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Published on April 2nd, 2014 | by FuNkwoRm


Hip Hop Artists: Post Your Music! – Indie Wednesday (4-2-2014)

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Welcome back #RapRatz. It’s my favorite part of the week.

If you’re new to this hip hop blog, check out the rules below and post your music.


1. Everyone is limited to one music post per week. Spammers will be banned.

2. You can post the same song if you posted it the previous week but keep that practice in moderation

3. Converse and dialogue with each other as much as you like. In fact, I encourage it.

Here is the suggested format:

1. Name of the artist:

2. Location (where are you from)

3. Couple of your social links (Twitter and or Facebook)

4. Say something about yourself, hip hop, or anything interesting. It can also be totally unrelated to music. Show us you have a personality.

Post music or videos that can play in the thread please. No download links to your mixtape.

Feel free to post any PICS and GIFs.



About the Author

FuNkwoRm is a music producer, creator of the hip hop comic strip, Rap Ratz, and has a dope backspin.

  • Artist: Ray Knight
    Location: Fresno, California
    Twitter: @RayKnightLive

    First time posting, thanks in advance for taking a listen to my art. To me hip hop’s not just about music but creating an experience. This isn’t a traditional song structure, but my goal with it is to inspire and motivate. Looking forward to hearing ya’ll music too. Stay up.

  • Name: Charlie Bucket
    Location: La Puente, CA
    Twitter: @_CharlieBucket_

    Hip Hop ain’t about money, hoes, and clothes. If you agree with that, you’ll like my music.

  • Mr. P Chill

    Name: Mr. P Chill

    Location: Sacramento, CA

    Twitter: @mrpchill916

    Connoisseur of white trash beer, enjoyer of low budget B-movies and supporter of vandalism….. oh yea, Mr. P Chill also raps……

  • Ray Silver

    Artist: Ray Silver
    Location: North Carolina
    Twitter: @rayofsilver

    Please listen, and share this dopeness
    Scotch Guard – Ray Silver

  • Kade Mekai

    Kade Mekai
    North llinois
    I just wanted to see for once/ how it feels to be someone/ could be so dumb/ to see love in the streets were from/ release me once/ defeated by defeat itself/ but it felt good just to feel that I could be myself


    Name of Artist: 2Four

    Location: Nashville, TN

    Facebook –

    Twitter –

    Website –

    Window Seat is one of the tracks off 2Four’s mixtape Fast Lane. Thanks in advance for listening!

  • Nada Problem

    Artist: Nada Problem

    Location: Oklahoma City, OK!

    Just a little song about wanting to create art for yourself. Rather than create income for your boss. We all want to stay home and pursue art. Make it happen.

  • kacpa
  • B-more Ledge

    Artist: Baltimore Ledge
    City: DMV
    Twitter: @Baltimoreledge

    Me and my dude Maurice Daniels Dropped Golden Jewelry all over this track
    Hope you guys give it a listen and enjoy!! Its a single from my Project Sacred Geometry titled “Children Of The Sun”

  • Coast 2 Coast

    Oh snap, I know this joint! This song was elected to be on the next coast to coast mixtape. Good shit Nada.

  • E.T.

    Artist: Jon Deaux

    City: New Orleans

    Twitter: @JonDeaux504

    Take a dope lyricist like Jay Z, the cleverness of MF Doom, and the Charisma and presence of Andre 3000… Throw that in a melting pot… toss some Hot Sauce and cajun seasoning in there, as well as some DOPE beats and what you are left with is Jon Deaux…. Enjoy!

  • Artist: (X)hristopher Holmes

    Residence: Boston, MA

    Song Title: “It Was All A Dream”

    Twitter: @B_H_Society

    Whats good Hip Hop Heads, the song I’m dropping off this week is “It Was All A Dream” It’s a bit of a deviation from the music you usually hear from me but I hope you’ll enjoy it all the same. The concept of this song was inspired by the legendary Jeru The Damaja, if you’re familiar with his music then I’m sure you’ll get the reference. But on a lighter note, I’m really appreciative of all the love I’ve been getting here on these Indie Wensdays posts, it’s a great feeling knowing people enjoy the music I put so much time and energy into making, it really means a lot. Much love yal, peace.

  • Goldie

    Artist Xali

    Location South Florida

    An American hip hop artist, 21, born in Bronx, New-York now residing in Ft. Lauderdale. In a generation filled with upcoming rappers, with dreams of just getting signed and earning checks| XALI stands out because he aims for content, knowledge and the untold truth hidden in life. Influenced by his passion for poetry, the transition to hip hop became effortless to him| Therefore making hip hop his number one purpose in life. Referring to it as not only “Cool beats and Dope bars” but as a form of art, stories of pain, love, unfortunate experiences and inspirations.
    ·XALI has become a rebel to the norm with a mission to lead a clan of creatives| Founding member of #SoFloMusicGroup & #IMC – hip hop duo feat Von of SoFlo

    We thank you for giving us a platform to expose true lyrical artistry at its finest!!!

  • Gordon Tillett

    The Posse (Lord Gord, A$E., Stoney Willis, Mad Max)

    Los Angeles, CA

    This is out latest video, “Askin’ (Remix)!

    Something I believe is interesting is that the coasts don’t seem to have a unique flavor anymore. From clothing to musically, it seems like rap in general has become homogenous.

  • Great content man!

  • Show Clothes

    Artist: Show Clothes

    Location: Cleveland, OH

    Student by day, producer by night. Pizza fanatic.

  • goldie

    i like thiss

  • B-more Ledge

    Dope Record Fam #Salute

  • I relate to this 100% man, much respect

  • B-more Ledge

    Dope!!! Crazy rhyme schemes bro dope track!!!

  • VS
  • B-more Ledge

    This hot!! very creative flow and delivery great punches and similes And that beat is craaazy!!!

  • Thanks Bro! I peeped put some of your tracks too. I really like the name of your tape “Sacred Geometry” keep up the good work fam!

  • Yazo

    Artist: Yazo

    Location: Chicago

    Song Title: Mona Lisa ( The worst remix)

    Waddup Hip Hop! Check out my remix of Jhene Aiko’s smash single “The worst” which will also be featured on my upcoming project titled “Orchestrated Thoughts.” I appreciate any and all feedback!

    Twitter: @slickcityzo

    Soundcloud: @slickcityzo

    Youtube: @YazoTv

  • Kasper Kills

    The Killing Joke – Houston TX – Homepage

    @KillingJokeTX – Twitter – Facebook – Reverbnation

    The music industry is simply bombarded with more and more expressionless music. It’s hollow. Devoid of any REAL angst and meant to be eaten like a Happy Meal. Leaving a taste in your mouth that’s not bad…just typical.
    There are some out there on the scene with true voices, and thoughts. Masters with raw emotions and exposed frailties that have and continue to define Hip-Hop.
    While we are not yet known as Masters, we will be.
    We, The Killing Joke, are prepared to help in carrying on this tradition. To make you care more about insight, than outward projection. To know that Hip-Hop does not need to rely on crutches anymore.

    This will be perceived as arrogance, IT IS NOT! It is a wake up call! It is a heartfelt message. It is our hand out to you, to embrace the new, and the fear, and to learn more about you and your life through the promotion of thought.
    We just dropped our debut E.P. on Feb 14th. These whispers shown to us through the flame and woven through our tongues are of no consequence to you. They are a gift. 100% FREE. You can find the “Tales from the Homunculi” below. Experience an emotional Seven Story Journey kicked off by ‘The Narrator.’
    Witness the whispers of human emotion change from fits of passion and rage, to deception, acceptance, and despair.

    The Killing Joke presents…

    “Tales from the Homunculi’

    Debut E.P. OUT NOW!!!

    Admit it…………you’re intrigued.

  • Chris Lynch

    Artist: Emcee Kilgore

    Location: Parkersburg, WV

    Song Title: “reset (DAYLIGHT SAVINGS)”

    Twitter: @emceekilgore

    Been at it for a couple of years now, and I just released my third mixtape, Beef Tongue Volume Three yesterday.

  • Eric Gomez

    Artist: imagiin360
    Location: Tampa, FL
    Everything Social @imagiin @headnokka

    Posting this up one more time this week for those who missed it last week. Just looking for some honest and blunt feedback on my music, so feel free to respond HONESTLY. It’s the only way we all get better.

    I love this indie life… I enjoy supporting other as well, so if you ever want to collab or connect and have QUALITY WORK, let’s build. Just know that I’m as honest as I ask others to be with me. Have a great day y’all!

  • Chris Lynch

    I’m likin the vibe on this track. dope work man. the flow works really well with this beat.

  • El Dorado

    Artist: Matthew “El Dorado” Isham

    Residence: Lawton, OK

    Song Title: Donkey Years


    What’s good everybody?? This is my first submission to, Indie Wednesday. The track is called, Donkey Years. I really hope yall can vibe with this joint. PeaceLoveMusic


    Boston, MA
    On Twitter, IG, Youtube, Tumblr: @TheRealEmbishun

    I hate the shit that plays on the radio and would rather listen to soundcloud every day for the rest of my life. Music is supposed to inspire… Niggas forget!

    Everyday Struggle is a smooth joint that basically sums up how I feel… this grind and hustle can’t stop and won’t stop… but that doesn’t meant it’s easy tho.

    To all my fellow indie artists, keep the grind alive… keep fighting the good fight.

    Love & Light,


  • Eric Gomez

    I appreciate that feedback fam. Much appreciated.

  • LK

    Soulful rapper Dion Lynch

  • Eric Gomez

    Dope work!

  • sonny vega

    ARTIST: Sonny Vega
    FROM: Sacramento
    TWITTER: @sonnyvbeats
    I made the beat and did the rap.

  • Eric Gomez

    The lack of unique flavor is in part due to technology. The cultures are quickly blending together and even countries are having less regional sounds.

  • Artist: Demented Soundz

    Place: NJ, NY. TN

    Record: Rents Dues


    Artist: Melodiq

    Location: Pittsburgh, PA

    Social links:

    Melodiq’s New Single “Never Quit” – Produced by Hexsagon
    Stay Tuned For The Upcoming EP from Melodiq and Hexsagon

  • Nortey

    Wazza! It’s me, [insert artist name here] with a new freestyle. Check it!!

  • Chachi Munoz Serf-TripleGod Re

    Serf (TripleGod Recordings)
    Fresno, Ca
    Truthhop Music
    A emcee from central Cali that got tired of hearing that hiphop is dead, so I started spitn Truthhop…its not christian or gospel rap, this that fuck the government, baby’s mamas, spit bars , smoke green over smooth soulful boombap beats…this that grown man rap. ..TripleGod on the rise…

  • Yazo

    Thanks bro!

  • I enjoyed this man, respect.

  • rootedvizion


    Paso Robles, California

    This song is about my friend Pepe, who is a local marathon runner. In March he won two 5K races back to back days. It’s just a fun, goofy music video that’ll definitely make you laugh.

    Speedy Gonzalez

  • MicP

    Greetings Hiphop Fam!
    Another track from Dj Perial & yours truly (MicP). From the Heart
    I love this track,! Perial delivered some dynamic production with this and some nice cuts as usual!!!
    I appreciate any feedback and support from real Hiphop Headz like yourselves,
    Much Love & Peace

  • Guest

    Dope song man, loved the bit of spoken word towards the end. Great work.

  • MicP

    My B, this one’s called Art Business

  • Dope song man, I loved the bit of spoken word towards the end, great work.

  • This song is ridiculously dope, from the lyrics to the flow to the instrumental. You have my support man

  • MicP

    Beautiful work Queen!

  • This is dope man, I heard your song “Classic Feel” a few weeks back and I’ve been waiting to hear some more music from you since & you certainly didn’t disappoint, much respect man. I’m about to download this now!

  • Appreciate that man

  • Producer: Jus Gamble

    From: Boston, MA


    Email for all inquiries at

    “Missin”…I put this instrumental out last week, been getting positive feed back locally from it so here I am droppin’ it on Indie Wednesday! A Smooth, Meaningful, Positive Beat to vibe out to. All about sharing the independent love, so to anyone who wants to use this instrumental feel free, All I ask is that you throw my name down as a producer on it. Much love & Enjoy -Gamble

  • Great production, great flow, great lyrics, great song.


    Thank you…

  • Really fuck with the full track on this one bro. Lovin the keys on the beat too, keep makin it happen

  • Jedi

    Mone The Jedi

    Philadelphia, PA


    Everyone check out the trippy new single $team! Making major waves throughout the web. Hit the link below and see for yourself on thanks! hope its “trill” enough for you!

  • This was dope & very relatable with great content, I’m glad I took the time to listen. It’s always refreshing to hear dope female Hip Hop artists, especially coming out of Boston. Much respect.

  • Low-Key! Fuck with it yo, wish I wasn’t at work so i could ride to this shit right now ha

  • K Dangerous

    K Dangerous from Phoenix, AZ, Been rappinf 8 years and making music for even longer! I like to think i have a fun chill style and have been likened to a white hopsin lol not sure how accurate that is!
    You can find me here:
    Heres my jam! something a bit different from my usual style but still really fun!

  • Great track to remix, def enjoyed listenin to this track

  • U had me with this shit soon as I heard the horns/sax!! S/o SERIOUS BEATS.. Feelin’ the flow too yo, you remind me a Joell Ortiz and ima big Slaughterhouse fan so keep this shit up!

  • slapinGnomes

    !nfidel Ca$htro

    New Orleans,LA

    Vox populi for those that are 2 dOpE 4 TV
    thanks homiez!

  • MicP

    That’s love homie! U def appreciate that.

  • MicP


  • Just had a lil freestyle session over this, much respect peace

  • Austin Johnson


    Prod. by. Kamakauzzy

    Lincoln, NE

    New instrumental for a tape. Lyrics coming soon. Check Soundcloud for updates

    or our facebook:

  • MicP


  • I’m with B-more on dis one, def respect the creativity on the flow yo. Way to separate yourself, edgy beat too.

  • Johnny Dower

    Sir Jon Lee

    Compton, CA

    Song Title: Digital Pyramids

    Twitter @sirjonlee

    An artist with love for designing sound.

  • Johnny Dower

    Nice, love the concept.



    I want to share my struggles with those who care to listen… As expected, for those who have been checking out my tracks, you will not be disappointed. I’m a huge fan of Corrine Bailey Rae. If she were ever to collaborate with a Hip Hop artist, this is what it would/should sound like.

  • Nasty beat, way to flow on it. Fuck with how you work with the sample, sounds tight overall, u def spit some barzzz on this

  • K Dangerous

    my link didnt work = ( try this?


    good looks! I aim to keep the HEART in my art 🙂
    I’m always down to chop it up, especially cuz you’re from around the way. Link me @therealembishun <— twitter


    I appreciate that, really tho 🙂

  • MicP

    good lookin out yo

  • pie_eye

    yo new self produced song and video..peace

  • Oooo, this some smooth shit. You got a full, real “track” with this one. Lookin forward to hearin another track from ya in the future…..Til then ima just play this again

  • Ed Word III
    Covina, CA

    This is a song about who and what the woman I love is to me on a deeper level, don’t get the wrong idea, it’s not a typical love song, it’s a description of the feminine divine.

  • DJ the Assassin

    Artist/Producer: DJ the Assassin

    Location: Chicago IL

    Title: Skyline

    Peace. I’m lookin to make some real noise with my project “Truth Theory” by any means. A lot of work and struggle went into it and I’m trying to share it with the world! Enjoy one of my favorite tracks from it called Skyline.

  • DynamicEQ

    Dynamic Equilibrium

    New York City, NY

    Our Debut Album “Post-Crack Era” Will Be Dropping April 8th, 2014.


    Ey!!! Thanks for lending me your ears. I used to never sing but the grind dont stop so now:
    “I been singin, I been singin” *In my Beyonce voice* Lmfao but good looks mannn, shit means a lot..

  • John Carpenter

    Artist Indigenous Immigrants

    Residence Waterville Maine

    Song title (FREE ALBUM) Multiversal

    Download HERE! Just enter 0 on buy now

    And heres a link to our Facebook


    DOPE! I like ya stilooooow

  • Honestly I almost turned it off while the hook was playin, but once I heard the verse start was instantly feelin it. Both y’all spittin hard on this beat! (and was def feelin the hook a lil more the next time around) Lovin the raw lyrics on it


    Dope jointttt! I fux with it


    I love this track and you just made me love it more! Goodshit fam

  • Drew Gonzalez

    Peace to Jenesis Magazine,

    Rapper DGRZZL’s “JENESIS: The Movie” is finally here. The first music video from NYC – ATL based artist. Off of his latest project “LIGHTWRK,” filmed in a secret location somewhere in Miami. video directed and edited by Miami based videographer JMAC.

    The video is full of hidden truths, gritty and soulful raps.

    Church is here, amen.


    Mini Biographies :

    DGRZZL: A writer/emcee based out of Atlanta, GA / NYC.

    Current release: LIGHTWRK (December 30th, 2013)


    Twitter : @DGRZZL

    JMAC: Visual wizard and editor based out of Miami, FL. Well known for shooting individuals like NORE, Pusha T, A$AP FERG and director of Miami’s creative collective “ASCEND.”

    Twitter: @directedbyjmac

    Instagram: directedbyjmac


    Thank you for your time,

  • Drew Gonzalez

    beautiful music! Peace to you Queen.

  • wish i coulda been there to hear, good looks

  • Ayy, appreciate it

  • lilshaw82
    Lil Shaw Ft Brad Bank$
    “Fuck It”
    Single off upcoming tape “First Time Felon” droppin 4/5.
    Residence: Pine Bluff, Ar

  • Good looks

  • Johnny Loose

    Artist: Johnny Loose

    From: Dayton, OH

    Links: // Twitter: @johnnyloose:disqus //

    Song Title: “Everywhere I Go”

    Love music as a whole. I consider myself an artist/producer/beatmaker or whatever I can get my hands on musically. Started rapping back in ’95 after having an interest in poetry at a young age. I like all kinds of music, but what separates Hip-Hop, for me, is being able to express yourself better lyrically. The song I’m posting today is one I wrote about real-life situations and emotions I guess. Was kind of at a low point when I wrote the song. My production/recording game has improved vastly over the years and I’m excited to be working on new music for everyone to hear. Lot’s of good artists posting on this page every week and I enjoy listening to the playlists every friday now. Comments and feedback are appreciated. Criticism is also appreciated, GOOD OR BAD!!! Everyone take care and have a Gr8 week!!

  • Svensax

    Hollywood, CA

    Met a bunch of good people here and look forward to hearing more of the good stuff you all are doing!

  • Johnny Loose

    Nice work. Really like that hook, nice aired out vibe. Like that breakdown you did w/ the beat too. Keep it up!!

  • no doubt

  • Corey Bezel

    Artist: Tre-Dot
    Location: NC by way of NY
    Song Title: In Love Again (dedication to hip-hop)

    Twitter: bosstredot

    Instagram: bosstredot

    This record submitted is a dedication to hip-hop and history lesson as well as appreciation for this great culture of music we all know and love as hip-hop. Previously recorded and being re-introduced this summer with accompanying video.

  • Dope lyrics and flow from both of you, I’m not sure which one is you but one of you sounds exactly like Papoose lol, either way it’s dope, much love.



    Raleigh, NC (indie pop/ hip-hop)

    Follow me:

    Instagram // @j_memory

    Twitter // @jmemorykid

    Track when I’m coming to your town:

  • B-more Ledge

    Thanks fam yea hook is very different glad you like tho

  • B-more Ledge

    Thanks homie I kick it off my dude Maurice the guy with the papoose/Jay z sound. Thanks again!!

  • Coty Cech

    Artist: CotyNo

    Location: Midwest St.Louis, MO


    Song title: Follow That (Produced by J-Spenc)

  • 1Known



    is a feel-good track that exemplifies 1Known’s idea of a good-ass
    weekend. A brilliant, lively instrumental by Blackch1ld mixed with
    1Known’s tailor-made delivery and an infectious hook adds up to an
    anthem for those who feel they “deserve to celebrate”, from time to

  • Svensax

    Thanks, homie!

  • Guest

    great song! I work for ChazBo music which curates the music for all 145 Shiekh Shoes across the U.S. as well as a180 college campuses across America. You should sign up for Chazbo and get your songs played in these venues. Its free to sign up, use my name Alex Jarrett as your reference. Message me at if you have any questions

  • Johnny Loose

    good job fam

  • D.Curtains

    Artist: D.Curtains & Reeko Rokk

    Residence: Atlanta ,GA/ Raleigh,NC

    Song Title: Cold As Ice

    Twitter: D.Curtains , @Reek_Rokk


    What’s good music listeners this week I am dropping off the “Cold As Ice” video which was a release from the Highly Maintained Minds project from Reeko Rokk & D.Curtains. A lyrically hard hitting video with crispy visuals. Also make sure to be on the lookout for D.Curtains first Solo Lp to be released 2014 with the 2 Singles “Man In The Mirror” & “The Pledge”. Enjoy and much love in advance.

  • Trill Cosby

    Hometown: Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

    Residence: Lexington, Virginia (Washington and Lee University)

    Song Title: Look at the Sky

    First time submitting anything. Hope I’m not too late. Somthing interesting about me is that I have performed in more musicals than I have performed my rap music. Trying to change that in 2014.

    Going to try a soundcloud embed. In case that doesn’t work, here is the link to my song. Hope you enjoy.

  • Trill Cosby

    yo the whole vibe to this song gives me nostalgia in the best way. Your voice just floats over this production too man. Good work.

  • Trill Cosby

    This is so nice, man. Production is big but the lyrics are even bigger! Keep up the good work bro.

  • Jorge Manneristic

    Artist: Manneristic

    Location: Labelle, Florida

    Social links:
    Souncloud: @manneristic

    About me: I’m a 16 year old emcee and I just started making music just a few months ago. This is my first time submitting anything on a blog. My style is a sporadic rapid fire with witty punchlines thrown in. This song is called “Battle Bar Star” and it is a lyric video. The beat is a slow trap like beat in which I rap unorthodox over. I added some random images that sort of go with the lyrics. Anyways I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading, listening, and watching this video.

  • Corey Bezel


    Dedicated to hip-hop this single takes a journey through classic songs in lyrical form.

  • Artist: Alpha Leo

    Residence: Bay Area California

    Song: Burn Hollywood Burn

    Twitter: @alphaleotime

    I am a bay area conscious hip hop artist with a battle rap technical twist. Enjoy

  • Appreciate you man, good looking out

  • grm780

    Creole Kang

    East Oakland, CA

    Suppose To Do It featuring Era Tha Jerk & Quinteis

    PF the CREOLE KANG, a former member of GO DAV, is an inspiring upcoming rap/hip-hop artist from East Oakland, CA. CREOLE KANG inherited his name from his GrandFather, who taught him the creole customs and family traditions. Through his music CREOLE KANG utilizes his unique delivery to express life experiences, many things he has seen or heard in a entertaining story telling format.

    The single “Suppose To Do It” is a mid-tempo, energetic club thumper that was produced & engineered by TO-DA-T Production’s. The song also features strong verses by Erk Tha Jerk and Quinteis.

  • grm780

    This is a thumper right here. I had to listen to it 5 times in row. Excellent work!

  • grm780

    I enjoyed this song a lot. Admire your ambition with this track. You definitely succeeded in taking it to the level.

  • grm780

    Your music is very inspiring and the chorus is beautiful.

  • Cara De Angelis

    Artist: Glitch Mouth
    Location: Hartford/Brooklyn


    Song: ‘Living Def’


  • grm780

    High quality, great scenery, beautiful girl, excellent music production and a very strong performance by the rapper.

  • You ever listen to Darc Mind? Your flow definitely reminds me of Kev Roc. When I listened to your album the other day it sounded like you said “Mertz” at the end of this track & I was like, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!?!?!” Good shit homie

  • Cara De Angelis

    This is really good–thx for sharing it!

  • Cara De Angelis

    This is cool– love when artists push the boundaries of hip-hop.

  • grm780

    i like the way you took this remix, flipped and made it into your own creation that in many ways is superior to the song that inspired it.

  • grm780

    From the music production, female background vocals, the MC and everything else about this song is excellent.

  • grm780

    Dude you did a great job riding to this funky beat. Great work!

  • grm780

    Man this beat bops real hard. You did a good job flowing over all the transitions and you still stayed on point. Excellent work.

  • grm780

    Dude this hardcore and the funky beat is on point. I like this.

  • grm780

    Smooth lyrics over a cool smooth beat. Excellent!

  • grm780

    I hear this being played in the background of a movie in a scene when someone is about to pull a power move.

  • LordTheoRuxpin

    Artist: Theo Ruxpin

    Hometown: Aliquippa, PA (Pittsburgh, PA)

    Twitter: @LordTheoRuxpin


    I’m just a young cat who loves music, man. My biggest hope is just that one day somebody will look at one of my songs as inspiration. I know everybody on here is trying to achieve the same thing, so shoutout to us. We on deck.

    Song: I Never Left prod. by LSMi

  • El Dorado

    Thank you!!

  • El Dorado

    Thank you! I rock with yours too. All love

  • El Dorado

    Preciate it pimpin! Tell ya managers to deal with it! haha

  • El Dorado

    Much obliged, man.. Its mutual no doubt.

  • Artist: Mdahts

    Location: Chattanooga

    Twitter: @MdahtsMusic


    This is our first official video release, it just dropped @ 11pm tonight! We are blessed to work with some very talented people in many aspects of the biz we’re in. Check it out, I hope ya’ll dig it!

  • JMJ


  • JMJ

    Artist: JMJ

    Location: MI



    Check out my vid and tell me what you think!!! Peace to everybody on here taking the time out to link and network….Big ups to every artist putting in the blood, sweat, and tears…Not easy…but not impossible!!! Keep it going!!!

  • Nah I’ve never heard of them..
    After listening to it again it does kinda sound like I said Mertz haha, but I actually said “murder’s better”
    but good looks man

  • Thats great to hear man! I appreciate that!


    Thanks soo much for checking this out. I’m glad that you took the time to check me out.


    Thanks! I appreciate that.

  • Yazo

    Appreciate the listen and the feedback!

  • Yazo

    Thank u!

  • Yazo

    Thanks for the love I really appreciate it, motivating.

  • Yazo

    Thanks for the feedback! I always try to flip the concept or make it my own when using an industry beat. The least one can do from the creative aspect..

  • WalkerAMEN

    Artist: WalkerAMEN

    Location: Philadelphia, PA

    Song: Wit’ Me

    Twitter & Instagram: @_WalkerAMEN

  • Sniper Cheez

    Sniper Cheez
    Santa Cruz, CA


  • Nortey


  • Deemo

    Artist: Deemo

    Location: Mount Vernon, New York

    Twitter: @Daddy_Deem

    Instagram: DeemoHYH

    After leaving the gridiron I began to focus on my rap skills and
    chose to use the name I was given while tearing up football fields all
    over the state ‘DEEMO’. I started my career by joking and rhyming while
    waiting on the bus with friends or after football practice even though
    people laughed they wanted more, I did not take rap seriously until
    2011. Since then I did 4 mixtapes , did over 30 performances , and 16
    videos on youtube

  • JakeTheSnake

    Artist – MeiPlae (Me i Play)
    From – Lawrence, Ma
    Song Title : No Doubt
    Twitter/Instagram/BandCamp : MeiPlae

    Ive been making music since i was 12-13 people have asked me since then to make a full project, this is off an EP i did for girls and people who arnt really “RAP SAVVY” and dont really listen closely to the lyrics and just like flows and smooth beats. Im dropping a full mixtape in a few

  • Mike Saïd
    Mike Saïd
    Bayonne NJ
    Twitter: @onemike_
    This is my new song “Feel The Vibe”. Please listen, I would appreciate is a lot!

  • Von Doom

    South Jersey

    Twitter : @vondoomtrilla

    This is a song I just made recently . there’s no clear description to it just a love for rhyming mixed on my person veiws and tribulation . I definably stayed away from the cook verse hook verse hook gave it a free form arrangement.


  • JakeTheSnake

    Artist: MeiPlae ( Me i Play )
    From: Lawrence, Ma
    Song: No Doubt

    Twitter/instagram/bandcamp – MeiPlae

    Been making music since i was 12-13 mixing and mastering myself thats really what i enjoy doing. I made a little EP for people who arnt really musically inclined and understand double entendre’s wordplay heavy metaphors. its just nice and simple with great flows to attach to. I will drop a CD not catering to those people soon

  • SOLO

    Artist: ILL BIZ

    Residence: Palm Beach, FL

    Track: KreepStreet

    Twitter: @YNG_SKYWLKR
    Instagram: @illbizzy

    It aint Wednesday anymore but I fuck with a lot of the music on this thread!

    For anyone who digs old Three 6, Bone Thugs, Tommy Wright or any underground dark vibe rap you’ll DEFINITELY dig this track.

    I hate when people rap about shit they dont do! So I respect those that keep it real…


  • Much Love yo! Originality these days is key!

  • Dre Lorenzo
  • Artist: Dre Lorenzo

    From Buffalo,NY

    Song: I Am

    I’m dre lorenzo, And Simply put I Am dope.
    But If you wan’t to hear for yourself my claim
    then by all means push play!
    Seriously If you can thanks for taking time to hear my Music
    Hopefully you’ll enjoy It, Out.


  • Champ LoCo

    Artist: Champ LoCo
    Location: Brooklyn, NY
    Social link:… Whats sup HIPHOP heads. Im bringing you something truley DOPE. A lyrical Native Coming straight out the heart of Brooklyn, NY Check out his newly released video “Gandland”off the highly anticipated “The Broken Mirrors EP”. Like, Comment & Share.

  • Macho Mic

    Macho Mic “Can’t Stop Us”

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