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Published on March 29th, 2017 | by FuNkwoRm


Hip Hop Artists: Post Your Music (3-29-17)

Yo People!

…It’s Indie Wednesday! Time to share your music!

If you’re new to this hip hop blog, check out the rules below and post your music.


1. Everyone is limited to one music post per week. Spammers will be banned.

2. You can post the same song if you posted it the previous week but keep that practice in moderation

3. Converse and dialogue with each other as much as you like. In fact, I encourage it.

Here is the suggested format:

1. Name of the artist:

2. Location (where are you from)

3. Couple of your social links (Twitter and or Facebook)

4. Say something about yourself, hip hop, or anything interesting. It can also be totally unrelated to music. Show us you have a personality.

Post music or videos that can play in the thread please. No download links to your mixtape.

Feel free to post any PICS and GIFs.



About the Author

FuNkwoRm is a music producer, creator of the hip hop comic strip, Rap Ratz, and has a dope backspin.

  • Jay Spriggs
  • Litman

    Name: LitmanOne

    Location: Cologne (germany)

    I’m a producer on the mic and making music for more than15 years!

    Today I want you to present a remix of the Busta Rhymes Joint “put your hands where my eyes could see”.

    The track is part of my remix-album “the practice effect”. Here is the link 2 tha album:

    Feedback is welcome!!

    Social media:




  • What’s up ya’ll! My name is GabeGon, I go to university in Jacksonville FL, and I’ve got a fresh new track for Indie Wednesday. This song, “Money is Power” is about how you need money to do what you want in life, money is power and opportunity. Sadly, most of us aren’t lucky enough to be born into money. I’m proud to say that I produced, wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered this entire track on my own. Check it out and lmk what you think!

    IG: gabegon.z
    YouTube: GabeGon

  • Thank you for listening to LkL! We are a music group from Chapel Hill, NC, USA known as “lowkeylife”. A couple months ago our member “trippyTB” released a brand new single that tackled many of societies issues. Take a listen at the link below and let us know what you think!

    No Time by trippyTB :

    Official Website –

  • Kenneth Sparrow

    Happy Wednesday! My name is Keneff Sparrow and I’m just a young from Knoxville, Tennessee. I’m dropping off a smooth track that I think y’all will enjoy. Tell me what you think and I’ll be sure to check out your stuff.

  • Legindary Lee Man

    Legindary Lee Man (The Purpose Pimp)

    Youtube: legindaryleeman

  • I like that hook, keep it up!

  • Shampoo Hazey

    WORRRRD!!! Oscar Mic is Seamus Hayes. One man. One guitar. A bag full of percussion and a mouth like an 808. Looking like a young Dali after a sabbatical with the Beastie Boys, this unlikely London based, live looping hip hop-rock n roll lyricist is blasting brand new ballistics. WOPBOPALOOBOPALOPBOOMBIP!!!
    Insta/twitter @oscarmicmusic

  • Such a fresh flow on this track, man

  • NEW DOSER Neck Brace
    music video coming real soon!

  • Yo that flow’s got me rockin back and forth, so good

  • This shit’s so creative man, really impressive

  • Beeisthefuture KB

    Greetings everyone my name is Beeisthefuture and i am 1/2 of the hip hop collective “Higher Balance Music”. We just released our debut album #LRDC and i would love for you guys to check it out. We’re from new orleans but we flew to portland to record the album in full. Hope you guys enjoy and be sure to follow us on twitter @HBMFOREVER and instagram @higherbalancemusic peace!

  • I always appreciate a deep lyricist. I can tell that you put your soul into the words

  • Shampoo Hazey

    Thanks so much!

  • Roi Lush

    Whats up HipHop Family! My name is LeRoi Leviston aka Roi Lush. I’m from
    Paoli, Pa (20 min outside of philly) I am a former middle school health
    and physical education teacher that resigned in June 2016 to pursue my
    dream of music. Today I uploaded a freestyle remix to Naughty By Nature-
    Feel Me Flow! After listening, please comment, share, and listen to my
    single #NoChill that is quickly picking up steam after being performed
    down at SXSW2017!

    IG/Twitter @RoiLush
    Snapchat – Roilush21

  • Beeisthefuture KB

    good shit bro!

  • Producer: Jus Gamble; @JusGamble
    Location: Boston, MA

    Track: Light It Up (Prod. Jus Gamble)

    Sup indie Hip Hop Heads, Gamble back again with another rhythm! I released this single last Tuesday featuring my homie Jack Trade out of Massachusetts. Wanted to give a chance to shine here and see what you guys think! Enjoy Bumpin’..

  • tron pheiffer

    name:tron pheiffer
    location:houma, louisiana
    social media: instagram-@notrequiredforuse

    hi, im a rapper hailing from the south trying my best to be the best thing out here. this is a single off of my upcoming release entitled “electronicca”. hopefully you enjoy and feedback is always welcome.

  • That intro is raw! Dope vibes and 1 time for Boston #salute

  • This is hella groovy, can tell u got some skill brotha

  • I like the idea behind this track, good shit. money truly is power

  • Them rugged vocals sound ill over this beat

  • Jahael

    Love that I came back after like a year and you’re still posting fire. Keep up the hustle Jus

  • Diggin’ the originality, def some cool flows too man

  • ill beat box ish right here

  • That accent is dope man, mess with this one

  • This got a hot new school feel to it, keep it up!

  • Jahael

    Artist: JNew & Enthusiastic P
    Location: Bay Area, California
    Track: Stupid Hype
    Video Link:
    Soundcloud link:

    Hey Hip Hop Heads – this is my latest song and video featuring the otherworldly Enthusiastic P. The video follows us as we’re mistaken for valet and proceed to tear up the city in a jaguar. Very much inspired by the Beastie Boys’ early videos.

    Feel free to hit me up here or follow me on instagram (@JNew_415)


  • Shampoo Hazey

    Thanks so much!

  • I appreciate it, man

  • Shampoo Hazey

    Thank you sir

  • Face (Matty Luke)

    2017 Is Going To Be A Good Year For Art and Music.

    It’s Face Matty Luke back again. Coming from SouthEast Washington DC. I’m bringing this dope track that I released last week back for you to check out if you haven’t had the chance. I just let the vibe and energy take over to create this witty and crankin ass track.

    Gentlemen’s Club [feat. Chookie Luke] (prod. by Tsunami Waves)

  • Go head! That classic feel right here! Props for this, you went in bro

  • Sup indie Wednesday people,

    my name is Bradley from Az, living in Arizona’s Phoenix metroplex. I’m on twitter as LifeAzBradley if anyone wants to connect further. I’m sharing a song i putout a couple weeks ago that is a prelude to a larger project. Its a session of depression induced self-reflection presented as a theater production. All feedback is appreciated!

  • THis joint catchy bro, keep doing ya thing down there in the south. This beat groovy

  • Homie killed the hook, and this beat is crazy. did y’all thing with this record

  • love the rock lee reference!

  • This video is stupid hype! U on it bro, can’t help but respecting the track after seeing this video

  • Ayyy u know how it go brotha! Much appreciated and glad to see u back

  • You know I had to haha

  • Martyn Binnie


    just thought i’d introduce myself and my music here on this site, i’m Wyze Intellect, a producer from Collingwood in Canada, i’ve got a remix project in the works with some great talent from the Toronto area, here’s one of my remixes featuring Ruste Juxx and Buckshot, hope you guys dig the old school vibe

  • Jay Spriggs

    GLO///Beanstock///We like it RAW///Yea Yea!!!///

  • that hits! its so dark its beautiful yo

  • Yong Notiz Yi

    Artist: Notiz YONG and Atlas
    Produced by: Slick C
    Engineered by: Notiz YONG

    Hope all is well with yall! Here’s a track, off of my “Dear Rappers” project. Blessed to have worked with my good homie, Atlas (first rapper on track) and Slick C (producer of beat). Hope yall enjoy!

  • Jay Spriggs

    We gotta work let’s do it for Boston!


  • alex

    Track I made a while ago, see if you fuck with it

  • D. McAfee

    Producer/MC: D. McAfee
    Location: Illinois
    Just tryina do the Lords work musically. I spit, make beats, and play the bass and electric guitar. Hit me up at to link up.

    check out my soundcloud:

    God bless

  • this is a great track!

  • Producer : DONKEY DUNKER
    Location : Paris France

    Hi, here’s a instrumental jazzy work, hope you ‘ll enjoy it !

  • “undercover rockstar” love that videos dope!

  • James Hellasauce Singletary Jr



  • James Hellasauce Singletary Jr


  • Jahael

    Thanks man – when it’s night out the night owls hunt down prey

  • Thanks man, I had fun with this one!

  • Beeisthefuture KB

    thanks man appreciate that!

  • 1. Artist: Sos’
    2. Location: (From Fort Worth, TX) Beaumont, Tx Lamar University
    3. Twitter:
    4. Yo whats up everyone, my name is Sos’. Just released an album called “Central Heating” the link below is the eighth song on it called “Night Strolls.” It’s one of my favorite tracks on there personally but let me know what you all think and peep the album as well if you like the track. Can’t wait to check out y’all’s music as well!!

  • Yo this is dope man good work, I gotta weak spot for jazzy beats lol they’re my favorite. Also pretty cool that you’re from Paris, gotta homie down in Texas from France. Keep up the good work homie.

  • Micheal Briant


    Los Angeles, Ca

    Whats up guys, I’ve been posting here for a few weeks letting you guys know about my upcoming Release “LocalBlac” EP. Its finally here. Hope you guys enjoy it, i’ll leav e 2 links. One to the soundcloud and the other link if you guys want to subscribe to my spotify and keep up with my upcoming works.

  • Yo bro I really mess with this man, song dope as hell. Brought the bars and I like what you did with the hook kept it simple but the layers made it dynamic. ill word play etc. Keep it up dude.

  • Nice track bro, real chill shit. Needed it to be longer man but dope tho!

  • Stone Flacco

    Producer: Stone Flacco IG: @stoneflacco
    Artist: Ra Cesar IG: @ra_slang
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Was good Indie peoples. Im a producer/engineer from Chicago. Been making music for a while now. This is my first post so i hope you guys enjoy the music. if you guys ever want to collaborate, hit me up.

  • Thanks for vibing with my music! Hit up my email.. Justice@JusGamble.Com

  • Yo you guys killed it man. Word play sick as hell. The hook is cool too perfect for the beat and perfect voice on that joint

  • Sounds y’all probly had a dope time making this track. Everyone on it got dope styles & flow

  • This record is str8 fly! Homie on the 1st verse slaughtered it.. the hook is dope.. and I’m feeling that 2nd verse too

  • Sone Flacco

    This project is nice. The production is dope. Lyrics are meaningful. The quality is good. Big ups to the engineer. Overall dope!

  • Stone Flacco

    This is smooth

  • Micheal Briant

    Thanks gee ! Appreciate that if you want email me. I’ll send you a link to download the mp3s all love fam !

  • Toast


    Brampton Ontario Canada

    Hey everyone whats popular? I’m just a Canadian artist not too far from Toronto just hoping yall can check out my new track! I dropped it this week and its off my upcoming project “CHEERS” Cant Hurt Everyday Eventually Remember Smile. It recently got featured on and I wanted to share it with you! Please please please repost, share comment your thoughts and like the song! Follow my pages and lets keep in touch! Thank you !

    Here’s the link to my soundcloud with the song :

    Check out the write up on #ThisIs50 here :

    and the #MyMixtapez link here:

    Like My facebook page Toast and don’t forget to check out #SomethingSpecial on my soundcloud today!

  • Thanks!

  • I mess with the old school sound and dope flows!

  • This is mad cool dude I like the intro

  • yeesh this shit is nice, I agree dude did kill the hook.

  • Litman

    Thank you bro for the nice words. Peace

  • nice track bruh

  • Martyn Binnie

    i know for certain these guys had a great time making this tune, especially getting a legend like Buckshot on it, i had a lot of fun working on this remix too, thanks for checking it out

  • Martyn Binnie

    fuck yeh! thanks for listening!

  • ill shit bro this is nice

  • I fw it!!

  • Thank u homie

  • Hella nice bro. Keep workin

  • from one producer to another, nice work man. great feel to this

  • Dope ass accent sounds like Earl Sweatshirt could be featured. Rhyme scheme just dumb breh

  • oh shit this is nice man!

  • No problem!

  • Ride out!

  • No problem at all

  • Great work man

  • I’m feeling this vibe man, props on flowing over the classic soundin beat

  • Thank you!

  • This is awesome. Then that 2nd track is knocking right after, love it

  • Got a dope tru hip hop sound to this beat/track. The rhyme schemes on here are too fresh

  • no problem!

  • Thanks man. I really love this beat, had to rap on it when I heard it.

  • Shampoo Hazey

    OOOH! This is good. Relieved 🙂
    Not trying to be anything but yourself

  • Shampoo Hazey

    Thanks so much!

  • Shampoo Hazey

    Thanks man

  • no prob!

  • Thanks! What’s the point of rapping if you can’t be yourself

  • Artist: Impulse
    Location: DMV (D.C., Maryland, & Virginia)
    Track: “The Message”

    I was featured on here once before for, what was at the time, my only song. Never submitted again, but here I am now. This is for an 8 Bars Competition hosted by popular lyrical hip-hop site TeamBackPack. Rules are pretty simple. Make a video with no instrumental of you spitting 8 bars. If you like it then please like it on the site below as well since they’re not counting YouTube interactions.

  • A-God – Eye of the Needle (Prod. Evil Genius)

    Heavy cut I produced for emcee A-God out of Providence, RI. A real deep one about battling with personal demons. Thanks for the listen, peace!

  • Velly Marsh

    Velly Marsh

    Video: “Dread Head” Prod. by Passion Hi-FI

    Wasup everybody! I recently filmed my first video, i would greatly appreciate some feedback! Song explores the pros and cons of having dreadlocs, providing the listener with a splash of storytelling from the artist’s unique experience.

  • Velly Marsh

    Dope jam man!

  • Micheal Briant

    Chyeah ! Good looks

  • Micheal Briant

    Hah yessir ! Appreciate that

  • Adrian Wilson

    DuJuan iLL$on
    Grovetown, GA

    This track is called Whatabanger and it’s off my mixtape Lone Star Stunna Dos turn up!

  • Adrian Wilson

    Real shit man Dope!

  • Judge101

    Hey guys, I’m new to this site, but wanted to share with you upcoming hip hop / rap artist Judge. Coming from Alexandria, Louisiana!
    Check out his song I. BE. N. and let us know what you think!

    You can also find him on Facebook at:

  • Artist: D.Curtains
    Location: Atlanta, GA

    Track: Life We Live

  • tron pheiffer

    thank you.

  • tron pheiffer

    thank you. and thank you for the follow as well.

  • tron pheiffer

    thank you, i appreciate it.

  • Good looks Velly!

  • no problem, your sounds dope!

  • Fire track!

  • Deep shit, man, I like it

  • Dope ass video for sure

  • Yo this track is fire, you got a new follower

  • Fresh song, man, you just got a new follower. I just dropped a trap-style song if you tryna check it out. Keep doing your thing

  • Beeisthefuture KB

    thanks bro!

  • Dope video man, keep puffing that green haha

  • Damn man, that flow is on point, and I dig the instrumental. You got a new follower

  • I’m feeling these lyrics, I can tell you’ve got a story behind it. You’ve got a new follower. Keep it up man

  • This instrumental is so fresh, man, I’m already freestyling as I listen to it haha. You’ve got a new SC follower

  • Chill song and dope ad-libs. Ya’ll got a new SC follower

  • Ayy! Much love for that dawg

  • Fresh track, man, I vibe with this. You’ve got a new follower

  • Thanks man! I shall

  • Vic$enzu

    Artist: Vic$enzu

    Location: VA

    Twitter: @vicdoesntcare

    I go by Vic$enzu and I recently began making music. This is my first time posting to this site, and I just wanted to share a new song that I dropped. Feedback is very much appreciated. Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!

  • Yo, I really like the concept of the theater production, very original. You’ve got a new SC follower

  • Stone Flacco

    Thanks. I’m glad you liked it. We have physical copies for sale if your ever interested in listening to the whole project. Email is thanks again

  • Stone Flacco

    Thanks man. I appreciate your feedback. If you ever want to buy a physical copy just email me,

  • Yo thank you very much for your message Sos’
    I’ll share other Jazzy beats like this one in the future.
    Hi five to you and your french homie .
    Greetings from Paris – Take care and see you around !

  • thank you! getting that crowd noise right was a bitch, glad people fuck with it!

  • Chingy Di

    Chingy Di
    Philadelphia, PA

    New track from my upcoming mixtape “40 Minutes” dropping April 12th. Video dropping April 5th. The weather has been surprisingly good today.

  • Martyn Binnie

    thanks! appreciate your support

  • Ugochukwu Obata

    Lucky Laud
    Lithonia,GA EA6
    new track from the upcoming 4/20 EP mixatpe dropping on datpiff. Stay Creative, Stay Positive, Stay Grinding.

  • 402 Music Recordings

    Location: Midwest
    Label Website:

  • Percell Velore

    Abu Velore .. from Bklyn N.Y – A hip hop pioneer –

  • Guess I forgot to put my social media…

  • I look forward to it! See you around

  • Thomas E R Maguire

    Thomas E.R. Maguire, resident of Chicago

    A few verses for our troubled times, beat from Original Middle Ground.

  • Iam Jmaurice

    Music Artist:J’Maurice
    Track: Tomorrow

    Just trying to bring back that feel Good Music
    I hope you really enjoy this track

  • Jesse Santana

    Jesse Santana
    Hey. I’m from Colorado just messing around. Check out my Soundcloud and my song and lemme know what you think. I don’t really have a studio. I just bought a little mic and mix my stuff best I can so lemme know what you think.
    Produced by Thomas Crager Beats

  • Jesse Santana

    Lol i love that white boy flow. And nice diction

  • Thomas E R Maguire

    This is clever and original, better than most of the stuff my kids listen to

  • Thomas E R Maguire

    Hmm…I think this is a compliment so thank you, but I’m too much your elder for you to address as “boy”

  • Jesse Santana

    Thanks lol

  • D-lo Brown

    Yo what’s good indie Wednesday ! I’m dlosuavé & this is probably the hardest sh*t you never heard 💯💯💯

  • Hey thank you for your message Gabe Gon,
    So I listened to your post, great flow you got !
    I’ll follow you as well. If you ‘re interessed to rap on one of our beat tell us we could try a feat. What do you think ?

  • Thanks again Justice Gamble for listening and your comment.
    As a matter od fact I was listening to your song Light it Up.
    The sound is very fat ! I was wondering with what kind of hardware or software you are working ? Peace and take care

  • Deadly Mix Productions

    TiKkO (Detroit). The lead single off my upcoming first full-length album “Omnisyllabic” (available everywhere on CD and digital download April 14th), “Alyssa’s Song” is a dedication to parenthood and my daughter. Like most tracks on the album, “Alyssa’s Song” is not another typical rap song.

  • Maschine and Pro Tools brotha. I’m glad you feeling the sound! What you using?

  • Velly Marsh

    Thank you bro! Appreciate you listening!

  • Jay Tru

    whats good i’m kinda late but….

    Artist Name: Jay Tru
    Location: Alabama
    Social Media:

    Track: There

    whats good i’m kinda late but…. i’m an Artist outta Alabama an this is my new single off of my upcoming EP. I’ve been a fan since i can remember, i’m talkin EPMD days, and i’ve been putting pen to pad for just a long, i’m open to work/ collab with anybody lets work!, peace…

  • OK, Mashine seems to be great indeed.
    I work a little bit in Logic, but I make everything in Protools.
    It’s the best for editing and mixing ! Take care, I’ll catch your sound next week !


    Producer: KID from Hitmakuzz Productions @KID_HMK (IG, Twitter)
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Track: RocKstar

    I hope you all enjoy this track! Hit me up and let me know what you think. My crew is HMK, and we are made up of artists and producers from Chi-town, STL, and H-town. I’m new to this site, so show me some luv and I will do the same in return. #HMKALLDAY

  • Justin Horne

    Artist: Thought Provokah
    Location: Port Jervis,NY
    Track: “Da Buttahs” (Prod. Hundat%)

    Yoo, Yoo, Yoo! Hitting y’all with some dope boombap, east coast nostalgia! I call it “Da Buttahs” and it is the lead single off my EP “Essence of 94″…I hope you all knock your head back to this joint, one love!

  • Peep This Space

    Glass Meadow
    Copy Paste Ting, YES

    This is that Experimental Boom Bap Hip Hop Roots Ish. Coming at your Roof Top Straight from the Undercarriage. Sprinkle in some Garage and Ambient to Make a Sonic Marriage. Hope you enjoy Please do leave some Feedback, If you Dig it or even if you think its Really Wack. Peace and Love.

  • Miles Monroe II

    Artist: Mile$
    Location: Philadelphia, Pa
    Track: Alone (prod. Native Neji x Roland Caulker)

    This is a song I put out a month ago, something to get through relationship bs that I encountered in the last six months. I dont like to put the stigma of jus a rapper so I just consider myself a artist. I do this along w/ creating my own screenplays in school. Hopefully it’ll be worth a listen 🙏🏽.

  • God Handwrite It

    Whats Poppin Its R.M. From FLA Reppin D.E.C. I Update Regularly On My Cloud And Soon Youtube I Just Dropped A Dope Jam On A Fire Saxophone Beat Produced By “nohidea” Called “Brutus And The Dirty Chucks Of Legend” 🎷🔥🔪


  • God Handwrite It

    This Junts Fire And Your Voice Is Sick Keep It Up I Followed You On The Cloud

  • God Handwrite It

    I Dig The References Beats Pretty Sweet Good Job On That Mix Was Ok Just Work On Delivery And Addin Layers To Your Vocals

  • God Handwrite It

    Sounds Sick Out My Big Speaker lol Followed You On The Cloud Fam Keep It Up

  • God Handwrite It

    Just Needa Work On Delivery You Sound Sick Tho Id Bump This Whippin Around At Night

  • God Handwrite It

    I Thought It Was Dope Fosho A Selective Kinda Song But Beat Was Ok Bars Were Keepin Me Around Overall A Solid Track Nice Lil Flow In The Middle

  • Peep This Space

    Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate your comment!

  • Joseph Sullivan

    On vinyl:) Peace!
    Raashan Ahmad and myself, DJ Kayote

  • yo thanks man glad your feeling the vibes subscribe we trying to get to 100subs

  • yo thanks you man appreciate you glad you can feel the darkness.

  • thats whats up man glad you digging it!

  • glad it got you vibing heavy man

  • Reginald Handy

    Name of the artist: Ghost Wolf

    Location: Denver, Colorado

    Social Links: Twitter- @GhostWolfHipHop

    Ghost Wolf is attacking this Hip Hop thing from a whole new level and writing challenging and thoughtful music! Safe to say it is unlike anything you’ll ever hear right now!!

  • Preciate it!

  • Steven Anderson

    Hello! My name is Anderson, and I’m a new artist out of the OC in California. I’ve dropped over 10 songs in the 2 months I’ve been working at this, and I’m still trying to put that consistent work in. Please check out my first song GOT SO MUCH GAS

  • Percell Velore

    Abu Velore from Brooklyn N.Y help pioneer the hip hop culture listen to – I master the game / The vintage album –

  • Percell Velore

    Abu Velore – Bklyns N.Y hip hop pioneer , new single Caught you on the low..-

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