this inspirational high energy record about leaving a legacy
    in their hometown. Enjoy

    Watch “Legacy Ft Millyz (Prod. By Success The Producer) …” on YouTube
    Legacy Ft Millyz (Prod. By Success The Producer) …:

  • PecksOne

    shit sounds dope fam
    check out some of my music leave some feedback

  • MicP

    This is def Fresh!

  • Huthman King

    Here’s a video too as well.

  • Keith Taylor

    appreciate it, check out your beats & really like them. showed it 2 my homie & he really like it 2, he’s interested in doing something w/ some of them if your interested

  • Keith Taylor

    well, im downloading this. God shit (And I Do Mean ‘God’)

  • Stephen Hero

    thanks man, preciate it fer sure, lotsa stuff comin out soon so keep up with me!

  • Justice Gamble

    Keep spittin that real shit homie, i fux w the grind u on

  • Justice Gamble

    good looks bro

  • Douglas

    sup I’m Douglas & I’m bad at singing.

  • Justice Gamble

    Appreciate u checkin out my beats homie.. and hell yah im down for yall to get on a beat. hmu whenever u free n well talk more.. @jusgamble or

  • Dre Lorenzo

    Lovin the horn, and that bass!!!. Slaps!

  • Justice Gamble

    Ooo, real smooth track here. Flows on point

  • Mr.KRT


  • Justice Gamble

    had to save listenin to this for last…always so easy to follow ur verse/stories u be spittin. just keep doin u man, great music here

  • Douglas
  • Dre Lorenzo

    Thnx for the love homie. Respect.

  • Dre Lorenzo

    Really feelin this track, reminds me of atmosphere. Another dope track Bruh.

  • Alex Brittney

    Peace…#gratitude.. LOVE & LIGHT King!

  • Alex Brittney

    #gratitude preciate the LOVE…! (LOVE) & (LIGHT)

  • Alex Brittney

    thank you for that…much appreciated KING! (LOVE) & (LIGHT) #hotep

  • Agent Smith 78
  • jwesson80

    1. J.Wesson

    2. Brooklyn, NY


    4. J Wesson is a Hip Hop rapper born and raised in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, NY. Born Jeffrey Guillaume in 1987, he began rapping at the age of 13 and went on to work with fellow local acts around the neighborhood. He cites hip hop artists such as Nas, Big L, Rakim, and fellow Brooklynite Notorious B.I.G. as his biggest influences.

  • MertzMusic

    On the real, this is my favorite joint I’ve heard from you. Real solid homie! This got me pumped for your new EP for sure! Looking forward to working together soon man! Much respect as always

  • MertzMusic

    Thanks yo, as a huge Atmosphere fan that means a lot to me

  • MertzMusic

    Thanks for listening

  • MertzMusic

    I’m with @xhristopherholmes:disqus, everything I’ve heard from you has been truly dope man! The homies on this track with you are solid too. I like your style & we seem like-minded, I’m down to do some work together like you were saying last week. Let’s talk man, much respect

  • MertzMusic

    Real solid man, what do you use to produce?

  • MertzMusic

    Real smooth vibe here man, when’s the project coming out?

  • MertzMusic

    Love your style! The mix & overall sound quality is great, especially for a freshman effort. Much respect

  • MertzMusic

    SO dope! I love that you keep it real & make powerful music that says something of substance, much respect!

  • MertzMusic

    Feelin this man, who did the production?

  • T.V. Trey_Vilant

    much appreciated yo! heard sum of ur sound cloud beats good shit, we should link

  • Mindz I
  • Dre Lorenzo

    Thnx for the luv bro. Respect, and I would like to release it in the summer but realistically I’m thinking august or september.Good looks

  • MertzMusic

    Good shit right here, I especially like the verses.

  • MertzMusic

    I like it man, nice work. Who did the production? I love that dirty drum break.

  • Coty Cech


    Location: Midwest (St.Louis, MO)

    Social Links:

    Something about me other than music, I enjoy spending time with my son, and def a “how to train a dragon” fan hehe

    Featured Song: Float Away: Produced by J-Luma, written and recorded by CotyNO
    Hope you enjoy

  • Dre Lorenzo

    love the live feel on this song. Dope track

  • Coty Cech

    Good stuff bro, keep it up

  • MertzMusic

    This had me cracking up man. I’m not much for weed songs but I really like the way you came on this one. Who did the production on this joint?

  • Fresh



    I take burdens on my back and make chips on my shoulders.

  • Agent Smith 78

    Dope stuff!

  • Agent Smith 78

    Thanks bro!

  • MertzMusic

    Speaking truth from the get go! Much respect

  • MertzMusic

    I always liked this joint man, you on SkySplitterInk beats is hard to beat! You gotta get a soundcloud to post on here, bandcamp doesn’t embed your track in the thread like soundcloud does. Much love homie! “Heavenly high on resin”… I see you…

  • JayKnew

    Artist: JNew

    Residence: 3rd Ave, San Francisco, CA


    With so much ganja in the SFC, it’s kinda hard not to keep shit H-y-phy…

  • Trill Cosby

    Artist: Theo Ruxpin

    Residence: Aliquippa, Pennsylvania


    Song: I Never Left

    Posting on behalf of my framily, Theo Ruxpin. Working on a duo tape with him for this summer. Thanks for listening.

  • jwesson80

    appreciate it family

  • Justen Squyres

    Artist: Red Car Robbers
    Location: Denver Colorado
    Song: A Co Hoodrats!
    Ah shit! You already no! We at home with the Hoodrats! This track is sounding very nice!
    Plz share , comment, and like this track on soundcloud, Facebook where ever! Let us know what you think! Red car robbers and YF at it!

  • jwesson80

    feelin the track my dude, keep it up

  • jwesson80

    this is dope…..literally…lol

  • Glitch Mouth

    Shout out to fellow CT hip-hop!

  • Glitch Mouth

    Check out our track below, “Phantom Pain”. Hopefully we see you around CT!

  • HyphyPat

    Chyeaa! Thats wassup!!!!

  • AnalyticL

    1. AnalyticL

    2. Currently Based out of Portland, Oregon

    3. Facebook @ /analyticLmusic

    Soundcloud @ /analyticL

    4. This is a song I did for a contest entry over a beat they had. It was a late entry, people seemed to really like it on soundcloud but since it was such a late entry and the competition has nothing to do with soundcloud, it was slept on. Just thought I’d post it here to see what you guys think. Feel free to just directly comment on to the song. :)

  • Will Jung

    Name: Will Jung

    Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

    Song: “Gymnasium”

    Mixtape: Timeless (August 2014)

    Facebook: willjung757

    Twitter: @Will_Jung_

    Instagram: @Will_Jung_

    I just try to be as creative as possible. Good music is coming from my city. Listen and enjoy. #timeless

  • Theoretic

    Thanks bro. It was produced by a few guys from the Team Supreme crew out of the Bay Area. Click on the title track for more details.

  • YB

    I go by the name YB. Im 21, Indie artist out of Charlotte. I just dropped my new single today, so ynot post it here. You can follow me @Yungbos to interact and let me know how you feel about this. OGOD is my team movement. Over.Grind.Or.Die

  • Cleve

    Artist: F.B.E Cleve

    Hometown: Cleveland, OH

    Current Residence: Las Vegas, NV

    Im Cleve and im more of a hiphop artist. Ive been writing my own music since elementary school and recording since high school. Music is my passion.Besides that i work and go to school for psychology. Check out my music you’ll like it.

    Song: The World (prod. by Ashley Kayz)

  • El Dorado

    Artist: Matthew ‘ice’ Isham
    Location: Lawton, OK
    Song Title: “Trippin’ On It”

    Whats good people?? I know it’s a lil late, but a brotha had to work.. The song I’m sharing w y’all is called “Trippin’ On It”. A lil something I did late last semester over A$AP Ferg’s “Fergivicious”. Let me know if y’all rock w it or not. Hopefully I’ll be able to post an original on here nxt week.

  • Justice Gamble

    good looks checkin those out homie. shud def link up, @JusGamble or hit me

  • Justice Gamble

    At the end a the day I’d call myself a hip hop producer, i go into every beat expecting someone to spit on it.
    I see u in RI, i did a show w couple my boys at a grindmode show. u mess with them?

  • Justice Gamble

    Good looks homie!

  • Shaheen Samadi

    Thanks for the shout out dawg

  • Rockey Rockey Washington – Glorious feat P. Morgan

  • MertzMusic

    yea I’ve performed at their shows a couple times & I’m cool with a few of those dudes. To be honest tho, thats not really my scene. I think I saw that you had A-Track on your joint last week, right?

  • PecksOne

    thnks g

  • MertzMusic

    I love the way you step differently than most. I also really enjoy the contrast between the verses & the chorus. Much respect

  • Infinite

    Thanks for listening fam! I’ve been hearing your work too and it is most def worth the playlist…keep doing your thang!

  • Infinite

    Thanks for listening fam! Appreciate the love yo

  • Mr.KRT

    just wish this was LOUDER. but, besides that, good shit

  • ItsPaper

    ITSPAPER FROM INDIANAPOLIS,Indiana . New Video ! “Find Ya Body” Check it Out

  • phil phlaymz
  • phil phlaymz

    Dope. I just came back from SF last week. Dope city.

  • Coty Cech

    Thank you Agent Smith for checking out the tunes

  • Coty Cech

    I appreciate the feedback Dre, thank you bro

  • Elementalzmusic

    Orlando, Fl


    Twitter: @elementalz

    This the first installment of our Beats and Lyrics volume next one will be even
    better. Should be out with in the next week .. There is a lot of good talent at this site everyone keep doing your thing. If you want to collabl lets do it.

  • Just Real

    Just Real

    from Orlando, FL

    Twitter & IG: @WhoIsJust

    When I was in the 5th grade, I learned Will Smith’s “Men In Black” and performed it in the school talent show, shameful, I know. lol…

    This is called “Like A Fire.”

  • Justice Gamble

    Nahh, that was my boy Koma. hes the one who introduced me to that crowd. I dont fuck with a-track or a-tak w.e. You be producing or writing more these days??

  • Sky Rogers

    Artist: SKY

    Location: St. Louis, Mo

    Social Links:

    My style of music is my very own style called GrindPop check it out.

  • MertzMusic

    Ohhhhh yea, Koma was in a Grind Mode Cypher video with my homie Cynikl. I try to keep an even balance between writing & producing but I always go thru phases where I’m doing 1 more than the other. I just got a new MPC-1000 so I’ve been deep in the breaks lately. What do you use to make your beats?

  • Justice Gamble

    I use a maschine & my korg krome. depending on the type a instrumental im rockin i might use one more than the other. And I don’t recognize that name Cynikl but if i saw the vid i bet id recognize em…But im right in boston bro, if ur ever down to collab on somethin im with it

  • Dan Dionis

    Artist: Dan Dionis

    Location: Youngstown, OH

    Song Title: The Gang’s Back (feat. Smitty) [prod. Jeremy Aaron]


    Ayy everybody, I’m pretty new to the blog scene but check out this track off my EP “THCOG”. Me and my friends have developed a real unique style, so check out this track! The whole project’s up on soundcloud.

  • Alex Brittney

    #peace King…thanx for the love!!! preciate it!

  • Mclovin

    Artist: Vegas & McLovin
    Location: Eastcoast, USA
    Song Title: Pipebomb

    Twitter: @mclovinbeatz @vegasworldinc
    Indie Hip Hop peoples! What it dew? This is a single produced by me featuring the emcee, Vegas. We got an EP dropping May 16th called “Testers”. Check us out and I hope you enjoy. If you do…download it. Its free!! And dont forget to hit us up for some more on May 16th. Peace!

  • D.Curtains

    Artist: D.Curtains

    Residence: Atlanta, GA

    Song Title: “Exhibit Me”

    Twitter: @DCurtainCall
    Another Freestyle from D.Curtain’s Scene One Act 1 series leading up to the release of his second single off his up coming project. Check out his other Freestyles “2 Get By” and “A G” also check out his First Single “Man In The Mirror”.

  • Contrast


    Ontario, NY

    My goal is to push the bar. Reinvent the industry and to take genres places they’ve never been before. PLEASE REPOST, SHARE AND LIKE.

  • JayKnew

    That’s what’s up man. Thanks for giving the track a listen

  • P.eZ (R.I.P Ke’son)

    Artist: P.eZ

    Location: Bed Stuy

    Twitter: @TheXcellentZone

    I ran up the phone bill to $400 calling sex lines when I was 10. Don’t judge me.

  • JakeTheSnake

    Artist : MeiPlae
    From: Lawrence, Ma (Near Boston)
    Twitter/Instagram – @MeiPlae

    Just been making music since i was 12-14 im making an actual physical CD but i made this little EP really quick for females because lets face it most females dont necessarily enjoy hardcore metaphors about hiphop and other things.

    Heres a story i made for one of the songs on it

  • Samu-L

    Artist: Samu-L,
    Location: MD.C (PG County, MD)

    Twitter: @Samu_L21

    Album Post: The Circumstance (

    “The Circumstance” is concept album, more specifically, an audio narrative of the trials and tribulations faced as individuals strive for adulthood, while immersing it’s listeners in a world seen entirely through sound. Experience the dynamic differences in the life of a kid just trying to make it when he reaches a cross roads and decides to either change his future, or stay the course.

    As the kid’s life unfolds, he is faced with circumstances and decisions, impacted by both positive and negative influences. “The Circumstance” is clearly defined as Samu-L gives listeners the opportunity to embrace him as protagonist, antagonist, or both. Ultimately, the album begs the question “…what would you do?”

    The album concept was developed and honed over a period of 4 years. The album was entirely composed, produced, written, recorded, and mixed all by Samu-L (including the artwork). It features various production styles including traditional sampling, live instrumentation, original compositions, and everything in between. The album itself is structured such that it can be listened to in full, and both stories are heard simultaneously. Listeners can alternatively listen to tracks that tell the story only of the “Good” or “Bad” side paradigms of the main character (See breakdown below). If listened to in full, a narrative track is followed by the good side’s perception, followed by the bad side’s perception (for example, their idea’s of “Work” – Tracks 4 and 6). The stories reach a merge point from the pivotal “Cypher” (track 13) and on.

    Features include: Che Adams of New Retro, The General of New Retro, G-Two, and Brain Rapp

  • Samu-L
  • Coty Cech

    My dude!! haha, get it brother

  • Cashlin
  • Democ

    This dude is the Truth

  • John McLucas

    Damn our beat player has been blowin up recently!!!!!! Have YOU checked out our beats lately? If not HEAD TO OUR BEATPAGE NOW

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