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Published on May 10th, 2017 | by FuNkwoRm


Hip Hop Artists: Post Your Music (5-10-17)


…It’s Indie Wednesday! Time to share your music!

If you’re new to this hip hop blog, check out the rules below and post your music.

<strong>PLEASE READ</strong>

1. Everyone is limited to one music post per week. Spammers will be banned.

2. You can post the same song if you posted it the previous week but keep that practice in moderation

3. Converse and dialogue with each other as much as you like. In fact, I encourage it.

<strong>Here is the suggested format:</strong>

1. Name of the artist:

2. Location (where are you from)

3. Couple of your social links (Twitter and or Facebook)

4. Say something about yourself, hip hop, or anything interesting. It can also be totally unrelated to music. Show us you have a personality.

Post music or videos that can play in the thread please. No download links to your mixtape.

Feel free to post any PICS and GIFs.


About the Author

FuNkwoRm is a music producer, creator of the hip hop comic strip, Rap Ratz, and has a dope backspin.

  • Soni
    Montreal, Canada

    Just a medley/parody of a bunch of popular songs. I was just playing around and wanted to try something different.

  • Location: california
    Check out the latest song, working on new music at the moment.
    Let me know what you think, much love!

  • What’s up guys-

    It’s K.L. from Cleveland dropping again for another week. This one is called “Problem.” Check it out.

  • Drastic

    Artist Name: Young Drastic
    Location: South Carolina
    Social link: twitter – @Young_Drastic

    Just a introspective lyricist that chaotically yet calmly blends genres & nerd culture. This song, “The Beast” is a perfect example of that. It has a Punk Rap vibe to it

  • F.L.O.W.


    Queens, NY

    Check out my song “chopped Cheese” and if you are in the NY area and you make a video playing this ill drop one off to you.

  • F.L.O.W.

    Twitter: Flow349
    IG: Flow349
    Snapchat: Flow349

  • ShanetheShaman

    Name: Endangered Poets
    Location: Denver,CO
    Twitter: @endangeredpoets
    Facebook: @endangeredpoets218

    What up! this is our newest song out “Fantasy” Feat. Lauren Vassallo. take a listen, and if you wanna chill and make music in Colorado hit me up.

  • Legindary Lee Man

    Legindary Lee Man (The Grandma Slayer)

    Bourbon Bowl

  • 402 Music Recordings

    Artist: ILLCHILD – Single #IDK available on soundcloud, spotify, pandora, etc
    Follow: @402music — New music dropping soon.
    Location: Omaha

  • Dajour Neufville

    Artist: Dajour Neufville
    From: Elmont, NY Recently Moved To FL

    “WORTH IT” Link –
    Social Networks

  • Artist : KING LOUIS
    location : PARIS
    soundcloud : loucoum

    Here’s for your pleasure : “The Great New York Mix” for all ths NYC’s Rap Fans.
    featuring : Nas, Busta Rhymes, Daniel Day Lewis, LCP Soundsystem, Frank Sinatra… who else ? 🙂

  • MASH

    San Diego

    Check out my new music video!

  • Pat D.

    It’s ya boy Pat D. from the 410 to the 443 here giving you some daily fire! This is real hip hop that we’ve all grown to love. If you rock w/, spread the love and support. Wanna find me on any social media platform? Just search @ManInMankind and you’ll reach me.

  • Thanks for listening to LkL! Our music group known as “lowkeylife” is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. Recently we released a new single titled “Slowly Screaming” which is available everywhere! Give it a listen for free on Soundcloud before you purchase on iTunes.

    Official Website –

  • 402 Music Recordings

    Nice work bro!

  • Producer: Jus Gamble; @JusGamble
    Location: Boston, MA

    Track: Is They?! Ft. Class B (Prod. by Jus Gamble)

    Sup Indie Hip Hop Heads! Gamble back again with another rhythm! This week I dropping off a track that I released just last week & would love to get some feedback on. Just a hungry producer trying to make great music.. Enjoy Bumpin

  • Kenneth Sparrow

    Happy Wednesday Fellas, I’m Keneff Sparrow hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee. I’m here to drop off my favorite song off my latest project NRTHSDE. I’m really into to chill vibes and I have deep love for Tennessee. Please give me some feedback and check out NRTHSDE on Spotify, Apple Music, or DatPiff.

    IG/Twitter: Keefsparrow

  • Lmao, def entertaining. That 3rd tracks beat is flyy

  • Wooo, this joint lowkey fire bro! Sounds toughh

  • This real groovy bro, nice record right here

  • Feelin the creative distortion effects used here

  • Dope flows on that 1st track brotha

  • This joint is funky! And a dope ass feature for that hook

  • Lmao, dope video

  • N-emiss

    What’s up guy’s got a brand new track off our new record
    Check it out & let me know what you think
    Also free Download from our bandcamp site
    Artist Name: DeadBeats
    Location: Calgary Canada
    Scarecrow – Vocals
    N-emiss – Beats, Guitars, Synth & Production

  • F.L.O.W.

    I appreciate that bro

  • Beat is fire.. and can feel that emotion in your voice dawg keep grinding

  • This is lowkey a banger!! Dope track, great vibes

  • Dope vintage/nostalgic sounding track

  • This beat too flyyy. good shit here

  • Reminds me of a beat my boy would make, joint slams! Way to spit on it

  • Really feeling the passionate sound the beat gives off

  • Michael Plynn

    Michael Plynn checking in from Cleveland, Ohio. If you like Logic then check out our ReFFiXx to The ReMiX of ‘Addiction’. Money, women, liquor, weed, or MUSIC we all got addictions. Follow me on Instagram @blacksheepaffiliates & Twitter @MichaelPlynn!

  • Zapp Spaccy


    Seattle, washington

    My Post to day is “by the sounds” its a super chilled out visual beat-tape. put together 100 % by my homeboy and fellow Lacs Crew member Redking. when he isn’t making beats or watching old sci-fi fliks. you can catch him somewhere out in nature doing the leg work for the next beat tape. this is his first posted piece so stay on the look out. Lacs be the crew

  • Daniel Johnson

    Daniel Johnson
    St. Louis, Mo
    @ThyLordJohnson (twitter)
    Song: Saved By The Bell (Prod. Clyad Beat)
    I’m just starting on the rap journey. I name all my songs after TV Shows because TV made me take myself out of real life and dream bigger than what I was given. This my first time recording and I had to shout out my role models in music and tie it to my life.

  • Kiavash Kia

    Artist : Shirman
    Location : Milan
    Instrumental Hip Hop

  • Tough beat bro. Song is mad decent. Feeling it.

  • 402 What’s good. Keep putting that heat out!

  • Feeling this joint kid!

  • Dope

  • F.L.O.W.

    Thank you!

  • Feeling the video fam

  • Feeling the vibe

  • I see you Plynn!

  • Nafets

    Name; Nafets
    Location: Los Angeles Area

    Hey ya’ll, im a Trinidadian-American rapper from Fort Washington Maryland, and here’s a newly released track I’ve been sitting on for a bit. Hope you enjoy

  • Sharks

    Love the vibe

  • Alex Burke

    LEX & MUGEN! The Human

    Chicago, IL

    What’s going on indiehiphop! My stage name’s LEX and I’m out in Chicago, IL (Baltimore, MD native). Recently I collaborated with another Baltimore native in Chicago named MUGEN! The Human! We got together to create the tape you see before you, “ALTERED EGO[S]”. Connected by our home state and love for the genre, we began visiting the studio regularly together. We’ve taken five of their tracks to create this experimental, introspective back and forth you can hear today. The project features punchy production accompanied by the voices of two gritty, up and coming performers. Enjoy!

  • NeXis

    Joint is cool. Track is nice!

  • Alex Burke

    Damn this place nice in the ride! Keep it up man!

  • Alex Burke

    Smooth as hell man! Love it

  • NeXis


  • NeXis

    The intro seemed long.

  • NeXis

    Somebody still appreciates spit’n! #RapWithWords #RockNRap. This shit is cool.

  • NeXis

    Goodie Mooob OutKassst, Down Southhhh Tennnnessseee! Vibe to it!

  • Graham Winters

    Artist: Graymatic
    Location: Ireland

  • NeXis

    #RapWithWords. Banger for the streets!

  • Much love homie

  • NeXis

    Bruce LeaaN! Shit knocks.

  • Good looking family. I appreciate the love

  • Good looking fam. I really appreciate it!

  • I appreciate that fam. Really glad you liked it.

  • NeXis

    Shit is creative, and knocks. Sent the link to my Mix Engineer and producer Kez, he fucks wit.

  • Feeling that Lex-IAM joint

  • appreciate it bro!

  • thanks bruh!

  • Name of the artist: Rami Salah
    Location: Montreal, Canada
    Social links:

    Here is a single from my new mixtape called “You Made It”, produced by ’96. I hope you enjoy it and if you do, please share! 🙂

  • Larry Ratchet

    Artist: Tribe Casino
    Location: Philadelphia
    Track “Dark Denim”
    This is 🔊💥
    Plzzz check it out!!!
    @tribecasino @tribevegas100

  • Kiavash Kia

    thank you for your comment brother , peace

  • Name: Rami Salah
    Location: Montreal, Canada
    Social links:

    Here is a single from my new mixtape called “You Made It”, produced by ’96. I hope you enjoy it and if you do, please share! 🙂

  • Serg

    Born and raised in Memphis, Austin “Tin Tenn” Henry has seen a lot of darkness at just 23 years old. Writing since he could hold a pen, in 4th grade he wrote a poem which won the Memphis City Competition, but was denied at state level because the organizers thought someone older wrote it.

    “Lucid Dreams” recently premiered on The Word is Bond, and Tin Tenn is currently in the semifinals for The Extreme Tour. Additionally, “Lucid Dreams” was just featured on Rap On Air playlist.

    Check out this new single and follow Tin Tenn on twitter:

  • Serg

    hey cool track, check out “Lucid Dreams” by Tin Tenn above

  • Serg

    nice cover art..check out “Lucid Dreams” by Tin Tenn above and lemme know what you think

  • haha thanks again for the feedback

  • Kenneth Sparrow

    You gotta know man

  • Kenneth Sparrow

    I appreciate it man

  • N-emiss

    Thanks man!

  • N-emiss

    dope track
    Love the beat

  • Camaren Blue

    Hey guys,

    My name is Camaren Blue and I am an independent hip hop artist out of San Diego, California. I have been recording, mixing, and mastering my own tracks for about 7 years but only started releasing this year. My friend/producer JaySpex and I have recently mixed the Hip hop background that I have with his background in Riddim/Dubstep. We released our first track “Fancy” on Monday and it’s been doing pretty well so far, always looking for more feedback though. The emotion in the song is built around a 4-year relationship with the girl I had planned on marrying. After living together for 2 years, I ended up getting stabbed in the back. I’ve really had a hard time trusting anyone since then, so for the last year I’ve just been focused on my music. Let me know what you guys think. Mahalo!


  • Golden Animal -Golden Animal
    -Pompano Beach, Florida
    -i.g. (@goldenanimal_10k)
    -FB (goldenanimal)
    -Twitter (@mmpSilverback)

    It’s funny how people ride your wave when your coasting, I’m glad I don’t like surfing.

  • Martyn Binnie

    Name : Wyze Intellect
    Location : Canada

    oy! back with another remix with Mastas Inda Cypha from Toronto, featuring Ruste Juxx, enjoy!

  • Benny Troung

    Name: Benny Troung
    Location: Los Angeles

    Produced and directed by Benny Troung.

  • Michael Plynn

    Me & the team will be down at the Odeon Saturday night! You trying to come link up?

  • Thanks bro

  • Thanks!!

  • Ayyee, you already know! Thanks man

  • Thanks

  • 402 Music Recordings

    Check out the visuals we just put out.

  • 402 Music Recordings

    100! Check out these visuals.

  • Ryan Boris Hamilton
  • RashadthaPoet

    Nashville MC Rashad thaPoet is gearing up to release his latest EP “And Then What”…he drops off the first single the Donato produced “Make it Enough (momma said) The new EP is set to drop May 19th. He has been dropping cover art every day leading up to the release. The artwork deals with a lyric or theme from the album. You can pre-order now at
    Follow @RashadthaPoet

  • Dez C.O.

    Dez C.O.


  • Daniel Johnson

    Yo I really appreciate that bro!!!

  • Oh yea! This is the joint that I like too! Video came out dope. Def vibing to the song. Gotta get a visual going for myself too in the near future.

  • Keph Swag

    Artist name: Keph Swag
    Instagram: @kephswag
    Contact manager: K 240-691-2786
    Hometown: Washington D.C

    Dopest young hip hop artist coming out of D.C 18 years old rocking out at all local venues. Getting booked for parties and events and winning competitions. Been out NYC in hot 97 and power 105 showcases featuring emEZE and dj self. Was In Philly in showcase check out freestyle wit dj thoro on I.g. Making moves in ATL got booked in concert in G.A this summer with trey songs , travis scott, fat joe , kehlani, and many more info on show on my ig. Follow my Instagram witness my progression!! Much luv to all indie artists doing there thang lets support each other. Watch music video for my most popular music video for my hot single ” HAY”.

  • Melo Method

    Melo Method
    Glen Allen, VA
    It’s been a while since I’ve posted music here, took a long break from posting focusing on music and other things, now I’m back and better than ever. I’m just a young artist trying to get my buzz up, hope you enjoy the music

  • Mike Moonㄣ⃒

    Producer: @jopippins and @jackstraptt on Twitter
    Artist: @jopippins
    Location: Raleigh, NC

    Up and coming NC artist Jopippins drops the first single off of his debut album “Vacation”. The name of the song is Tattoos. Jopippins is basically letting us know that money is all that is on his mind and he wont stop til he gets it. Give it a listen below! You can also purchase on iTunes and get it on all streaming services.

  • dude1127


    West Palm Beach FL

    Twitter: hiighsociety561
    IG: bino_hiighsociety
    SoundCloud: hiighsociety561

    Names Bino, da big dude with da ski mask 1/2 hiighsociety. First time on a blog, not even sure if this where I post lol. But we got really dope music. Here’s a link to why from our ep we just dropped.

  • K Nice

    KNICE debut single “STEEZ” is produced by norwegian producer @casabling
    He is currently based in LA and Oslo Norway
    @imknice is set to release his first EP in June 2017


  • nice video man

  • Frankie

    Name: Frankie
    Location: Duluth, Georgia

    I love to listen to a variety of both American and Korean hip-hop!

  • Vinny.Ğ

    South Florida
    Delray beach
    Not kodak black type rap.
    Bars drugs and whores.
    Over smooth beats made for blowing j’s
    Vinny G Ft Don C- Hardwood Classic by Vinny.Ğ #np on #SoundCloud

  • Jay Black

    Producer: dontcallmepablo ; @dontcallmepablo_
    Location: New York, NY


    Hey everyone, if you need cheap beats and want to work with someone who really loves music and has a lot of time on their hands hit me up. I really love music and producing is where my heart is at. Enjoy the beats!

  • Andy

    InstAgram @strateaway

    Twitter: @strateawayy

  • Allwayz GT

    Artist: GT

    Location: East Palo Alto, CA (SF/Bay Area)

    Social: @AllwayzGT (all social media)

    Whats poppin people! GT here. Artist out of the bay area and first time submitter (not even sure if I’m doing this right lol) but I would love to get some feed back on a recently released record of mine. Hoping I can make this a regular thing!

  • Gangsta awaken

    Artist : Jet Blvck
    Location: Paris
    Track: Call it a freestyle 2

    Jet Blvck is an underground artist from the island of st martin (French west indies) living in Paris, bringing a Caribbean flavor to hip hop unlike you’ve never heard.
    Check him out:

  • Muchismo

    Producer: Erikk “El Rosegod: Shupp; @ElMuchismo
    Location: Washington, DC/ DMV

    Track: When Spring Comes

    I’ve got some waves for the late night spring nights, its about a temperate 80 outside. Keep the windows open. Love from the district.

  • ArrogantAnt

    Artist: ArrogantAnt
    Producer: DJToxicTerror
    Track title: “Gotta Have It”

    Location: Florida

    Follow me on:

    What’s good HipHop Heads? I’ve been recording and perfecting my craft since middle school, everyday getting more and more creative with the lyrical content. For those of you who respect the lyricism and the way a song can flow, I’m the guy for you! I started persuing this dream of mine since 2012 with the self-made label “Dank Muzik Entertainment” releasing multiple mixtapes and singles throughout the years. As the years change, so does my style and my confidence💯 Check out my new single “Gotta Have It” on soundcloud! Feedback is very much appreciated and follow me on the social media listed above✊🏼 Thank you for your time 😁💪🏼🔥🔥💯

  • Graham Winters

    Artist – Graymatic
    Location – Ireland

  • Drake

    RKM Legend- OK OK (Feat. Famous Duggy)
    Hosted By: DJ NickTheQuick & DJ Fortiune)
    (note:Famous Duggy is Famous Dex’s Real Blood Cousin!!)
    From: Houston,TX
    Youtube Link:


  • Waf

    Name: Nawaf Aka WAF
    Location : Saudi Arabia
    Info: A young producer work in Nashville, TN

  • Name: 3xotic
    Location: Detroit, MI
    Instagram: @3xotic_life
    Snapchat: beauty2nv

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