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Published on July 27th, 2016 | by FuNkwoRm


Hip Hop Artists: Post Your Music (7-27-16)

It’s Indie Wednesday!! Time to share your music.

If you’re new to this hip hop blog, check out the rules below and post your music.


1. Everyone is limited to one music post per week. Spammers will be banned.

2. You can post the same song if you posted it the previous week but keep that practice in moderation

3. Converse and dialogue with each other as much as you like. In fact, I encourage it.

Here is the suggested format:

1. Name of the artist:

2. Location (where are you from)

3. Couple of your social links (Twitter and or Facebook)

4. Say something about yourself, hip hop, or anything interesting. It can also be totally unrelated to music. Show us you have a personality.

Post music or videos that can play in the thread please. No download links to your mixtape.

Feel free to post any PICS and GIFs.


About the Author

FuNkwoRm is a music producer, creator of the hip hop comic strip, Rap Ratz, and has a dope backspin.

  • thechildren.

    Artist: rc
    Location: Tampa, FL

    Dropped my debut project “Children Who Dream” a few weeks ago.

    Follow on twitter & instagram: @helloiamrc

    Thank you.

  • Shy Smith

    Shy Smith
    Deerfield Beach, FL

    soundcloud: shysmithmusic

    A song with that party and summer vibes.

  • We are a music group known as “lowkeylife” from Chapel Hill, NC, USA. Last week our members trippyTB & J Dubby released a new record called “Rollin Down Franklin” which features local Chapel Hill artist JaSeth Fike. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

    Official Website –

    “Rollin Down Franklin” – trippyTB & J Dubby FT JaSeth

  • AnalyticL

    1) AnalyticL
    2) Portland, OR
    3) Off the dome freestyle collaboration
    4) Off the doming from the heart, produced by Black Strawberry.

  • Phunc Milla

    Artist: Phunc Milla
    Location: Morehead City, North Carolina
    Song: Zodiac Playa

    January Babies, February Babies, March Babies, April Babies, May Babies, June Babies, July Babies, August Babies, September Babies, October Babies, November Babies and December Babies this track is for everyone.

  • Alex Guanga

    1) AlexG
    2) Corona, NY
    3) twitter: @alexguangaa
    soundcloud: @alexguangaaa
    4) just music reflecting my perspective and experiences I have. I want to voice my opinion.

  • Dajour Neufville

    Artist: Dajour Neufville

    From: Elmont, NY Recently Moved To FL

    Music Video for my New single “YOU” Check it Out The Music Never Stops ‪#‎YOU‬ ‪#‎MUSICVIDEO‬ ‪#‎Take1EP‬ ‪#‎BELEIVE‬ ‪#‎Like‬ ‪#‎Subscribe‬ ‪#‎Repost‬ Its Dajour Know The Name!

    Music Video Link HERE! –

    Social Networks

    SoundCloud- Dajour Neufville
    Facebook Fan Page-

  • Jimmy ValenTime

    Feature performance in Washington Heights

    Far Away Feat Ro James

    On Your Own Suicide Squad

    Jimmy ValenTime is a fixture of the in New York City Underground having been featured in XXL and on NBC (CH 4-NY) and
    He has received over 50,000 online music plays over the course of his
    career. Jimmy ValenTime has worked with and collaborated with such
    diverse artist as Static Selektah and Ro James.

  • Producer: Justice Gamble ; @JusGamble
    Residence: Massachusetts

    Instrumental: I Can Tell

    Sup indie Hip Hop Heads! Gamble back again with another rhythm.. This week’s track is the latest drop of my newest Gamble On Tuesday Beat. Got a lot of energy, and brings a different/epic like vibe.. Enjoy Bumpin’

  • New Agenda got a dope vibe to it

  • Feeling this wave

  • Floco Torres

    Floco Torres
    Macon, GA
    Off “The Porsche EP”

    I don’t have a real Porsche. Well, I have a model one. It has leather seats. So yea..

  • VinLa’Infinite
    Long Branch, NJ
    Song: “Triple Double”
    Producer: VinLa’Infinite

    Twitter: [at]Vintherebel
    Instagram: [at]

  • Shy Smith

    Thanks man

  • Midwest Matt

    Artist: Midwest Matt
    Location: East Chicago(219)/Indianapolis(317), Indiana
    About Me: Going On A HBCU Tour Starting Sept. 3rd 10 Cities 10 Homecomings 20 HBCU Schools…Stay Tune By Following Me On IG @Darealmidwestmatt

    Song:UDontReallyWantIt (Shot By @jtmvisions)

  • Olaovito
    Brooklyn, NY
    Follow me @iamolaovito:disqus on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Soundcloud

    “Always said if I rapped I’d say something significant, but now I’m rappin bout money hoes & rims again.” Kanye West.

    Oh Lawd is about the internal struggle artist go trying to break through when all fans seem to want to hear is trap music and all the new cousins you have when you start to achieve success.

  • thechildren.

    Thanks my man, really appreciate it.

  • Producer: The Illjazztic One aka INFINITEtheBEATmaker
    Genre: Beats, Hip Hop, Jazz Hop, Chillhop, Lo-Fi
    Location: Detroit, Michigan
    Facebook: @infinitethebeatmaker
    Twitter: @afronautek
    Instagram: infinite.the.beatmaker
    Soundcloud: @infinitethebeatmaker

  • Legindary Lee Man
  • Rocdwell Johns

    Detroit, MI
    Twitter & Instagram: @rocdwell
    Facebook: Rocdwell Johns

    Rocdwell, a soul hip hop artist from Detroit that gives a fresh outlook on life through my brand of Soul Life Music. A mixture of classic soul, traditional hip hop and lyrical content full of insightful thoughts and wisdom that takes you on a journey through life in the front seat.

  • Artist: @TerriblyDopeTD From the Motor City #TerriblyDope #Detroit #MotownHipHop #TDTuedays “Make A Move” Ft. @Kaydenceis Produced by @Centric510

  • The Folx

    The Folx
    DC / DMV
    we are a musical duo that blends Hip-Hop & Folk-Soul, our ep “BEING” drops tomorrow July 28th. The next Fugees, The next Movement, come be apart of The Folx.

  • Gretz Gobang
  • Cold Cvtz

    Artist: Cold Cvtz
    City: New York
    Producer: Cold Cvtz
    Social Media: (@coldcvtz )

    Single is also available across all streaming platforms (apple,tidal,etc.)

    I wrote and produced this in my bedroom hope yall like it. If not, thats cool too. This is my debut single and new music is coming for my 18th birthday in August.

  • Spice Productions

    Music Producer
    NY NY
    Check out my beats (at)
    I got a free beat for you!

    Follow me on Twitter @spiceproduction

  • Another dope track bro! Can’t wait to hear the work you and TD are going to put together. I heard the track it’s dope!

  • Tre’von

    Indigo Toddlers
    Monroe, MI

    Im 21 years old from Monroe, Michigan. Me and my group are looking for some feedback and we’re trying to get our music heard by more ears. We go by the name “Indigo Toddlers” or “Indigo” for short. I think we have a lot of potential so check us out and let me know what you think! If you enjoy it leave a comment, like, share and follow our Soundcloud page. We post music frequently.

  • I am OD feeling this track!! Got me wanting to roll one at work.Got a lil bit of that Kush & OJ feel.

  • would love to work with you guys.

  • Mac Mulder

    New artist named Mac Tre.

    Originally from Alaska but living in Los Angeles.
    First concept video I’ve done, trying to push the limits of what people think as “crazy”

    let me know what you think!


  • Corbin Vernay

    South Florida
    Twitter/Instagram: @lynxraps
    I’m a rapper/producer from South Florida. I’ve been building a name in my local scene, having recently opened up for MGK. Just dropped my self-produed album September.

  • 👊🏽

  • 🎤🎤🎤

  • This was deep, spoken word/ poetry is the root of all music.. Keep up the good work I’ll keep an eye out for more

  • You sound a lil like logic, this is dope

  • Really catchy, “gotta make a move, make a move ya ya” nice cadence

  • False Idol – No Respect

    This is a new single from my group False Idol, which features A-God on the mic and I handle the beats and boards. We come from Providence, RI. This one’s for the hip-hop heads. Thanks for the time!

  • ChadStar Taylor

    Name: NNO (No Nights Off)
    Location: Chicago

    Check out our new video that we dropped THIS week for our song “6-4”. We flipped Easy E’s “Boyz In The Hood” and flew down to Miami to shoot the video! Lmk what yall think

  • Recoe

    Hows everybody doin? I go by the Name of Recoe and I’m from the southside of Chicago. I just dropped my first EP and had a huge release party at a clothing store in Chicago called The Iridium hosted by Trey White from WGCI. I’m posting up my EP called “The Slow Grind”. Hope you all love it!!!!

  • T’Darrio Hamilton

    Thanks for the feedback family!

  • Anytime my guy, keep up the hard work

  • Man-u-iLL


    I’m really trying to say something with my music, videos, etc… I don’t want to be like all these other rappers out here… I Love making music, sharing myself with anybody willing to listen. MiTM up Next! “In The Meantime”

    Follow me on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook @ManuiLL

  • T’Darrio Hamilton

    Thanks brother! Will do

  • T’Darrio Hamilton

    Yooooo what up doe? This is dope!

  • Face (Matty Luke)

    Face Matty Luke
    The Artist
    From SE Washington DC

    I haven’t posted in a while and I’m back with a project. I’m releasing this starting my Kobe Year. Follow up to my last original project with more producers this go round. VIBE OUT AND VIBE WIT ME.


    Artist: Kevin Cassanova
    Location: Lake County
    Twitter: @KevinCassanova

    Hey guys here is another artist that I work with who has been doing this since 2005 or more. This is a cool chill song for the summer that is great for when you’re with a group of friends riding around town or headed to the beach. Welcome to the Lakeside.

  • LOTenI

    LOCATION: Windhoek North, South West Africa
    SOMETHING ABOUT MYSELF: another ‘rapper’ trying to do the thing! watch and share the music, i need those views.


    Nice track has a Wutang feel


    Yea this track is nice good production and delivery. Check out our music when you get a chance.


    First of all much respect bro I can tell you are about quality especially if you made this in your room. This track is dope and the artwork is nice.

  • Rocdwell Johns

    I appreciate it bro


    I like how you did the story

  • Shy Smith

    thanks man!

  • Basketsale – Rapper from Victoria, British Columbia
    @basktsale on twitter

    Here is my first project, Every Empty Dam. I’ve been writing rhymes for 4 years, and now I’ve finally put them to beat. I’m inspired by artists like MF DOOM, Earl Sweatshirt, and Kanye West, among many others, and I think those who love the lyrics could really enjoy my music.

    Please enjoy the rhymes:


    Rap Artist: BIGGADENLYPHE (Bigger Than Life)
    Born & Raised in Miami, Fl
    Current Residence in West Palm Beach & Nashville
    Twin Hispanic (Cuban/Colombian)
    We believe in good music with no Gimmicks!
    This song is a sign of our times.This song “What’s Going On” taken from the new album “Turning Heads”
    Featuring 305 Kritikal & Produced by The Passion HiFi
    available on Apple music, Tidal, Spotify and Itunes and everywhere music is sold or streamed.

  • hashtronaut

    Sure. why not.

    Name: SupaNovaHelix / Hashtronaut Mode
    Location: From Denver, live in rural Kansas taking care of my disabled grandfather
    Song: I Still

  • Appreciate that a lot, thanks!

  • 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

  • Artist/Producer: Deondre Tyree

    Song: Propaganda (Prod. Dj Jizzo)

    Location: Delaware

    Single from my upcoming mixtape “Boy Meets World.” I’m a hip-hop artist from the east coast. Feel free to give feedback & comment.

  • 🎤🎤 1/2 for the lover track

  • Mac Mulder

    New artist named Mac Tre.

    Originally from Alaska but living in Los Angeles.
    First concept video I’ve done, trying to push the limits of what people think as “crazy”

    let me know what you think!instagram:djmactre

  • 🎤🎤🎤🎤 dope

  • 🎤 🎤 🎤🎤 good work youngsta! Keep working.

  • Very catchy dude

  • Toby Hills

    Artist // Toby Hills
    Location // Milwaukee, WI

    Social Media //
    Twitter: @VictorAAlamo

    Hey whats up guys! Im new to this blog, this is my very first post so please check me out and leave any feedback possible! This is a preview track for a mixtape waiting to be released so just know that there will be more of this material coming! Im Toby Hills out of Milwaukee, WI and I’m always down to work so hit me up!!

  • kinda similar sound but less ridiculous than:

  • Mac Chevy
    Nashville, TN

    Social Media:
    Facebook: Chevy Llmatik
    Instagram: chevymuzicc
    Twitter: @macchevy_

    In honor of Maryland “Hub Deuce” Parker on his 25th birthday, “July 19th” iwas written to pay homage to my biggest fan, supporter, best friend and most important, younger brother.

    #Listen here:

  • Artist: K.P.
    Location: Houston, TX

    What’s up everybody!?
    Hope you guys are finding success with your music. Here I attached one of my songs off of my EP called “Never Stop [prod. by Culture Kids].” I am an aspiring rapper, but I am also a soccer player for Eastern University in Philly. If rap and soccer don’t work out I will be majoring in Spanish and Marketing, hoping to do International Business. Let me know what you guys think about my song and if you have time check out my EP called “Who Am I?”

    Thanks and stay tuned!

    Twitter: KP_713
    Instagram: kp713

  • 🎤🎤🎤 1/2 good work.

  • 🎤🎤 keep working

  • Dude I love your flow! Great work on this track man.

  • 🎤🎤🎤🎤 dope track. Wu Tang flow sprinkled some primo type cuts on the hook.

  • You got a bunch of good tracks here man keep up the good work! Really like your flow.

  • Ayyy I love your style man. I can tell that you put a lot of work in this!

  • 🎤🎤🎤🎤 intro was a little long but nice work

  • Prophet

    Artist: Prophet
    Song: Papa Comin Home
    Hometown: Staten Island, NY

    I’m here to give you my new song “Papa Comin Home” it’s a track with a good vibe you can ride out to in the summer. Check it out! Be on the lookout for my new project titled Subway Talk

  • Maldo

    Maldo Music
    Hamilton, NJ

    Social Medias to Follow:
    FB: Mike “Maldo Music” Maldonado
    IG: wheres__maldo (with 2 underscores!)
    YouTube: MaldoMusicTV (SUB4SUB!)
    Soundcloud: Maldo Music

    Listen Here with some other GREAT TRACKS for you as well on there!

  • Maldo

    starts slow like a movie intro then each verses gets more and more dynamic and intense! by the end, the last verse is the grand finale. Just a real type song about my lifes thoughts and worries. samples from “Paid In Full” movie. !

  • Recoe

    Hows everybody doin? I go by the Name of Recoe and I’m from the southside of Chicago. I just dropped my first EP and had a huge release party at a clothing store in Chicago called The Iridium hosted by Trey White from WGCI. I’m posting up my EP called “The Slow Grind”. Hope yall like it!!!!

  • TheBlackHearted

    The BlackHearted
    out of Boston, Massachusetts
    Instagram: BlackHearted617

    We are an alternative rap group, but we’ve been stagnant lately, just couldn’t seem to find the time. Then i realized you never find time, you make it. And I was inspired.

    Inspiration, is the song that came from that. A song about faith though hard times, and learning to take pride in your differences. Enjoy

  • Frankie Thomas

    This is my newest track called exodus its me escaping n abandon church after being held hostage for god knows how long?

    My stage name i FrankieThagod, I am 23 years old And im from Newport Rhode Island

    Instagram/Twitter: @FrankieThaGod

  • cam

    Artist name: Cambow
    Location: Utah
    Social Media:
    Is it possible for a Giraffe to be a midget?
    This song is called What’s The Price? It’s about life!! Conscious Rap!!

  • Aaron Hamilton
  • Beathouse/Ruthless & Wild new single “No You Wont” from the up coming release King Killer by Rockey Washington * Add Rockey Washington anywhere you stream * Like/Share/Sub #hiphop

  • Kidd Static

    Artist Name: Kidd Static

    Location: Saint Louis, MO

    Song Link:

    Brief Description: “Addicted” is the first single off of my mixtape “Lucid Dreamer”, which is set for release later this year. There is no date set yet. This is also my first single as a solo artist. Born and Raised in California, trying to take over the St. Louis music scene right now though.

    Social Media Links:

    Soundcloud: Kidd Static (HLC|Gang)
    Instagram: Cali_Kingdvm
    Snapchat: Kidd_Static
    Facebook Page: Kidd Static (Under Construction)

  • unc boski

    Boco from la
    All social sites find us @boskithasavior @cocodanja
    Check us out we are down to work if anyone is interested

  • The Wave Music

    The Wave Music
    Harlem, NY

    Social Media:
    Instagram: thewavemusicofficial
    twitter: @thewavemusicnow
    Facebook: Loading Real


    Trap Rap song about calling an Uber after a night.
    Now Available on iTunes, Google Play, Streaming on Spotify.

  • Sorry for the late response. Ya wanted listeners to catch the vibe first. thx

  • thx for the 4 mics, what would of made you give it 5 mics?

  • Thanks brotha! And for real fam, can’t wait to hear how he kills it!

  • KinG BillionHeir

    KinG BillionHeir

    Brooklyn, NY

    KinG BillionHeir has been on the rise writing, recording and producing his own music since childhood. Organically, he is continuing to build and establish his trademark, while striving to maintain independence as a Indie artist and label. Using his natural artistic talent, his mission as an artist is to influence and transform lives from young to old with his unique ability, through his music. Ultimately his desire is to leave a major impact through music worldwide. Enjoy

    This is NSNW, “NO Sleep No Worries”, song off his up and coming mixtape.

    [soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

  • KinG BillionHeir

    KinG BillionHeir
    Brooklyn, NY

    KinG BillionHeir has been on the rise organically continuing to build and establish his trademark, while striving to maintain independence as a Indie artist and label. Using his natural artistic talent, his mission as an artist is to influence and transform lives from young to old with his unique ability, through his music.
    Visit his website if you would like to collab, join the label and know more.
    This is his NSNW single, off the up and coming mixtape “No Sleep No Worries”. Enjoy!

  • Brandon Finley

    Artist: Legend & The O.P.
    Location: Toledo, OH (Legend), Jackson, MI (The O.P.)
    Twitter: @RealLegend1 @TheOverPowrd
    Song: Maumee to Jackson

    Hello Indie Hip Hop fans! I have another song to present to you all. This song deals with the recent police brutality and dilemma we face in this upcoming American election in November. It has a great old school, nostalgic vibe to it as well. Enjoy the song!

    Music video:

  • Brandon Finley

    Definitely an inspiring instrumental. I like it

  • Brandon Finley

    Great flow. Great bars!

  • Brandon Finley

    I like this track. My dad was born in Monroe, MI, and I live in Toledo, OH. Check me out

  • Brandon Finley

    Big chune!

  • Brandon Finley

    I like it. A chill “fun” track

  • Brandon Finley

    I like it. Chill song

  • Artist: Desh

    Song: Sitting Through Sinning

    Location: Colorado


    This is the first single off my latest project Rap For Fun! It’s about some of the hypocritical things we have to do and go through to get by while trying to balance the good and bad that we do.

    Rap For Fun will be out August 15th!

  • Brandon Finley

    Well written song

  • Brandon Finley

    One of the realest tracks on this page rn

  • Brandon Finley

    Ay! You dropped a new track! That’s dope!

  • Brandon Finley

    I LOVE the cover

  • Brandon Finley

    Btw it says your Facebook page isn’t available

  • Much love, I feel you on that vibe man

  • Brandon Finley

    Good story track

  • Yep! The project i’ve been working on is finally wrapping and it’s time for the singles to roll it out.

  • Good looking out, should be fixed haha

  • Kidd Static

    Thanks bro , I appreciate that. Did you post a song?

  • Brandon Finley

    Yup it’s working now

  • Brandon Finley

    Yes. It’s right here

  • Brandon Finley

    Yup it’s working now

  • Kidd Static

    Ok cool, I’ll check it out and follow you

  • upperreality

    Artist: Upper Reality
    Location: Austin, Texas

    This is my newest single, produced by me, sung by ??? — you’ll know about halfway through. I’m speaking on the fundamental fabric of American society and I’d appreciate a listen, and even a like/share if you’re really feeling it. Thanks!

  • upperreality

    Really artistic–I appreciate that

  • upperreality

    I see what you mean by nostalgic but I think it does have a contemporary undertone to it. Nice!

  • upperreality

    Definitely pushed the crazy limit but super creative. I think you have a solid idea of flow but I’d encourage exploring what “you” sound like because at times i feel like you may be trying to sound a certain way because that’s “the way” — but other than that, catchy

  • Kidd Static

    Thanks man, I appreciate it! Where’s your song ?

  • upperreality

    Np! Its toward the top of the comments, if you sort by “newest”

  • upperreality

    like the first or second one listed

  • Doc Eamz

    directed by this is butta
    produced by BLCKMRKT

    every song was recorded at my studio and mixed by me.

  • Jonathan Coburger

    Tallahassee, FL
    Its all love. from here to everywhere in between.

  • Kidd Static

    Bro this had me really vibes out!!! Super Chill, Big Thumbs Up

  • upperreality

    Thanks man! Much appreciated <3

  • Young Leed

    Released my first EP, its trappy rappy. I have tried to be lyrical too cause thats whats rap is all about. You can lemme know what you think about it

  • Tre’von

    I apreciate it, ill check it out in the AM.

  • Tre’von

    Thanks man. And nice! Its a small world lol.

  • Brandon Finley


  • Brandon Finley

    Thanks man. I’m glad you like the track!

  • Brandon Finley


  • Brandon Finley

    Yup it’s working now

  • Shy Smith

    Thanks man

  • Brandon Finley

    Your welcome

  • Dooley

    I just made my soundcloud this week and this song got 200 views in the first week. My haters said it was beginners luck after it got 101 views in the first day, so I dropped something quick and it got 100 views first day too! lmao please check me out!

  • Marcus L Johnson

    Chicago, Illinois
    Super Dope Music, love what I do and will forever love what I do. 24 years young just trying to create the best art that I can while making as much profit as possible. #Facts

  • Na’im Hussein Mukhtar

    Now Hussein
    Newark, NJ
    Been writing poetry and raps as for as I can thank back went through a ruff patch in life and could not record music but now I am back to doing what I love to do this is a track from last yea let me know what you think comment if possible


    NEW TRACK ALERT!!!!! Hey wasup for those who dont know i go by the name of ZAY MESAH. Im from San Diego, CA. Been working on a few tracks but I just dropped this new one yesterday “The Green Eyed Complex” produced by Origami. If you like it go ahead like and repost that bihhh and also follow me on instagram, twitter, snapchat, and soundcloud all @zaymesah. Peace.


    Nice track bro frfr


    Yooo this a bangerrr lol


    This shit bangs bro bro


    Nice video song and video haha

  • Mega EvErs
    Twitter FB IG Snapchat @Megaevers

  • KinG BillionHeir

    KinG BillionHeir
    Brooklyn, NY
    KinG BillionHeir thriving Indie Artist of FLY HIGH Music Group, presents “NSNW” of the up and coming mixtape, “No Sleep No Worries”.

  • Tok Sik
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Twitter: @djtoksik
    Facebook: @beatsbytoksik

    This song is about not having much to offer to a female whom you care about, but still willing to lay down your last dollar for her in a varied production with a feel good wavy sound! A concept I can very much relate to as I am a college student who pays a majority of things so that my girlfriend and I can live comfortably as possible. Please enjoy this track I have released on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

    Enjoy everyone!

  • Savage

    My name is Lonely Savage. Up and coming MC. I’m located in Minneapolis Mn. I’m submitting my new single “Fit In”. It’s about not fitting into this society we are in, and about embracing oneself versus following trends. Enjoy and thank you for taking the time to listen.

    Social Media:

  • Savage


    My name is Lonely Savage. I’m an up and coming MC located in Minneapolis Mn. I’m submitting my new single “Fit In”. It’s about not fitting into this society we are in, and about embracing oneself versus following trends. Enjoy and thank you for taking the time to listen.

    Social Media:

  • Billy Beans

    My birthday is July 19 bro… Check me out on soundcloud

  • Billy Beans
  • Bone D
  • NEW Under The Water.

  • Tummy Hilfiger

    Redwood City – Bay Area

    a young mexican nigga born to immigrant parents trying to make a living out in california. tum has something for everybody. turn up shit. shit to smoke too. shit for your girl to bump. gangsta shit. etc… check out more at and enjoy the video for “This My New Shit” the first track off the mixtape “Because of You.”

  • Jose Gutierrez

    Yo, I’m Broke, 25. I live in Fresno, California, originally from Los Angeles, Ca. I am a Music Producer/ MC/ DJ/ and whatever you need done! You feel me? I grew up writing graffiti, and doing some other things I’m not very proud of. At 16, I got my GF pregnant and I had to grab the bull by the horns, grit my teeth, and keep hoofing my way to the top. My baby boy turns 8 this August, and I will do whatever it takes to keep a roof over his head, and keep his little belly fed! PEACE.

    Follow me on IG and SC @Yo_ImBroke

  • KinG BillionHeir

    KinG BillionHeir
    Brooklyn, NY
    Indie Artist KinG BillionHeir represents his label FLY HIGH Music Group, with a distinct unique sound bringing to you “NSNW” off the upcoming mixtape “No Sleep No Worries”.

  • Skaa

    Manila, Philippines
    I like to let music do the talking. Let me know what you think of it

  • Biggz Ceo

    What’s good group? My name is BIGGZ CEO. I’m an independent artist in Atlanta Ga. You can link with me on twitter @BIGGZCEO or facebook @BIGGZ-CEO. The name of my single is ” We Take No Loss ” a club banger simply stating I’m all in and i’m not accepting no loss.

  • indigo

    Explicit feat. indigo – Jesus (Prod. by The Martianz)

    Boston, MA

    “I’m on some shit that make me feel like Jesus” – Explicit

  • Genius. C

    Genius. C
    Austin, Tx

    17 years old, first i started producing, Now i just started rapping 3 months ago
    If you listened and gave me your thoughts that would be appreciated

    Twitter –

  • The Wave Music

    Thanks bro follow the gram we about to drop another single from the album soon and a EP

  • Jkill

    Gary, Indiana

    Instagram – Jkill_Indiana
    Facebook – Jkill Indiana
    Twitter – Jkill_Indiana

    I really don’t like talking about myself but Ima rapper/writer, I feel like you gotta say both nowadays but basically I write my own sh**. Im from the hood so I know how it feel to struggle. I know how it feel to want something you can never have and all that depressing shit. But anyway here goes the music.

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