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Published on April 16th, 2014 | by FuNkwoRm


Hip Hop Artists: Post Your Music! – Indie Wednesday (4-16-2014)

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It’s Indie Wednesday once again. Join the independent hip hop movement and share your creative talent in this thread.

If you’re new to this hip hop blog, check out the rules below and post your music.


1. Everyone is limited to one music post per week. Spammers will be banned.

2. You can post the same song if you posted it the previous week but keep that practice in moderation

3. Converse and dialogue with each other as much as you like. In fact, I encourage it.

Here is the suggested format:

1. Name of the artist:

2. Location (where are you from)

3. Couple of your social links (Twitter and or Facebook)

4. Say something about yourself, hip hop, or anything interesting. It can also be totally unrelated to music. Show us you have a personality.

Post music or videos that can play in the thread please. No download links to your mixtape.

Feel free to post any PICS and GIFs.



About the Author

FuNkwoRm is a music producer, creator of the hip hop comic strip, Rap Ratz, and has a dope backspin.


    Singer/emcee that makes her listeners take a dive into consciousness through hip-hop/soul. #TheBaptismEP (non-religous)

  • Cara De Angelis

    1. Glitch Mouth

    2. Hartford CT/Brooklyn NY


    4. Random comment: One of our members (Kid Presentable) is pretty fluent in Japanese. Kiite kurete arigatō!

  • Profound

    1.) Profound

    2.) Atlanta, GA

    3.) @AProfoundDream (twitter/IG)

    4.) Primarily working with platinum producer Nobody Famous (Wax – Rosana) and passionate believer in the co-dependency of dreamers!
    #TeamDreamer album released April 5th!

    5.) Here’s my music video for “Trippin” off the “#TeamDreamer” album. Produced by Nobody Famous and filmed by the award winning McIntosh Bros. Enjoy!

  • Artist: Dre Lorenzo

    From: Buffalo

    Song: Reach

    Aye bruh! Back again With a new dope track tilted “Reach”.On this track I was going for a very honest yet soulful tone on my views in everyday life…maybe with a tinge of braggadocio.Hope you Enjoy!

  • You got a beautiful voice on the hook here

  • Dope.Love the abstract instrumental.Trippy yet beautiful, nice contrast.

  • Way to inspire, good track

  • Cara De Angelis

    Enjoying the laid-back atmosphere on this, and pretty good flow

  • Jus Gamble: Hip Hop Producer
    Located: Boston, MA (Dorchester)
    @JusGamble ;

    Track: U Know That

    Most recent beat added to my Soundcloud just yesterday. Gamble. GOTB

  • Alex Brittney

    1) Alex Brittney

    2) Chicago, IL (Englewood)


    Twitter/IG : alexbrittney85

    4)imma ghetto vegetarian by day & a superhero by night..usually considered a lame because i’d rather read books than blogs…iMiss the 90’s (no..iLiterally cry everyday because i dont own a time machine)…iSing..& write music/raps to shut my brain up! Currently working on a new mixtape called “The Departure”…iLove wheat grass and weirdness excites me! the song that iPosted is my new single from my new tape..and i am singing & rapping on it! Hope you all enjoy..LOVE & LIGHT! 🙂

  • Mertz
    Providence, RI by way of Burlington, VT | |

    Peace, this song is produced by me with no samples, all original composition. I made the beat in Ableton Live with an Akai MPK49 & an MPC1000. The song is called “Spiral” & it’s off my new album. Hope yall enjoy! Comment & let me know what you think.

  • MusicMovesMe

    1. Cment Boot Music Group

    2. The Bronx, NY to Eastern NC

    3. @CmentBootMusic @Lamb0_Jones @Maryy_Janeee_ (Twitter)

    4. Cment Boot Music Group is made up solely of 5 immediate family members. That’s a bond that cannot be broken!

  • Nada Problem

    Artist: Nada Problem
    Song: “New Beginning”

    Location: Oklahoma City, OK

    Warning: This song causes positive thought and creative energy. Enjoy!

  • MusicMoveMe
  • Feelin this track.Love the beautiful production with the gritty vocals.

  • ReLLington Stacks

    Upstate NY

    “Chi-Raq” (Freestyle)
    I put a verse to that Nicki Minaj & Lil Herb record, check it out.

  • Just Real

    Just Real

    from Orlando, FL

    IG: @WhoIsJust

    Self-admitted overly-emotional under-appreciated hip hop artist… I am not a rapper.

    Link to my song “Colors”:

  • Artist: Alec Burnright

    Location: St. Petersburg, FL



    Scoop: I blog, rap, web design, play basketball, all the things a young black man got to do to come up these days. Check out “Take It” from my recent release, The Man With Faux Pas #TMWFP


  • takeDRUGSbreakRULES

    !nfidel Ca$htro

    New Orleans,LA

    im just an artist nothing more


  • Kasper Kills

    The Killing Joke – Houston TX – Dark Trip Hop

    @KillingJokeTX (Twitter)

    “Gun smoke, Kush smoke, Fat folks ~ We Got It”

    “We Got It” ft Derek Prophet (@DKINGP)

  • dynastic75

    you wasn’t lying this one got me inspired.. big ups!

  • Rachard Dennis

    Jam: LamontXRachardTheLocal- Persuasive Language (Prod. Knxwledge)
    Artist: Lamont X RachardTheLocal
    City: Lamont (Grand Prairie, TX) and RachardTheLocal (Bossier City, LA)
    Twitter Handles: @DemetrusWilson and @RachardTheLocal
    Interesting Fact: Rachard’s mom drove him all the way from Bossier City to Grand Prairie to record this jam. We had never met in person before this. That’s the power of music, One LOVE.

  • not quite my vibe, but the mix sounds great.

  • Lucid HIphop
  • vibes.

  • Gordon Tillett

    The Posse (Lord Gord, A$E., Stoney Willis)

    Straight out of South Central Los Angeles

    This is the newest video, “Askin’ (Remix)” from the latest Posse album, “The Posse Makes Posse Shhh… , available for download on !

    I am a huge Nate Dogg fan. G-Funk Forever!

  • Yo…. this is dope. By the time you get to the singing part I’m already zoningggg


    Artist: A.B.Y.S.S. aka thABYSSness

    Location: Jersey


    Description: Gemini, emcee, singer, songwriter, crossfitter

  • Ty

    Artist: SmooveLeek
    Location: Delaware
    Social Media:
    Twitter & Instagram: @SmooveLeek
    SmooveLeek is known around Delaware for loving Svedka, pork, and white women…

    SmooveLeek – Workin’ ft. Marv E:


    Diggin’ ya style on this!! Nice!!

  • Artist: (X)hristopher Holmes

    Residence: Boston, MA

    Song Title: “Just Like This”

    Twitter: B_H_Society

    Whats good world, the song I’m dropping off today is “Just Like This”. This record is one of my favorites from my “Lightly Seasoned EP” the best way to describe it is as uplifting feel good music with a smooth jazz influence. Hope yal rock with it, peace.

  • Alex Brittney

    thanx love #gratitude!

  • Alex Brittney

    thank you…much appreciated! xo

  • Alex Brittney

    #gratitude <3

  • Excellent track right here, your delivery is pristine on this. great job

  • Aaron!!!

    Artist: Aaron!!!

    Song: “El Muppet Song”

    Location: Conway, Arkansas

    This one will be different from everything else that gets posted today. Get ready for some fun!!

  • ChiKidgo

    Artist : VISUAL

    From: Chicago

    Twitter & Instagram : @Iseeitall

    I’m a fan posting this. I love the track. Very sick production and VISUAL just does his thing! Check it out

  • 4D2D



    I posted a music video for a much harder song a few months ago, this new track is from the same album dropping at the end of the month. To be the first on the list head on over the to website and join the mailing list. Usually send out monthly emails with new beats, tracks, videos, and show updates.

  • Thank you for this opportunity!
    Hi We’re The Julian Day.
    Location: Winston-Salem, NC
    Social links: I could use help promoting my music:
    Here’s “Policy,” Our most hip-hoppish song:
    Here’s “Idolatry” too:

  • 4D2D

    the end was killer. loved the vibe

  • Now this is the type of music I need in my life, truly inspirational. Respect

  • I like the hook on this

  • This is tight man! The artist on the first verse kinda remind’s of Blu. Dope lyrics from both! Much respect to both of you, I’m downloading this

  • Nada Problem

    Thank you sir!

  • Ay man I dig this, Your energy really does a lot for this record. much love.

  • I love the hook

  • Rachard Dennis

    Lol it’s crazy that you say that. I have the utmost respect for Blu. RachardTheLocal on the first verse and Lamont on the here-after.

  • Lil Switch & C-Lencio Records

    Oklahoma City, OK


    Here’s a new song I just released LAST NIGHT. Very poetic… #Poetry18

  • This is really dope to me I just can’t pin point why, guess you just have that ODB effect, respect.

  • Yoo this is tight, I’m digging your flow & delivery respect!

  • Alex Brittney

    truly appreciate the feed back…#gratitude

  • Much love man, gotta show love to fellow Boston artists. Peace.

  • El Dorado

    Artist: Matthew “El Dorado” Isham
    Location: Lawton, OK
    Twitter: _mdisham ::

    Song: Chill’n (All We Do Freestyle)

    Whats good people? This is just a freeverse I did to relieve some stress a ways back to, Chinx Drugs’ “All We Do” instrumental. Let me know how y’all feel about it!


  • This is smooth, respect.

  • Alex Brittney

    #gratitude..mos def appreciated!


    Appreciate that fam! Much love

  • Shaheen Samadi

    My name is Shaheen

    I’m from South Windsor, Connecticut

    My social links:

    Twitter: @shaheen_samadi

    Instagram: @sheenz.idamaz

    My song this week:
    I’m awkward and a strange human being

  • El Dorado

    Thank you, I really appreciate that!

  • Dope my man! Just gained crazy amount of respect for you as an artist and as a person with this track right here! Great story telling and dope production, much love & respect man.

  • Heard this last night, much respect man

  • This is smooth man, respect.

  • Joe & Box

    1) Joe & Box
    2) New Jersey

    4) Splinter
    is the second single off Joe & Box’s debut album Never Grow Up,
    dropping 4.22.14. In the video, we are unknowingly held captive by a
    masked man in a suit. We are unaware that a world exists outside of our
    prison, until we find a rip in what we thought was just a black abyss.
    Once we find out the truth, the decision is ours to make. Should we stay
    in our “safe” prison or venture into a dangerous world where anything
    is possible?

    5)Link to video:

  • MicP

    Hi, my name’s MicP!
    I’m an Emcee and much more coming from RI.
    Here’s a collective of songs off of the FREE EP “International Collabo” produced by DJ Perial.
    I gotta get back to work but I’ll check some posts later.
    Big UP to IndieHiphop. I always appreciate support!

  • This joint slap!! Teach doe.

  • noscifi

    1) Ronnie King

    2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    3)Twitter @nxscifi

    4) I don’t rap, i flow. I love music and music loves me! lol naw but seriously i enjoy writing songs and have been doing so since i was 8. I feel as if hip hop has been “dumb down” in order to sell but i refuse to follow those trends to become successful. besides, who said real music couldn’t be fun? lets not get wrapped up in the madness of the world! peace!

  • Nice, give off a chill vibe.

  • Thanks homie, much appreciated! This is probably my favorite self-produced song off my new album. Lyrically, I definitely put an emphasis on storytelling on this album. On production I backed away from sampling & gravitated back towards original compositions. I did 5 out of 10 beats on the album & only 1 of mine is sample based. I think you’d enjoy the rest of the album if you check it out! Free download at
    Much respect!

  • noscifi

    this hot man you should re drop it and push it!

  • Kenneth Gibbs
    –Single, Doggs That Chase Cats, Hip Hop

    Kenneth Gibbs, b.k.a. Powerman MC

    You can find me on Facebook!

    And Twitter!

    Just working to support my Indie company Feel daa Vibez. Respect the grind and do it for my family! Peace!

  • Potami

    I. River Murphy

    II. Seattle, WA

    III. @river_murphy

    IV. Just a guy with too many hobbies and an overly active imagination. I don’t really have something to preach or say, I just enjoy the wordplay. I’d put more energy in this part of the post but I have to switch out a belt on a truck and then go to work at the moment. lol
    Peace & Warmth

    This is a song off my first mixtape that I recorded a little while ago.

  • JustiKe

    JustiKe (pronounced just-ike)
    Spokane, WA
    Twitter :: @KallMeiKe
    It took me a long time to gain comfort in being myself but this tune simply was my diary as I finally decided to do so. Some of you might be able to identify; if not I hope it’s still pleasant to the ears.

  • Artist: Jon Deaux
    Location: New Orleans
    twitter: @JonDeaux504

    If you like good hip hop… and I mean GOOD hip hop (Big L, Nas, Jay z, Kendrick, Pharcyde, Tribe etc)…. then you will absolutely love Jon Deaux!!! He is a breathe of fresh air to the game! Plus today is his birthday!!! So go show the homie some love!!!

    Peace Love & Soul,

  • BuBBa Dak

    Bubba Dak

    Native American from Phoenix, AZ

    Twitter: @bubbadak
    Facebook: /bubbadak
    Soundcloud: /bubbadak
    Bandcamp: bubbadakDotbandcampDotcom

    Hit me up lets collab and talk about beats and hiphop
    My new mixtape “Headdress” drops this summer

  • EMCEE INFINITE – San Francisco, Bay Area


    What up indie fam…I’m an emcee/beatboxer repping the bay area…this is a lil beatbox collab i did with members of The Napa Valley Symphony…Let me know what ya’ll think? Bless!

  • Hoffa Bee

    1) Hoffa Bee
    2) DMV by way of Paterson NJ
    4) Up and coming artist performed in various locations between dc and nyc metro areas…Snob! check me out at dropping my EP in June this is the lead single from it

  • Tank Hoffa

    Tank Hoffa
    Brooklyn, New York
    Twitter: @Tankhoffa1
    IG: @Tankhoffa
    I’m a hip-hop purist. I plan on bringing hiphop back to what it was when it started. Bring competition back. Now a days there’s not enough people trying to be the best. Everyone is happy where they are. I’m bringing the music game back to competition am trying striving to be the best Emcee everyday. I eat, breath, sleep and dream about this music to my life.

  • Love RichardOasis

    R.ichard Oasis

    Chicago, IL

    Was featured on RapGenius dot com alongside Earl Seeatshirt in comparison…

  • good looks

  • Profound

    Much appreciated!

  • #soulmusic i especially loved the parts when u were doing pac’s inflections. tight work sis. heartfelt genuine lyrics, ur voice and ur “voice” is dope. salute

  • Spacey Onit

    I hear you fam

  • love the authenticity, the second guy’s voice sounds like gza from wu tang. nice track overall. i love the fact that this song creates it’s own genre. salute

  • video is hilarious man, tight work. l can definitely dig it, we all have been here or are here. lol salute

  • Profound

    Haha. Appreciate it.

  • keep reaching homie!!! i’m feeling the vibe. salute!!

  • i c ya homie, i love soul samples. i’ll be checking for ya!!

  • u know u killed this one!! i was gone say u killed this “sis”, but then i realized that i ain’t no fcking kin to ya. #dope #crack

  • all these bars are 21+!! #ill

  • Show Clothes

    1. Show Clothes

    2. Cleveland, OH


    4. Constantly eating food. Living in Cleveland means I daydream a lot about warm weather…

  • i can dig it, good story, nice flow. the production is great homie. i used to make my own beats (however brief) so i understand all the work that goes into it. double salute!!

  • i’m fcking with it, y’all doing y’all thing man keep grinding, keep practicing, keep working hard, keep getting better. sky is the limit, salute!!

  • like my man said earlier, this is inspirational. this song will resonate with a lot of ppl. keep grinding homie! salute

  • Mike Said

    Bayonne, Nj


    I’m goofy af but serious on the mic. No one really expects me to rap but I can spit. Highly inspired by 90s boom bap and I write and record my own shit by myself. This is my last song, Feel The Vibe (produced by 9th Wonder), please listen and I hope you guys enjoy. Feel free to listen to my other stuff and i would love you if you shared any of it.

  • Thanks man, I appreciate it! I’ve been making beats just as long as I’ve been rhyming but I’m just starting to feel like I’m crafting instrumentals as opposed to just making loops.





  • Can’t even say Nothin, Everyone else already did dat delivery doe!!

  • Chris Parrish

    1. Chris Parrish

    2. New Jersey


    Twitter/IG: @Parrishliving

    4. Artist/songwriter/producer/ dropping some good vibes out to all the artists in the hip hop community. Here is my song “It could have all been different” off my upcoming ep “Parrishliving” Enjoy, comment, share etc.

  • Parrish Moretti


  • DeFinestMusic

    1) Captain btyler of December’s Finest
    2) Bloomington, Indiana

    Hey, my name is bty, and I represent December’s Finest. The lyrical workings of Drake inspired me start writing about 5 years ago, and so I wanted to share a remix of Pound Cake that we recorded for our debut mixtape. I’ll be performing this live for the first time next Tuesday, so let me know what you think. Did my bars have more depth than Jay-Z’s?
    #cake #DFTBA

  • ur flow is pretty good, but ur usage of the word “nigga” was not. i don’t question ur intent, but other ppl will. it sounds like your comfortable saying it, so i don’t doubt that u have used it before and probably in front of other black ppl. i’m almost sure of it, but hey, just food for thought. other than that i see the potential. keep grinding..

  • I’m actually really close with some black people, and I’m surrounded by the word so much that I just got comfortable saying it. If you feel any way by it or like you said think people will, I’m sorry for that bruh. But thank you, I appreciate your feedback!

  • nice flow homie, i could definitely ride to it, u talking bout some real sh*t. salute!!!

  • #hiphop

  • Guest

    ur link isn’t working homie

  • I actually read your comment wrong, my bad man lol. but again, thanks.

  • no problem

  • man this beat sounds like warm weather and good times, i will be checking u out homie! beautiful beat, pun intended. salute

  • Hoffa Bee
    1) Hoffa Bee
    2) DMV by way of North Jersey
    4) Up and Coming Artist been rapping for years finally looking to share my talents with the world. I’m a Snob check out my music

  • 1.) Thew

    2.)Central Jersey/Philly burbs

    3.) fb:

    4.) Love making music for fun, pushing the limits of what I’ve tried whether that be in writing, production, beats etc. Very into the repurposing of beats to make a different song all together. Still very amateur in production but have been doing it for 15 or so years. This track is with one of my groups of friends, the beat was one of the few I’ve actually leased and its produced by Tony Fadd…generally I borrow already known beats, make my own, or get them from a friend. Always willing to collaborate over the net, have gotten away from it in recent years but I still really dig it. This also isn’t generally the style of rap I tend to write but it just happens to be what I released today. Thanks for checking it out!

  • i’m not a fan of earl sweatshirt, but i can dig this. ur flows is dope man. salute

  • reminds me of wordsworth.

  • Good looks yo, soulful music def hits home for me too

  • thanks man, i still gotta check out what track u dropped this week

  • this my gang!!! aye!! lol, i’m feeling it homie, y’all got flows for days. #hiphop

  • good track homie, ur flow is snobbishly on point. salute!!

  • flow is choppy at times, but pretty good for the most part. in time ur flow will be flawless, i c the potential. keep grinding man, i like the track.

  • dope! dope!! dope!!! i love it, salute!!!

  • the beat and ur flow are definitely on point, great track homie!!! #freetheland #salute

  • sortoflikeshit


  • that beat is crazy!!! ur flow is nice, great voice as well. salute!!

  • great flow man, digging the vibes. did you or do you write spoken word? i can hear it in the flow, great track and message homie!! salute!!

  • i like the vibe homie and ur honesty. i love wordplay myself, ur flow is good man keep pushing. salute

  • salute!!! keep pushing homie, feeling the club vibes.

  • originality is a must!!! salute just for that alone!! flows is crazy!!!

  • Potami

    Thanks for checking it out man. Post a link if you got any stuff online I can check out.

  • Guest

    New Music from Elijah Miguel called “Being Myself”

    Elijah Miguel Returns with a New Single which has a Blues Sounding Melody and Jazz-Like Musicians, mixed with Rap and Good Old Funk sound.

    BEING MYSELF — Now that I’m back to making music and have creative control over my own music destiny I feel like I’m artistically free to say what I really want to say. This song completely captures that freedom. After setting the record straight in my last album, Enough is Enough, it opened the door for listeners to hear me an artist that is really being myself. ”

    You can hear it on soundcloud and here is the link.

    Thank you

  • i posted a song on this thread about a hour ago. “baritone scholar”

  • ManUp Mgmt

    New Music from Elijah Miguel called “Being Myself”

    Elijah Miguel Returns with a New Single which has a Blues Sounding Melody and Jazz-Like Musicians, mixed with Rap and Good Old Funk sound.

    BEING MYSELF — Now that I’m back to making music and have creative control over my own music destiny I feel like I’m artistically free to say what I really want to say. This song completely captures that freedom. After setting the record straight in my last album, Enough is Enough, it opened the door for listeners to hear me an artist that is really being myself. ”

    Twitter: @ElijahMiguel

    You can hear it on soundcloud and here is the link.

  • genuine music, i can dig it. i like ur flow and the message man keep pushing!! salute em

  • ManUp Mgmt

    Thanks fam for the feedback #salute

  • Jorge Manneristic

    Artist: Manneristic

    About me and the song: 16 year old rapper from Florida. I’m a fast tempo, rapid fire emcee. I have a lot of random punchlines and am very sporadic when it comes to the flows. I love comic books, sports and pop culture. So I mixed all three of those into one track. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening.

  • Supreme Kai



    just listen and enjoy. we do this for fun not funds.

  • Justen Squyres

    Artist: Red Car Robbers
    Location: Denver,Colorado
    Find us on Facebook:
    Or our sound cloud:
    If you haven’t been acquainted with
    The red car robbers nows your chance!!!
    This is definitely one of our songs that is pretty out there, from the beat to the lyrics. Also Keep a eye out cuz we are dropping part 1 of a two part mixtape very soon!

  • Svensax

    Hollywood, CA

    I write lyrics that I feel can stand up with or without a beat.

    Much love to everyone out there hustling!

  • DeFinestMusic

    Thanks for the feedback, mate! Yeh, they aren’t the best takes, but I’ll get another chance to spit them when we release our “Something Borrowed” mixtape. My brother has all the recording equipment in his apartment in East Harlem, so I only have scattered opportunities to get in the studio. Also, we’re poor, so buying studio time is out of the question ATM. Hopefully live shows bring better news.

    Thanks again! –bty

  • JustiKe

    Thanks for listening my friend,, I do spoken words from time to time may do an ep of a cappella poems here soon.,,
    I’m glad you received my sound so well though, plenty more to come.,.

  • Lovey
  • Dope.

  • Sasha

    Name: Sasha
    Location: DM(V)
    Instagram: @visionofSasha
    I’m currently working on an EP. 🙂

    Wishing You Well (Prod. by Qman1)

  • Diggin this vibe, who did the production?

  • From the heart, keep keeping it real.

  • I like this all around, dope flow & delivery, good production & vibe, nice chorus & message! Who did the production on this joint?

  • This is dope man! I bet a lot of the younger cats nowadays don’t even know all the people you shouted out. Much respect!

  • Real smooth joint right here man! For those who haven’t heard the rest of this man’s EP, this one sparks it off & the rest of the project is just as on point. Y’all should check it out for sure!

  • Alex Brittney

    thank you…#gratitude

  • Alex Brittney

    lmaooo thanx love…preciate the love on here and sound cloud…its MUCH appreciated! xo

  • Alex Brittney

    lol thanx…feels good to know somebody understands the subliminals..thats #peace

  • Alex Brittney

    Lol thanx luv!!

  • Alex Brittney

    lol thanx #gratitude

  • WHO did the production on this!?!?! This beat is sooooo smooth!!
    I dig this jam for sure, the only thing I’ll say constructively is the “your favorite emcee’s favorite emcee” line turns me off

  • Real shit man, I appreciate people who speak on their reality. Who did the production on this?

  • Sick flow!

  • I like the contrast between the chorus & the verses. Who did the production?

  • I love this beat! I also like that your lyrics are truthful, work on smoothing that flow out a little bit & you’ll be really solid man. Keep working!

  • BuBBa Dak

    I did. Bubba dak production!!!

  • Good shit man, I’m with this 100%! Keep expressing your truth!

  • Much love my guy!

  • Good shit man, where are you at in RI? I’m from VT but I’ve been living in Providence for the last 3 years.

  • Thanks for listening fam!

  • Beat House #hip hop Rockey Washington ~ One Flew Over

  • James brown



    Up and coming artist from the Midwest. It’s good to see forums like this. This where the “diamond in the rough” is found. Check out my youtube vid “Fed Up”:

  • Dope producer who goes by soul.

  • Thnx Bruh.Respect!

  • Lol bruh Skyz da limit!! Respect.

  • It comes from the soul fam. Respect

  • Cara De Angelis

    Thanks so much everyone— We do all our production and mixing. Specifically — it’s Kid Presentable who plays all instruments, produces and mixes. MurMur the MC is our main lyricist, and Erin Pellnat our singer.
    We really appreciate the feedback!

  • Cara De Angelis

    All the work pays off– Really nice track.

  • Cara De Angelis

    Thank you- Much appreciated! I’ll let him know you said that, he’ll be flattered.

  • lol ur probably right!! thanks homie!! salute

  • Remember Neal

    Remember Neal
    Norfolk, Va
    Website is :
    All the info you’d need is on the website
    And see this right Rapper, Producer, Songwriter. Into music smoothies and girls. XBOX and sports. Open book and always looking to collab with anyone is is trying to collaba and is actually doing something about it. SO check the page out and hmu on fb or twitter if you wanna do something!!

  • Thank you, much appreciated!

  • JakeTheSnake

    Artist : MeiPlae ( Me i Play )
    From : Lawrence, MA (Near Boston)
    Instagram/twitter/soundcloud/bandcamp : MeiPlae

    I started doing music when i was 12 or 14 mixing and writing my own stuff. people have asked me to make a cd since then and im 21 right now and its in the works.. i dropped a EP for people who arnt that into the intricate rap and just like smooth flows to vibe to..

  • Much appreciated brotha

  • Hell yea! Gotta keep it old school my dude!

  • Audotrophic

    1) Audotrophic

    2) Muscat, Oman

    3)Twitter: Audotrophic



    4) I have been making beats for like three years I think. I started off after hearing Nujabes back in the 6th grade. I’m still in high school but it still feels like a long time ago lol.
    Other then that. I wanna say that Cise Star is one hell of an amazing rapper.

  • Sniper Cheez

    MY GOD!!!!!!! THIS WAS DOPE.AS.ALL.HELL!!!!!!!!!!


    This is like Jill Scott Spittin’ and singin’ at the sime time!


    –Sniper Cheez

  • Sniper Cheez

    Sniper Cheez
    Santa Cruz, CA

    Witness the Dopeness

  • Es

    Artist name: Es
    Social media:,
    Location: Toronto, Canada
    Song: For The Loot

  • lol thank u its very much appreciated…#gratitude

  • i just followed u on soundcloud “baritone scholar”, check out my “crack hop” series on there when u get a chance, hopefully we can drop something in the near future. salute!!

  • absolutely…heading over there now!!! #salute

  • Sniper Cheez

    No Problem….You are truly Dope! I’ve been on a break…not listening to or making any new music. Your art is refreshing and needs to be exposed. Keep on Keepin’ on!


  • Guest

    Tanaika Bettis
    New Orleans, La

  • Bret Hart

    1. P.eZ (Placed in an Excellent Zone)

    2. Bed Stuy, Brooklyn


    4. I fart in the bed then pull the covers over my head. Don’t judge me. I think my boogers are delicious. Dont judge me.

  • 420 music

    This Dude Is Up Next
    Official Music Video of “I’m Ready”
    By Ben Utomo Ft Edgar & Lil One




  • Name: MC Antonym

    From: born in Moscow, live in Munich (Germany)


    I started playing the piano at the age of four and added the violin one year later.
    my soul has always been in the art of rap. I kept it hidden from
    everyone, learned and studied raps in secret, eventually started writing
    my own rhymes until I finally stopped pretending and put my voice on a
    track for the first time in 2012. It sucked but I practiced and
    practiced ever since then just like I practiced the piano and violin for
    hours and hours every day for almost two decades now.
    So I decided: Hip-Hop is the direction I’m going!
    Enjoy my music.

  • EzZz Baby

    Artist – EzZz F Baby

    Brooklyn New York, Via Philadelphia


    FB ezzzfbaby

    EzZz Baby delivers Real Life issues over a smooth blue light Reggae tune that was produced by Moshe Black. He jumps starts with his first line “Mom born a hustler, dad got sent away, he left his little man to pave his own way” so deeply noted.

    As a late 80’s Baby this young man represents a time when a lot of our men and woman got caught up in the drug trade and left their children to fin for themselves.

    This Brooklyn native takes ownership, claims a victory and leaves the listeners surrendering as he’s story tells real life issues. I advise all take notice as we watch him begin to grow in his journey.

    The Song is entitled – Real Life

    Artist – EzZz Baby

    Director – King Ramses


  • Thank you for listening!

  • Thank you. Wrote the Pac part in literally 10mins. It just flew out of me and it seems to be everyone’s fav part. The “voice” forreal! Appreciating the love!

  • Thanks Dre!

  • Generik (LNC)


    San Diego, CA


    Beatbox, MC, Production Duo

  • I replied to this earlier, don’t know why it didn’t go through. Anyway
    the production was done by a producer who goes by Soul.
    Search him on youtube his beats are very dope, and thanks for the comment.

  • Mike Saïd
    Bayonne, NJ
    I love hip hop. The first time I picked up the pen, I was 13. It was terrible lol but then i started writing again at 15. I’m 17 now and cocky as ever. I welcome constructive criticism but I know there’s a lot I need to work on cause I’m limited on resources and knowledge with mixing. I rerecorded the first song I put out “The Forces”. If you like it, please check out my other stuff on soundcloud

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  • Da Challenger

    Da Challenger

    Washington, DC

    twitter/IG @dachallenger202

    The king of boom bap and head nod is back baby! Its all about the music. Without music, what do we have?

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