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Published on April 23rd, 2014 | by FuNkwoRm


Hip Hop Artists: Post Your Music! – Indie Wednesday (4-23-2014)


Fellow RapRatz and Hip Hop Heads, share with us your dopeness!

If you’re new to this hip hop blog, check out the rules below and post your music.


1. Everyone is limited to one music post per week. Spammers will be banned.

2. You can post the same song if you posted it the previous week but keep that practice in moderation

3. Converse and dialogue with each other as much as you like. In fact, I encourage it.

Here is the suggested format:

1. Name of the artist:

2. Location (where are you from)

3. Couple of your social links (Twitter and or Facebook)

4. Say something about yourself, hip hop, or anything interesting. It can also be totally unrelated to music. Show us you have a personality.

Post music or videos that can play in the thread please. No download links to your mixtape.

Feel free to post any PICS and GIFs.



About the Author

FuNkwoRm is a music producer, creator of the hip hop comic strip, Rap Ratz, and has a dope backspin.

  • DYNESTI WILLIAMS, Singer/Emcee from Toronto

    T: @Dynesti | IG: @DynestiWilliams

    When I set fire to weave in this music video “Arson”, I’m not
    just burning fake hair, I’m burning the box most of the female
    artists out here come in.



    Follow Me on twitter @AKoreanRapper

    Hi, im a 18 year old rapper from Tampa, FL. I think with music, it’s important to just be, not necessarily to be yourself, rather just be. I’m going to release a project, “Self Titled”, on 4/25. I posted this track before, but to those who didn’t see it, tell me what you think. The song is called , “Afer Thoughts”.


    Digging the vibe for real though, you gotta twitter?

  • Kasper Kills

    The Killing Joke

    Experimental Hip Hop / Dark TripHop act base out of Houston Texas.

    Once we learned to speak…..control was the next logical step.

    Since the advent of social machinations, The Killing Joke has served as the byproduct, offering the slimmest of hopes that options exist. Taking the form of art, song, and voice, The Joke has been told and heard by countless kings and men.

  • Thanks brutha! Twitter is @Dynesti


    BANKHEAD (atlanta, georgia)

    (instagram) @CRACK_HOP (twitter) @DAPUNCHLINEKING


  • Theoretic

    What up it’s Theo, been here a few times, I appreciate the love… Born in Chicago, and I’m out in Europe right now..

    Get at me or follow me on soundcloud: @theoreticbars (IG,FB,Twitter,Vine)

  • great voice homie!! the vibe is awesome man and ur flow is on point!! salute!! #rollupmusic

  • Sniper Cheez

    Sniper Cheez
    Santa Cruz, CA

    Witness the Dopeness!

  • eclectic music homie, i can appreciate the originality, only thing i would say is that the vocals were a bit low, but other than that i love the creativity!! salute

  • nonchalant decently!!! thats dope lol, nice flow homie. the beat is epic!!! great track my asian brother salute!!

  • man i was so expecting kardinal official to drop a verse on this lol!!! ur voice reminds me of him, this tune is heavy sis!!! ur voice is so gritty, whats ur soundcloud?

  • #hiphop ur flow is crazy homie!!! sheesh

  • love the energy, i bet u live show is dope!! salute this that old rawkus sh*t!!!

  • Artist: (X)hristopher Holmes

    Residence: Boston, MA

    Song Title: B.H.S. In Full Effect

    Twitter: B_H_Society

    Whats good indie hip hop heads, it’s nice to see how the community is starting to grow & it seems like each week the songs people get better & better. With that being said the song I’m dropping off today is one from my “Lightly Seasoned EP” called “B.H.S. In Full Effect” it’s one of my more lyrical joints on my EP, I hope yal rock with it peace.

  • Dopeeeee

  • You came correct on this one, respect.

  • This is tight. Dope!

  • I think I might have heard this one before, but dope all the same my man.. looking forward to hearing the tape.

  • This is great man. Love the content! It’s funny I was thinkin this gives me the type of feel that Killer Mike’s verses do then his pic came up on the vid right after. We should collab on somethin!

  • Thanks for the love <3

  • This is cool man, peace.

  • Kasper Kills

    Thanks for the feedback homie! Glad you dig it. If you want the whole E.P. for FREE check out Do you have any work we can peep?

  • Kasper Kills

    Thanks for the feedback homie! Glad you dig it. If you want the whole E.P. for FREE check out!

  • Kasper Kills

    Hell yeah! Mad Skills bro!

  • 1) Alex Brittney

    2) Chicago, IL (by way of mighty Englewood)

    3) FB: Alex Brittney (fan page)
    IG/Twitter: alexbrittney85

    4) This is another single off my sophomore mixtape “The Departure”..! I work on the tape by day…& at night i’ve been practicing on my astro projecting skills…for it is my ‘DREAM’ to watch Idris showering w/o breaking & entering!!! Anywho….iHope you guys enjoy the joint..HOTEP 🙂

  • CRACK!!!!!! love yo voice homie….yea we need to work ASAP!!!!!!!

  • Punchlines…made me punch drunk…!

  • gotdamn punchlines joe….smfh

  • Mertz
    Providence, RI by way of Burlington, VT | |

    Peace, this week I’m posting my song “So Fast” from my new album. It’s produced by me & it’s the only sample-based beat that I produced on the album. It’s actually the oldest beat on the project. I made it in 2009 & I always wanted to use it but nothing that I wrote to it felt right. I’m glad I revisited it for this album, hope y’all dig it.

  • YESSSS!!!!!! love this shit…& the yellow weave snatched…EPIC!!!!!!! Yess..lets pull all that shit out…DOPE!!

  • Dre Lorenzo



    Hey it’s Dre Lorenzo, Back again with another track titled “Idol$”. This will be the first song I release off my mixtape “No Direction”, Set to release in june 2014. Thanks for the listen, and I hope y’all enjoy.

  • Mike Hazel


    Twitter @RichyoungRebel

    Just Sayin That We Well Off..

    Heres The Latest “Late Night Tweets”

  • Rachard Dennis

    Artist: RachardTheLocal
    City: Bossier City, Louisiana
    Twitter: @RachardTheLocal
    InterestingFact: I recorded this song during the summer of 2013 on an accident. I went downtown to a little studio for a jam session with a friend of mines and I ended up having like fifteen minutes left. The fifteen minutes resulted in this jam, Till Next Time. It’s crazy becuase it ended up being the only jam that I kept from the session. One LOVE and Enjoy.

  • This joint tight!!! The Killer Mike Comparison really jumps out at me.

  • Thank you! Word the women need to ambush the industry. They’ve had one brand of woman in the hip-hop spotlight for way too long. Ladies on the underground, keep doin ur thing!

  • kacpa
  • This joint go hard!!!

  • Nada Problem

    Artist: Nada Problem

    Location: Oklahoma City, OK

    What happened to all the real people? We miss you. This track is about being yourself. And being honest. Hope you enjoy!

  • Kaos Steve

    Yo, my name is Kaos Steve, I’m from Germany and i just released a new music video. It’s called “I’ll Never Grow Up”.
    It’s kind of a funny song.
    enjoy it!

  • Jon Spreez

    Jon Spreez


    Twitter: @spreezy

    A little throwback of mine from White Owls and Parachutes 2. Featuring OneTake P, some grittier underground hip hop.

  • Deetah AKA The Masterpiece

    Montreal (Canada aka TheCold)

    Find me on Twitter: @deetahmusic:disqus / Instagram: @deetahmusic:disqus / Soundcloud: Deetahmusic

    Official Site:

  • Mario Mars Miller

    Hello my name is Mario Miller a.k.a Mars The Shinobi.

    I am from Cincinnati, Oh.

    I love Hip Hop and other music in general.

    My twitter, soundcloud and instagram is all @marstheshinobi

    Enjoy my music.

  • Jon Spreez

    Nice, you were going in. Kudos

  • That beat is nasty!!! You killed it bruh. Like you said this “Ridin Music”!

  • Jon Spreez

    Dopeness bro, the punches were all well thought out and fresh. kudos

  • Jon Spreez

    Nice fam, I hear the Rakim smoothness its refreshing bro. Kudos

  • Jon Spreez

    You were spitting over that beat fam. Kudos

  • saul00t2005

    that beat is on point, good flow and content. you keep bringing us good music and we thank you

  • I f**kin love it! Wooo gurl… ur flow tho! Is that you singing too?

  • Aaron!!

    Artist: Aaron!!

    Location: Conway, AR

  • CheVon

    Artist: CheVon
    Title: Pain Au Chocolat
    What’s up everyone, today I present ‘Pain Au Chocolat’ prod. by JHAS.
    It’s a soulful beat layered smoothly with a french lady I couldn’t resist when I first heard it, and overall I wanted to bring this track to life. Enjoy.
    Twitter: Chevaughno
    Facebook: CheVonMusic


  • thanx love…and yes ma’am that is me singing!!!

  • You know if we did something together it’d be a Banger?! Seriously. Take in my soundcloud. I’m following u

  • CheVon

    Smooth flow bro, definitely something I can rock to anytime!

  • Shawn X Hines

    Shawn Xavien

    Newport News, VA

    @shawnxavien on Twitter |

    Leading up to the release of his new album ‘RETURN OF THE FALLEN’, Shawn Xavien reintroduces fans to some of his best songs and production (and rare freestyles) from the past 7 years, as well as an Xclusive early listen to the making of “The World” featuring MUNEE and Da Storeytella. #RETURNOFTHEFALLEN drops May 26th on Senih Circle Music.

    “Music is what it is. Make it Your Own” ~Shawn Xavien

  • CheVon

    This is beautiful, you really know how to flow with the right words. Thank you for this!

  • Es

    Artist name: Es
    From: Toronto, Canada
    Twitter: @HGmonsterEs
    Song: For The Loot
    Song Link:
    Song theme: The depths that man will go to pursue money. Don’t lose sight of what’s really important in this life.

  • CheVon

    Awesome to hear your approach on this track! Idk if it’s the accent or that I’m Jamaican haha but your voice is dope as well.

  • C-4

    Artist Name: C-4 Hometown: Washington, DC Genre: Hip hop

    Twitter: C4ToYou FB: C-4

    C-4 is a visionary hip hop artist from Washington, DC
    that specializes in using unique flows with sharp punchlines and metaphors to
    express life thru his eyes. He keeps it real in his songs which makes him very
    relatable to listen as a listener. He’s been rapping for about 2 and a half
    years and he has gotten better and better with every song he makes. He signed a
    marketing and distribution deal with Tate Music Group in September and he is
    currently working on his first indie album titled “Humble Season” which is
    scheduled to drop this summer. He has the sound that every hip hop fan that’s
    craving that vintage hip hop sound should here. From killer hooks to fire
    verses, C-4 gives you everything you want and more from a hip hop artist. The
    DMV has an up and coming star amongst them and I hope everyone realizes it
    before its too late.

    Check out one of my tracks here

  • Justen Squyres

    Artist: Kokiri music mafia
    Location: Denver,Colorado
    Find us on Facebook:
    Or our sound cloud:
    If you haven’t been acquainted with
    The Kokiri music mafia nows your chance!!!
    We are two producers from Denver colorado! We produce hip hop but a slightly different style! Don’t be shy check us out and show some love!


    !nfidel Ca$htro

    New Orleans,LA

    I make the kinda music I wanna make fuck what people want


  • Karnelfoe

    Complete Rawness!

  • Np…thanx for the luv…love #gratitude!

  • I’m half Jamaican half Trinidadian & I was raised on reggae lol. Thank you for listening/noticing!

  • no doubt…im getting ready to follow u back!!!!

  • Audotrophic

    Audotrophic, Producer/Pianist from Muscat Oman

    I love jazz like crazy, but I can’t seem to make jazzy tracks….


    GL ALL!

  • Sniper Cheez

    Thanks!!! I’m serious…..I bump your “Tomorrow” like Every-Single-Day!! You are on point!

  • Legind Lee
  • Thanks man, much appreciated.

  • Appreciate that man!

  • Good looks man, & yeah Rakim is one of my biggest Hip Hop influences

  • Word, glad you dig it! Respect

  • Love RichardOasis

    R.ichard Oasis

    Chicago, IL

    TWITTER/Instagram: @ourperiod

    I was featured on Elevator Mag and on RapGenius dot com alongside Earl Sweatshirt via “The Rap Encyclopedia”. I also dont have a bed in my bedroom, I sleep on eggshell cushion.. Dare to be different, my ex girlfriend was not harmed before or after this video was shot..

  • Gordon Tillett

    J Childs

    South Central Los Angeles/Seattle

    I’m representing for my man J. Childs, posting his latest video “Safe” from his “The Personification Of J Childs” mixtape. Check it out.

    Also, his Soundcloud is

  • Name: Jus Gamble (Producer)
    Location: Boston, MA
    Sidetracked Feat. B Shea & Koma The Kid (Prod. by Jus Gamble)

    I’m a Boston Producer with a love for sorts of music, but my true passion lies with Hip-Hop. Bringing to you a Boston born track, “Sidetracked”, don’t be getting sidetracked when it comes to your dreams. -Gamble

  • JayKnew

    Chyo Yall,

    Take a ride with me on this next one. Beat came all the way from Poland, compliments of Bez Struktury (dude sells beats for cheap that absolutely slap – check him out on soundcloud). Just some mellow mood music for you to play at night.

    Artist: JNew

    Location: SF, CA



    Twitter: @jujunewnew


  • This is excellent! You’re a true talent. My only critique is that there is no download available lol, much love.

  • Dope production my guy, much respect.

  • Lucid

    Lucid Hiphop, Boston MA

    Lately i’ve been inspired by sacred geometry, astral theology, and masonic symbolism 🙂

  • This is dope all around from the production, message, word play & even the scratching at the end! much respect

  • “Shining like the night moon, Cuz I knew the sun was at its peak at high noon”…This line and literally everythin after is so raw cuz. One a my fav’s from ya

  • Thanks man, appreciated.

  • I think I may have rhymed over the same sample used on this track, it’s dope hearing it used differently much respect.

  • the righteous ones validate all they bs lol thats real i ain’t mad though, what a beautiful track!! salute!!

  • tell pete rock to come up off them tracks!!! lol.. this sounds like a pete rock + primo + battlecat production. smooth flow homie with no famous guest appearances #realrap

  • flows for days #respect #hiphop and i will never give up my misogynistic views

  • lol

  • the beat is nice, not everybody can tell stories like this. salute!!

  • free the land!! salute!!

  • Lol #gratitude mella…always appreciated!! xo

  • reminds me of chance the rapper/big sean. u gotta unique style homie, keep pushing. salute!!

  • LOL thanx hun…i really appreciate the love RT!!! #humbled

  • Thanks man, I appreciate it!

  • classic sh*t right here homie i’m telling ya!!!

  • u killed this like no other!! salute!! #inspirational


    Just dropped this single yesterday…excited to hear what ya’ll think?
    ***MOSH PIT RAP***

  • Yo, I’m feelin the intensity! Great video production on this 2

  • Rachard Dennis

    Truly humbling remarks my G, I thank-you. You be blessed and continue to shine, One LOVE.

  • Lol.Thanks homie, respect.

  • Always nice to hear new music from you, much love.

  • noscifi

    1) Ronnie King

    2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    3)Twitter @nxscifi

    4) SUPPP I’m back again with a update for a track i posted last week. 2k plays in one week is awesome and i wanted to say thanks to the cool people who hit me up from here. Stay Grinding people and remember not to get wrapped up in the madness! Peace

  • Word! Good looks my guy!

  • Lol, now I gotta find that song tho. Thnx bruh, respect

  • I fuck with the lyrics, Boston Stand Up! From the bean too, producer, check me out below. I’d be down to collab on a track

  • wit no “famous guess appearances” YESSSS!!!!!!! DOPE…& the beat is a rider! #salute

  • Jorge Manneristic
  • “gotta give my misogynist views up” LOL #DOPE

  • WOW…thanx luv…i really appreciate that!! 🙂

  • Ugh, keep goin hard ma, was feelin the vid too. Killin em with the punches!

  • Haha yea this does kinda of sound like a mix between those guys, but the production was actually done by this producer named Chief. Either way much love my guy, your track was dope as well. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future, peace.


    Trek NB & DiGeneral Ahmed (Beatmakers)


    This Beat Tape is a collaborative work between two friends that destiny relocated far apart. Trek NB (me) is living in Stockholm, Sweden while DiGeneral Ahmed is residing in Cairo, Egypt.

    We have a friendship that dates years and decided to mash our love for Hip-Hop music and beatmaking in this beat tape EP.

    Enjoy and get in touch.

    Trek NB Twitter:

    DiGeneral Ahmed Souncloud:

    This Thing Of Ours EP by Trek NB x DiGeneral Ahmed

  • “why pick pocket the pocket that profits from sin” wooooooooooooooo u dope…thanx for the follow on the cloud!! u DOOOOPE!!!

  • DBwaveMJS

    Artist: Diet Butchers (pronounced as dī – butchers)
    Location: New York City

    What’s good my fellow tune abusers…my name is MJS and I am .5 of the wave duo called the diet butchers from Harlem NYC. For 3 years my bro Flyy Quest and I have been grinding on the low; writing songs, “making beats”, creating wave for the ppl and creating the entire wave experience from the ground up. We have been blessed to foster some great relationships and have great experiences off this one song I would I like to share with you guys and hopefully you guys share it with your loved ones. It’s called Barney’s or bergdorf which was inspired and created on the spot during a 420 session in a staircase on the Westside of Harlem. It was inspired by our girlfriends at the time who love to shop and “swag on you hoes”. The track has earned us a good deal of meetings and even Rap Genius verification. Due off our self titled EP “Diet Butchers” dropping late Spring/early Summer 2k14; here is the lyric video to Barney’s or Bergorf. Enjoy.
    We can also be contacted for features, beats, collabs, business, shows, etc. at

  • Thanks, you’re much appreciated!

  • Dope as always homie, real smooth joint right here!

  • thats love man salute!!

  • thanks homie, glad u appreciated my meticulousness lol

  • i’ve heard that before, he’s definitely one of my fav. salute!!

  • say no mo, send me ur email and thanks!!

  • thanks for the love just to be mentioned with guys like that is a blessing and so we shall sis!!

  • thanks man #crackhop

  • Yo I listened to your album “The Good In The Bad” the other day. Very very dope my man, I was definitely impressed. Your story telling was excellent, very visual. The production was also very good, especially with you not using samples. The stand out tracks for me were “Life & Love, Madame Butterfly, Move On, Spiral, I Know It Well, What Comes Down Must Go Up & Growth”.. basically the whole album haha. I have a song that I wrote and recorded on a whim for us to collaborate on but after hearing you’re tape I’m thinking if & when we do collaborate it should be on thing big. Anyway dope song and even doper album, much respect.

  • stream of consciousness flows!!! salute

  • Rachard Dennis

    Lol thank-you for the LOVE. I LOVE that “Beautiful Day” jam, Peace.

  • a lyrical trae the truth!! lol ur voice is great homie, nice flow and lyrics!! #hiphop

  • Sick visuals & dope message! Keep it up!

  • wie gehts, sehr gut!! salute

  • production is great!! i’m still up in the air about the whole auto tune thing, but i see ya home.. salute to the grind!!

  • I like the vibe & that you’re unconventional with your flow. It’s dope to hear someone who has a unique style.

  • nice flows homie, i fck with it!! second dude is nice too!

  • i like the flow and multi’s homie, salute that sample is nice too!!

  • This is soooo DOPE! I love how truthful it is & I also really like the beat! This is my favorite jam I’ve checked out on here so far today! Much respect!

  • good production, flow is crazy salute to ’em!! i don’t know what got into me? haha

  • great lyrics!!! it was hard to hear some of the lyrics because of the sample, but ur words are incredible!! flow reminds me of petey crack!! salute!!

  • this ain’t for radio!!! man ur title is a misnomer, dope track!!

  • Very dope man! I remember really liking your post last week as well, you’ve got a dope flow & voice. Keep coming real man, much respect! Who did the production on this joint?

  • AnalyticL

    1. AnalyticL

    2. Currently based out of Portland


    4. I’ll provide the link below because I’m currently working with soundcloud and M83 to be able to post it there, but I remixed M83’s Midnight City with a song for anyone who needs a pick me up.

  • Thanx King…#gratitude much love xo

  • JustiKe

    Artist :: JustiKe (pronounced just-ike)
    Spokane, WA
    Twitter :: @KallMeiKe
    “Don’t Listen wit Your Ears, Listen wit Your Soul.,,”

  • Thank you homie, I really appreciate that! I’m glad you enjoyed the album! Send me what you recorded for us to collaborate on, I’d love to hear it! I have some beats we could work on too. I’m gonna be in Boston for the next 2 weekends, we should meet up. My email is Much respect homie!

  • Nada Problem

    Thank you very much to all of you! Means so much more than you know.

  • Shawn X Hines

    Appreciate the comment!

  • Very dope, I enjoyed this a lot. I love how smooth it is & your thought provoking flow is on point. Much respect!

  • JakeTheSnake

    Artist – MeiPlae
    From – Lawrence, Ma (Near boston)
    Song – No Doubt

    Twitter – MeiPlae
    Instagram – MeiPlae

    Started making music when i was 12-14

  • Call **SKULLKID

    Artist: SkullKid
    Location: Greenfield, IN.
    Social: @SkullKidRaps (twitter) (Videos)
    About me: This whole world is crashing down around me and I can’t do a God damn thing to fix it.

  • JakeTheSnake

    agree, those are tight bars

  • Lol,Thanks yo respect.

  • Good shit man. For some reason your song didn’t get embedded in the post, but I went to your soundcloud & gave it a listen. I like the vibe, keep it up!

  • Artist: Jon Deaux

    City: New Orleans

    Twitter: @JonDeaux504

    Song: YouCahLipThis (Eucalyptus)

    YouCahLipThis gives you a sneak peek into Jon’s world. The combination of the smooth MF DOOM beat with the acrobatic lyrics of Jon Deaux give you a feeling of wonder and allows you to see things the way Jon does… As the great Reggie Watts said: “if you enjoy anything that is good… then you might find this pallatable…”

  • Mindz I
  • George Hollow

    What up world, it’s George Hollow. I make music. I’m from Pittsburgh. Listen to my song, I let my music speak for me…

  • chilling

    Artist: Shot by Pyrex Tv…TopOfDaNewz “Filthy”

    ESVA(Eastern Shore,VA)

    Its Wednesday but this video is like Friday

  • This joint smooth. Love how introspective, and honest your being. Dope

  • CheVon

    Thank you a lot, I’m still tryna find the right mix for it so it’s a work in progress.

  • Dope song bruh, you’re a good storyteller. Very vivid ,and thorough, also great production.

  • CheVon

    Yep I was all ears since the first bar, dope work on this man! Too ill!

  • CheVon

    Lol that makes it even better and no problem, keep up the dopeness!

  • E.B. Phillips

    E.B. Phillips
    BK, NYC
    “-1” Produced by Magu

    A very playful jazzy track, I had a lot fun recording it.
    Met up with my friend that day and just vibed.

  • Trev Warren

    I’m a rapper outta tallahasse florida. I love music all kinds. Listen to my jams on soundcloud i promise they wont dissapoint

  • Much luv! Well thats cos im a producer! But I like rappin! Lets work! #soundcloud

  • Guest

    Artist: P. Larcen

    Residence: Tampa, FL

    Song Title: Outta My Lane


    Peace fam. I’m submitting the first single off my boy P. Larcen’s mixtape called “Outta My Lane”. Check it out. Appreciate it.

  • Capital Theory Music

    Artist: P. Larcen

    Residence: Tampa, FL

    Song Title: ‘Outta My Lane’


    What’s up everyone. Here is the first single from P. Larcen’s upcoming mixtape entitled ‘Outta My Lane’. P. Larcen’s out of St. Paul, Minn but now resides in FLA. It’s great music. Check it out.

  • Meko Sly

    Artist: IdolWit (Meko Sly x Lysco)

    Area: Alabaster, AL

    Song: Enigma

    Social Links


    IdolWit is a duo composed of Meko Sly and Lysco. listen to our music it will speak for itself

  • Grime Black

    Artist: Grime Black & Grease Brown

    From: Pittsburgh, Pa

    Song Title: “Is It Raining On You?”


    So here is my first go at posting. My boy put me on to this site and ill deff be back checking out all it has to offer. I digg it all so far.

  • Thanks man, much appreciated!

  • Bemorhood

    Baltimore, Md

    FB: Bemorhood

    TWITTER: @bemorhood1

    Out here just tryna get heard in this music game. Ill be posting music every week and feedback please good or bad!!!! favorite artist: jadakiss


  • JayKnew

    Gracias MertzMusic. So Fast is mad poetic man. Crazy song structure too. Really just a one of a kind song, and the subject lends itself to a dope video. The guy had to die at the end though???

  • JayKnew

    Word. Your songs are dope man, but the way you follow up with everyone that comments on your tracks is impressive too. You genuinely care for these other artists music. Props man, some emcees are way too selfish about promoting their music and not listening to other indie artists.
    Last thing – How do you pronounce your rap name man? Is it X – ristopher or Christopher spelled with an X?

  • sit back and zone out music!

  • we might have to collab homie

  • JayKnew

    Yo. HOW THE FUCK DOES THIS SONG ONLY HAVE 9 LISTENS ON SOUNDCLOUD????? This shit is so fucking treal man. This is what I’d listen to back in 6th and 7th grade and like learn how to handle reality and grow as a person from. Damn man, this is an anthem bro.

  • JayKnew

    Nada Problem is also one of the doper rap names I’ve ever seen.

  • Hahaaa, I actually went back & forth with it for a little while but it was necessary to make my point. I appreciate you listening & offering your input, you would probably enjoy some other joints on my album as well. There’s one in particular where I DIDN’T kill the guy at the end of the story (even though I wanted to), it’s called “What Comes Down Must Go Up”. Thanks for listening man, much respect!

  • GrecoMEMOIRE

    Artist: Greco

    Omaha, NE

    Song Title: “Empty Promise”

    Twitter: GrecoMEMOIRE

    This is the first single “Empty Promise” from my upcoming album set to release this summer. This song is about the love/hate relationship we have as artists with our respective crafts. The lyrics are deep and some of the most personal lyrics on the upcoming project. Hope you all enjoy! Thank you for the opportunity to share my music on here today IndieHipHop. Much appreciated!

  • Rachard Dennis

    Your enjoyment is enough to satisfy my soul. Thank-you. Keep shining my G.

  • Rachard Dennis

    Labour of LOVE. Thank-you. Bless Bless.

  • Iysoh

    Artist: Iysoh

    Residence: Sandy Springs, GA

    Song Title: Bitches X Beaches, SupaFly

    These ar ma two singles for ma upcomin mixtape #2weeksnotice

    Checc em out let me kno wat I think

  • Name of the artist: Geri D’Fyniz

    Location: WorldWIDE via Chicago, IL

    Couple of your social links ( &

    Man of God | Born Warrior | Sports Junkie | Proud Heterosexual | Musical Scientist | Urban Entrepreneur | #TeamUnitedGrindaz

  • Artist: Capital 6

    Residence: Tallahassee, Fl

    Song Title: Advice from Tiger Woods

    Twitter: capital_six
    Facebook: Capital 6

    What’s up guys we are a rap group called Capital 6.
    Coming out with some dope music for you guys’ ears.
    Member names:
    Intricate- Jacksonville, Fl
    Omega Crimson- Orlando, Fl
    Hakeem Furious- Jacksonville, Fl
    Donny Brasco- Miami, Fl
    Ron Yhung- Jacksonville, Fl
    Alex Chapel- Dallas, Tx

    Here’s a song called “Advice from Tiger Woods” ft. Intricate from Hakeem Furious’s project called “Leaky Nostrils, Monogamous Swans”

    I hope you enjoy it!

  • Es-K

    Hi everyone! Here’s a preview of my upcoming album ft AG of DITC, General Steele, C-Rayz Walz, K.Sparks, Charmingly Ghetto, M-Dot, and more. salute!

  • Es-K

    dope vibes man!!! hiphop .. vibinnnnnn

  • Pumped for this album homie! Much respect!

  • Lovey
  • Nada Problem

    Very nice man I’m diggin your presence and content on here. Production sounds good too. Let’s discuss a possible collab if you’re interested

  • Guest
  • Guest
  • Guest
  • Theoretic

    where in Germany are you? I’m by Köln

  • Stanley Ipkuss

    Artist: Stanley Ipkuss

    Residence: Bay Area, CA

    Song Title: “wrapps.” [prod. ewonee]



    Info: Just a nobody who likes to skate, read books, collect vinyl & rack sh*t to sell. This track is literally about nothing, think of it being a showcase of my lyrical abilities. Ewonee thee Beatnik is from New York he’s ill, def check him out. We have a 14-track project due May 12th. Hope you guys enjoy=) Lets follow each other & connect!

  • Stanley Ipkuss

    Smooth ass flow (X)hristopher!

  • Hell yea man, I’m very interested! I like your style. Hit me up at & lets talk

  • TheoryDaKidd

    Sacramento, CA

    Twitter @TheoryDaKidd Same with IG


    Im an 18 year old rap artist from Sacramento. I write my own songs & produce my own beats. Most the time im either in the studio making music or mobbin around with the homies. Im known for my bangin as afro. I recently dropped my freshman mixtape “To The Top Vol. 1″on 4/20. Its available on Datpiff, HNHH, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Hulkshare & anywhere else you can probably think of

  • Malcolm X and The Plymouth Myth:

  • eatSHITuSonsOFbitches

    The majority of u muthafuckas on here just ride each others dicks
    fuck all u phony rappers!!!!
    I hope all yall choke on dem bullshit compliments!!!

  • just remastered and edited this track for local radio while messing with the new album, I get side tracked easily.
    Enjoy everyone!

  • I appreciate that man

  • much love

  • salute.

  • word, ty

  • Alright man will do.

  • OnJay

    Artist : OnJay & Frank Silvah
    Residence : Lille, France
    Song Title : “Elements”
    Facebook :

    When I was young, I wanted to be an astronaut. I’ve always been a dreamer. And also a big fan of hip hop, and music in general. Growing up, I decided to realize my dreams, so I teamed up with Frank Silvah to make my own music and realize a space odyssey.

  • Shaolin

    was too xanned out to remember when this took place, some freestyle i did months back
    Artist:Chris T
    Title:Some random-ass freestyle
    shitty mastering but i dont really care.
    and heres another throwaway freestyle i fucked up on

  • I go by the name of “DVSH” formally known as “Kidd Dash.” I’m a 23 year old hip-hop artist from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Recently finished up an independent artist tour with Universal and also performed at SXSW in Austin, TX.

    Keep up to date with me on any of these social networks

    Twitter :
    Instagram :

    Give me any feedback, or constructive criticism you guys have.

    Here’s my debut music video titled “Novembers Coldest” that I released a year ago. <—

    NOTE ("Killer Gang Music Group") is not literal. It's subliminal. Don't be mislead.
    Thank you to anyone who takes the time to listen or show support.

  • Robbery505

    Artist: Robbery

    Residence: Albuquerque, NM
    Song/video title: Oh No
    Twitter: @HisNameWasRob

    What’s up guys, i’m new here, but this video was just finished last week. I’m hoping for feedback from peers! i’m a goofy ass kid, you’ll see that at the end of the video.

  • Check out this video I did with my hommie from Bobby Raps. We hail from Saint Paul, MN. Lemme know what y’all think.

    Song: Kill

    Artists: Frankie Bash x Bobby Raps

  • Judah Producer

    Artist: Judah Producer

    Residence: Brooklyn, NY

    Instrumental Title: “Die Trying”

    YouTube: InActionMusicGroup


    About Me:
    !MusicLover! I’m a young producer (17) i’m inspired by allot of big time producers but what keeps me motivated are people on my level trying to get there music heard and other producer younger than me who are doing a much more better job at marketing themselves than me. I’d work with anyone that’s willing to work with anyone that’s not cocky and loves music as much as me.

  • Artist Name: Judah Pro, Judah Producer

    About me: Music Lover, Id like to make beats for you,

  • AdonteFontane

    1. Adonte Fontane

    2. Oakland, CA
    3. Twitter @tay2good Instagram @AdonteFontane:disqus

    4. Love music, and clouds


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