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Published on March 1st, 2017 | by FuNkwoRm


Hip Hop Artists: Post Your Music (3-1-17)

Yo Yo!!

…It’s Indie Wednesday! Time to share your music!

If you’re new to this hip hop blog, check out the rules below and post your music.


1. Everyone is limited to one music post per week. Spammers will be banned.

2. You can post the same song if you posted it the previous week but keep that practice in moderation

3. Converse and dialogue with each other as much as you like. In fact, I encourage it.

Here is the suggested format:

1. Name of the artist:

2. Location (where are you from)

3. Couple of your social links (Twitter and or Facebook)

4. Say something about yourself, hip hop, or anything interesting. It can also be totally unrelated to music. Show us you have a personality.

Post music or videos that can play in the thread please. No download links to your mixtape.

Feel free to post any PICS and GIFs.



About the Author

FuNkwoRm is a music producer, creator of the hip hop comic strip, Rap Ratz, and has a dope backspin.

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  • Azrael Encarnacion

    Azrael Encarnacion
    South Bronx, NY
    s o c i a l m e d i a l i n k s :
    What’s good Hip-Hop!? Last Wednesday I shared “Handcuffs” from my newly released EP, Yours/NotYours. On this day of travelers + Mercury, I’d like to post Uptown Redbird. A song about leaving home behind if you’ve outgrown it + home even giving you the blessing/push to move forward. Have a listen and as always good vibes!

  • It’s Wednesday again! This week I’m putting up a 16 bar rap that I made. Let me know what you think, I don’t rap as often as I sing.
    Name: Destiny Claymore of Dark Matter
    Twitter/instagram: @destinyclaymore

  • Michael Plynn

    Name: Michael Plynn of Black Sheep Affiliates

    Location: Thieveland, Ohio

    Social Links:

    Wake up, wake up, wake up it’s the first of the month!!! What’s good everybody?! Missed a few Wednesdays but we’re back with a HOT ass joint! Rockstar is a collaboration featuring Michael Plynn of BSA & Joey Soprano & Kong from Cleveland based label CO2/3MB. Any feedback is appreciated!

  • Michael Plynn

    Dawg you have a unique style. Followed you on Sound Cloud. Respect on switchin it up.

  • Uzee The BovvaKing
    This is a song from my EP JAZZ & VODKA with Producer Grolok Panicrum,hope you take some mins out of your time to listen.thanks

  • Powmc
  • Tubby Corleone

    NAME ~ Tubb
    LOCATION ~ Chesapeake Virginia
    ARTIST BIO ~ Hello This is my first wednesday posting i wont make it my last i’m a 19 Year Old Artist From VA trying To get my Sound Heard across The world To Ears I can’t Reach Please Take the time To Listen to My New Single I Just Dropped It Last Week please Give me Feed Back I Hope You Guys Like It Listen to Tubb – Comeback(Prod. By eK!)

  • What’s up ya’ll, hope the past week treated ya well. My name is GabeGon and I’m from Jacksonville. I rap mostly, but I try to produce and sing some too. This song I’m posting this week is about stuntin around the city with my squad, and I’m sure ya’ll can relate some haha. If you like my shit then you can follow me and I’ll make sure to check ya’ll out too. You know I’m always workin on new songs, so expect to see more of me haha

    IG: gabegon.z
    YouTube: GabeGon

  • Producer: Jus Gamble, @JusGamble
    Residence: Boston, MA
    Track: Wake Up (Prod. Jus Gamble)

    Sup Indie Hip Hop Heads! It’s Gamble back with another rhythm! Just dropped this new single a couple weeks ago called, “Wake Up”. It’s featuring E Jake from Boston, & Duffel Bag Hottie out of Buffalo. The record was Produced, Recorded & Mixed by myself. Let me know what you think! Enjoy Bumpin’.. (Setting up to release my next single this month, stay tuned! Album, “Gamble Royale” is also out now on iTunes, Spotify & more!)

  • D-lo Brown

    Errbody getting shots like we giving out vaccines 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Tubby Corleone

    You Like that Bro ? I really appreciate You checkin out My sound man Thank You !

  • Cool abstract sounding track right here, nice originality and flow on this

  • D-lo Brown

    Yooooo what’s good Indie Wednesday community ! I go by the name D~Lo $uavé , I’m from Dallas Texas & I would love for you to check out this Uber Everywhere remix I dropped a few months ago .. If you wanna connect with me add me on Snapchat , that’s where I do most of my dirt lol (@itsonly_dlo)
    Listen to “Mobbin Everywhere” (Uber Everywhere Remix) Mixed by TuxedByTux by D~Lo $uavé #np on #SoundCloud

  • Intense track right here! Nice work

  • Gore Illa

    Listen to Ralph Lauren By the Heretix –

  • Tracks got a dope cool/dark vibe to it. Feelin it

  • M.O.M.M. 5

    Name: Hunnid

    Location: Chicago, IL

    Social Networks:




    Latest Mixtape:

    Latest video:


  • D-lo Brown

    Boy that shit had me yelling “Yuuuhhhhh” ! My gf looking at me like I’m Crazy lol

  • Ayyy, I see you with that flow tho! Cool switchups in the track too

  • Danzel Hines

    Artist: DL Mekka ft. MoneySignHines
    Song: Lessons
    Location: Waterbury CT, Bronx NY

    My fellow creators DL Mekka and MoneySignHines just dropped some knowledge. This is hiphop funk meets soul trails and tribulations of life talked about on one record. Take a walk in the shoes of these two artist enjoy. Feedback would greatly be appreciated. Let’s all work and grow together

  • Hot track brotha! You def came with it on a lot of those punch lines, props

  • Lmao at that skit in the middle. That hook is catchy tho man, that rhymes scheme in that 2nd verse really got my bouncing too

  • Always been a fan of this beat, nice work on it man. This joint go

  • Watchu know bout?!?!! While I’m rockin’ that!!

  • Tubby Corleone

    Thanks lol I’m Glad U enjoyed It bro Where You From ?

  • r

    Back at it with more heat, them wave changn kids is back!

    @Them6Kids @KITB6

  • Thank you for listening to LkL! We are a music group from Chapel Hill, NC, USA known as “lowkeylife”. Last week our member “JaSeth” released a brand new single. Take a listen at the link below and let us know what you think!

    “Not Worried” – JaSeth:

    Official Website:

  • Tubby Corleone

    Thanks Alot Brother ! I really appreciate The Love

  • D-lo Brown

    Np G , the beat was litty too ! I’m from Texas tho

  • Got some hot tracks here bro, nice variety

  • Dope track, can really feel this shit

  • D-lo Brown

    This Track is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 on some trap n b / trap soul type shiii , its definitely worth a 2nd or in my case a 3rd listen !

  • D-lo Brown

    Ayyyy preciate you Gamble bro !! Yea the beat is toxic , even tho a lot of niggas killed it making ppl kinda over look my version cus so many trashy freestyles out there lol but a lot of my fans had never heard the original so after listening to mine they said it was better so its kinda a double edge sword so to speak

  • Yong Notiz Yi

    Artist: Notiz YONG
    Producer: B The Wiz
    Location: IE, CA

    Hope all is well with yall! Here is a little something I did with a good friend of mine, B The Wiz. And so yall can put a face to the songs I’ve been posting haha Much love as always!

    Social Media:

  • Thanks man, I had a good ass time working on this beat! I’ll check out your stuff too

  • 402 Music Recordings

    Artist: ILLChild

    Location: Omaha, Nebraska

    twitter: @402musicrecordings:disqus
    FB: @402music
    Insta: @402music

    Shout out to the Indie artist grinding in this struggle. We pray for your success! Speak it into existence.

  • Yo man, I’m feelin that hook, simple but catchy af. The beat sounds like it’s got a lot going on, but ya’ll killed that shit for sure

  • This joint bang!! Beats hot right here, nice work. Back at it againnnn

  • Feeling this vibe heavy right here, my kinda jam. Great vocals on this, feeling them background vox

  • Way to rock it with that trumpet. U got a good voice for hip hop to man

  • The singer mixed with the tough rappin, is sound right. good work

  • Yong Notiz Yi

    Much appreciated forreal!

  • No doubt

  • Ayyy, Much love for that!! Glad you vibin’ with the sound!

  • No doubt, and thanks man!

  • Thank you my man

  • 402 Music Recordings

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Michael Plynn

    Thank you, I appreciate the feedback!

  • Jimmy ValenTime

    Jimmy Valentime
    Bronx, NY

    Galaxy – Jimmy Valentime

    Description :

    “Galaxy” is a new freestyle over J. Cole’s
    “Everybody Dies.” The track takes the concept in a more fantastical
    level as Jimmy ValenTime contemplates what happens to you after you die.
    The music video mixes moments from Jimmy ValenTime’s life with iconic
    images from Star Wars and Guardians of The Galaxy and re-imagines them as album covers in Jimmy ValenTime’s album collection.

    Mike Mezzl X T-Blaze X Jimmy ValenTime – PikaWhat (Remix 1)

    Mezzl drops his new remix “PikaWhat,” featuring T-Blaze and Jimmy
    ValenTime. The tracks banging production and high energy flow are sure
    to set off any party.The track takes Pokémon in a new direction, as the rappers play out characters from the classic television series. The song is a bonus track on Mike Mezzl’s new mix-tape Super Mezzl World.

  • Villanova Slim

    Jim Swim x Villanova Slim
    From: Iowa City, Ia x Chicago, Il
    Track: Knuckleball (Prod. by Dil Withers)
    Swim and Slim go bar for bar over this Dil Withers laid back track.
    They strike that crucial balance of dope bars and just being cool af.
    With Jim Swim hailing from Iowa City and Villanova Slim coming out of the south side of Chicago, they form an alliance thats nothing short of spectacular. Check it out and let us know what you think.
    Twitter: @itsjimswim @villanovaslim

  • Powmc

    Haha, thanks for noticing bro! Appreciate the feedback

  • Dragon Roots

    name : dragon roots

    bio : I make lo-fi hip hop mostly, and just chill beats that I make in my bedroom, I sometimes sample vocals and hooks, cos I don’t rap, I just enjoy making beat tapes with a chill vibe to them. My main inspirations are J dilla, nujabes, DJ shadow, and even artists like Isaiah rashad, Lil ugly mane and DJ Paul when I’m going for a different vibe.

    Give a listen to one of my beats if you feel like it, I made a small tape a few months ago but never really tried to promote it anywhere, this is just the intro beat to the tape, to give you a general vibe, and I hope you like it, and if you do, give a listen to the rest of the tape, it’s very short but you might like it.

  • RashadthaPoet

    Rashad thaPoet

    Nashville, TN

    @rashadthapoet twitter/ IG

    Soul-hop artist, actor and activist. Music keeps us all alive. Why not say something that brings life.
    Free-Lude (Wanna be Free)

  • Deray Wilson

    AR & IP
    FROM: Alaska
    TRACK: Mula

    Track released last week positive feedback so far. Let me know what you guys think of the music

  • Trelly Mack

    Artist: Trelly Mack Ft. Maskerade Song:
    Have Some Fun City: Milwaukee, WI
    Twitter: @trellymack Instagram: Mack_Almighty

    Song Link:

  • Ray Tha Rulah

    Ray Tha Rulah
    Hope Mills, NC
    Twitter and IG: @RayThaRulah910
    Facebook and SC: Ray Tha Rulah

    Whats good fellow indie artist? Today im sharing a track called “Matador” from my upcoming project “Treat.Heal.Cure.” The song is about dealing with the bulls**t that life throws at you from time to time. Feel free to leave some honest criticism for me. Yall be blessed

  • Litman

    Mr. Ripley (raps)
    LitmanOne (beat)

    Today I want to present this dope song. Mr. Ripley spit some fire on one of my beats. We connected on soundcloud and did this colabo-track:

    I really hope some people take a listen and leave a comment.

    Social media:

    Peace LitmanOne



  • HoodLUM Bruh

    @lumcae on twitter and stuff
    Visual coming for this one soon

  • Tubby Corleone

    I Like The Chill Motivational Vibe This Track Got brodie Keep em comin🔥

  • Tubby Corleone

    “She Know That I’m That Nigga in my worst day better than your birthday whether im broke or breakin 7 figures” That word play G 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Legindary Lee Man

    Name: Legindary Lee Man
    Song: I’m Celibate to Default
    Genre: Purpose Pimping

  • Much love!! You alrdy know man, the grind don’t stop! Next single dropping this month, appreciate the support!

  • Azrael Encarnacion

    Dope. Thanks for listening bro!

  • Azrael Encarnacion

    I peeped that! Followed you back about to check out more of your tracks! Thanks for checking me! Vibes.

  • Azrael Encarnacion

    !!! Aayyy the energy on this infectious af! Much respect to Cleveland.

  • nick bowens

    Name: Nick Bowens
    Location: Houston, Tx
    Twitter: NickBowens_ , Instagram: NickBowens99
    I’m just a highschool kid making chill ass vibe type hip hop. This is my first time posting on here so i hope y’all fw me and i can’t wait to hear some of the stuff already on here. This song is a single from my upcoming project set to drop in a month or two.

  • Azrael Encarnacion

    This is fire! Gotta check out more Dark Matter. Loving your voice/flow.

  • Jxrg

    Yo hows it goin guys? They call me Foolish Nehville, i’m a new school rap artist and producer out of Southern California.
    Check out my newest track if you have the time, it’d be awesome if you do, but its cool if you dont.

    I like to describe my music as dark shit you can get jiggy to, but to everyone their own, enjoy!

    Dont forget to follow if youre feeling it!


  • Azrael Encarnacion

    Loving the vibe on this! Visuals are on point too.

  • Thank you! Glad you liked it! If you have soundcloud follow us, I follow back!

  • Ryan Boris Hamilton
  • D-lo Brown

    Ayyyyy ! Bro that part always stumble people , I’m glad you fwi .. Soundcloud follow4follow like4like repost4repost ?

  • i like it man really chill vibe, i see lots of potential in you

  • anthony stephenson

    Brooklyn,New York
    Twitter: @TruSTony_

    Wus gud indiehiphop my name is TruSTony from NYC. This is my first time posting so I figured i’d give yall something short but dope to bump on this weird Wednesday. “YOUniverse” is the first and only single from my upcoming project “The Escapism EP” (4/13). The key to everything is timing and balance don’t reminisce …..reinvent.

  • 2Bastards

    Yo guys! We are 2BASTARDS, a duo out of Boston, MA (Congruence and Tony
    Vin¢ent). I would describe our music as Conscious Hip-Hop, putting our
    own spin on a mix of old school/newer influences. We just released our
    debut which is a double EP/mixtape called “Blessed”. I posted a link to the full playlist previously, but today I’ll show you guys a solo track from each of us, as well as the title track which features both of us. I will be back on here later tonight checking out some of the other artists and commenting so let us know what you think and follow us on social media and we will do the same.



  • 2Bastards

    Liking the switch between rapping and singing, been trying to move towards that mix myself I just have to learn how to sing a little better!

  • Sima Guyumdzhyan
  • 2Bastards

    Loving this beat!

  • Andrew Figueroa

    Los Angeles

    Yo! Hope you all are feeling blessed and inspired today! I wanted to share a short (4 track) EP I dropped yesterday. It’s an all-Latino collaboration with the Hip-Hop group Weapons of Mass Creation (WOMC) out of Anaheim, CA:

    “To Keep a Plant Alive is a powerful and raw journey of the growth of a young artist. We follow Fig on his search for self-worth and the communities that taught him to recognize his own potential. He leads us through the love and vulnerability it took to find his value amidst the rejection and failure on the path of following his dreams.”

    From one artist on the endless grind to another, this is for us. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

  • Boothe205

    Birmingham, AL
    instagram- @idolwit/ twitter- @idolwit/ fb- idolwitofficial

    This is Lucid, a single from my groups new project Prophets. If you like what you hear show us some love by following,liking ,and sharing. Thank you in advance. 1Love!

  • Joey Vaio

    Name: Joey Vaio

    Location: Fayetteville, NC

    Song Link: “93” [Prod. Karde] – Joey Vaio

    Description: Fayetteville, NC artist Joey Vaio is 24 years old. Active since 2008, is a member of the Rotation Love music group and has amassed a small following in his city over the past 9 years. His upcoming mix-tape “Long Live Vaio II” is due to drop in July 2017.

  • James Dobbins Jones

    Hey guys this is my first Rap music video, hope y’all enjoy it

  • Nes Vvs

    Nes Vvs
    Buffalo, NY
    Coast (Prod. by Boog Brown)
    Hot Track off Sidewalk Executives
    Hot Track Off Sidewalk Executives 2 Take a walk through the world of Nes Vvs “Listen” “Like” “Follow”

  • Ruthless&Wild New Realeases streaming anywhere now! Chuck Jay feat. Rockey Washington – “They Know”

  • M.O.M.M. 5

    Salute 💯 much appreciated 🙌🏾

  • Appreciate that my g!

  • yelland

    Vancouver, BC
    @ryanYELLAND (twitter & ig)
    I rip perfect parchment paper.. oh, and I rap.

  • N.Y.N.E

    Whats good errbody!

    Artist: N.Y.N.E
    Location: Outer Space

    Social media:

    I’m droppin a freestyle every week, and this time its over an Apollo Brown instrumental, name of the track is “Lower the boom freestyle”
    Y’all gonna fukk wit this no doubt
    Make sure y’all like n follow. Imma be postin new content every damn week so stay tuned.

    Stay Woke//

  • N.Y.N.E

    Artist: N.Y.N.E
    Location: Outer Space
    Producer: Apollo Brown – Lower the boom instrumental

  • Thank you! I’m sure you’ll get it soon, it just takes practice! If you’d like to see more subscribe to our youtube or follow for follow on soundcloud!

  • ’96 Ronin

    ’96 Ronin
    New Jersey
    Twitter: @Qissteez
    My name is ’96 Ronin and I’m a 20 year old rap artist from New Jersey. I graduated high school in 2014 and for the past three years I’ve been struggling with finding my purpose and finding a job. I’ve been writing poetry and music since i was 9 but didn’t start recording until after my first acid trip, about a year and a half ago. As far as music goes, I am personally fed up with the way hip hop itself is transforming into a mockery and think its time for real talent to be recognized. I pride myself on making sure all of my lines are strong enough to be said on their own. I just dropped this track “Cradle 2 the grave”, any support or feedback would be greatly appreciated

  • Rocwell

    Artist: Rocwell
    Residence: Los Angeles
    Track/Single: Elevator

    I am a
    singer/songwriter hip hop artist based out in LA. Below is my single
    ‘Elevator’ Would love your feedback. ‘Elevator’ is just the beginning I am very versatile, and write a
    lot. I’m currently working on an EP releasing Summer 17

  • LogicIsRelevant

    Hello people. Would love some feedback on this!
    Trey Coastal is the combination of emcees, Philip Bank$ and Cam Moss and producer, Rye Mann.
    No Lay-Ups (Side A)” is their debut album that was just released. The follow-up, “Side B”, will be released next month.
    “Polynesian Sand” video:

  • Artist: Max
    Album: Winter Is Coming
    Location : NYC

    As an artist, my music is a reflection of me searching for something that I enjoy and something that makes me happy in a world that at times, makes me uncomfortable. My music is my way of explaining those feelings and trying to escape them. All of the music I release, I write, record and mix and master myself, but I often work with other producers who make beats.

    Check it out guys! Hope you like it.

  • Tubby Corleone

    I’m just now seeing this lol and It was Fire G I love It You Did Your Thing and Yeah Brother Lets Do It Which track u want me to repost ?

  • Artist: D.Curtains
    From: Raleigh, NC
    Track: All In The Family (Prod. By Cakeboy Bally)

    New Music from D.Curtains. This track has been featured on HotNewHipHop. Mixed by Me. Listen & Give Feedback!

  • jtarrell111 .

    Producer: J. Tarrell
    Residence: Brooklyn Nyc
    Track: Big Moves- Ft Tauchiville
    Bad Lands Music Group

  • Christian Wilder

    Artist: pseudocentric
    Location: Phoenix, AZ

    Dropped a new video for a single off of an upcoming project. Shot it up north in flagstaff. Produced by myself as well. More music to come.

    ‘About Me’

  • qais

    Artist: AceQuared, @acequared
    Residence: Toronto, ON
    Track: Different

  • Trevor katiiti

    1. Name of the artist: TREV SZN

    2. Location (where are you from)- DETROIT

    3. Couple of your social links (Twitter and or Facebook)- TWITTER:OVOTREV

    4. Say something about yourself, hip hop, or anything interesting. It can also be totally unrelated to music. Show us you have a personality. JUST A YOUNG PRODUCER TRYNNA GET HIS FLOWS OFF

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