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Published on September 6th, 2017 | by FuNkwoRm


Hip Hop Artists and Beat Makers: Post Your Music! (9-6-17)


It’s Indie Wednesday! Time to share your music!

If you’re new to this hip hop blog, check out the rules below and post your music.


1. Everyone is limited to one music post per week. Spammers will be banned.

2. You can post the same song if you posted it the previous week but keep that practice in moderation

3. Converse and dialogue with each other as much as you like. In fact, I encourage it.

Here is the suggested format:

1. Name of the artist:

2. Location (where are you from)

3. Couple of your social links (Twitter and or Facebook)

4. Say something about yourself, hip hop, or anything interesting. It can also be totally unrelated to music. Show us you have a personality.

Post music or videos that can play in the thread please. No download links to your mixtape.

Feel free to post any PICS and GIFs.


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About the Author

FuNkwoRm is a music producer, creator of the hip hop comic strip, Rap Ratz, and has a dope backspin.

  • LIFE IS GOOD! Not one, but TWO of our records have hit 1k views on Spotify! Plus our member trippyTB has a new album coming out on Friday!

    Official Website:

    “Slowly Screaming” – lowkeylife :

  • Hey all! I have a new video here, we did it in one take and I tried to do something like combine a rap flow with my singing voice. Let me know what you think!

    Name: Dark Matter
    Location: MA
    Facebook: @DarkMatterCM
    Twitter/IG: @destinyclaymore

  • K.i.D

    #NewMusicAlert #NewMusicAlert

    NEW MUSIC !!!

    Hello, i am K.i.D (pronounced K eye D). I grew up in Chicago and make music! I have been recording for a few years and am getting ready to drop my latest EP called Late Bloomer. The project drops later this month…I will also have a contest for producers to make a beat to an acapella intro I recorded. The new song i dropped from the project is called “One for the..” and you can listen to it here:

    find me here:


  • Legindary Lee Man

    Legindary Lee Man (The Black Bobby Boucher)

    Bourbon Bowl


  • U.E.Records

    U.E.Records Here!!! Check out our trending Single”Hunnid” off of the #Summer17Album!!
    Name:Uneducated Scholars
    Location:Norfolk VA
    Facebook:Uneducated Scholars/@UERecords


    Melodiq – “Oh My Goodness ft. R33 SoundMakin”
    Produced by R33 SoundMakin
    Music Video:
    Purchase Single:

  • Decidingvov

    They (those who heard it) told me this song is to honest from a man stand point and and just enough ratchet to get the ladies to shake something lls. Let me no if you agree.

    Artist Name: DVOV
    Location: Maryland
    Links: IG, Snapchat, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter: @decidingvov
    Something About Me: Im from a place where opinions dont matter (DMV). As long as you believe in yourself then the world can rest in your palms. Been telling my story since 16. Featured on a song with Young Noble of the Outlawz, and got recognition from GOD as one of the dopest that havent been heard. Lol…hopefully that got your attention.

  • Danzel Hines

    Artist: MoneySignHines/Black James Bond
    Location: South Bronx
    Song: Stay On Your Toes
    Instagram: Moneysign_Hines
    Take a walk in my mental space don’t be scared to get lost


    I am n0t real. 👾

    I was borN in a pixelated storm. Sometime between the fall of B0wer’s castle and the collapse of Midgar.

    Here’s is one of my ENtries:

  • Mr. George

    Artist Name: Khadeem

    Location: Orlando, Florida

    Song: Even if it Kill Me (Prod by. Jhonny Charles)

    “Just do it” is a quote to sum up the attitude of multitalented Musician,
    Apollo X. Born in Orlando, with a strong
    Caribbean background, Apollo X is on the verge of launching a brilliant
    contribution to the entertainment industry. Appealing to the growing
    population of conscious smokers, a creative hip-hop style is delivered
    through Apollo X to reveal a rebellious but loving, crazy but strong
    minded, mature but innocent personality,

     “Trapped in Society,” scheduled to be released on September 11th is the first
    EP for Apollo X, but don’t expect armature performance. Instead,
    anticipate this EP to take you on a non-stop roller coaster, filled with
    clever contradictions, great production and catchy hooks.  Improving
    every beat with flow and vernacular is his specialty and enhances the
    listening experience.


    Social Media:

    Twitter: @ApolloXYBM
    Facebook: @ApolloXYBM
    Instagram: @ApolloXYBM

  • Soul King

    Long Beach CA

    Facebook – Soul King

    IG – @thesoulkingsk

    Twiiter – @SoulKing_SK

  • Artist: Jake G
    Location: Johnstown, NY
    Song: Tom Waits

    One of my favorites off of my upcoming mix tape: “A Slow Dance Mosh Pit.” A lofi jam about not sleeping.

  • Orry Elliott

    Orry E
    Lynchburg, VA

  • J El G

    Jiant El G
    VT 2tha BAY for inquiries and the like.
    I don’t really be on social media like that.

    Got the ender from my latest EP for y’all today. One of my favorite tracks from the project. Hope it gets y’all heads noddin. Peace, Fam!

  • J El G

    heavy aesop vibes from your delivery and voice

  • J El G

    “You’re just a lil kibble to this pit bull” that was nice, yo. I enjoyed this track, homie.

  • Ron S.

    Check Out The New Video…
    Chef boy ching #Expensive
    From chicago… This is the underground Take Over

  • J El G

    I mess with this. Some solid bars and wordplay in here.

  • TRE TREEZ is a independent artist out of Toronto, Canada seeking worldwide exposure.

    Treez just dropped his debut mixtape  “Wrong Place, Wrong Time” which is now avail on ‪Datpiff.c‬om *FREE DOWNLOAD*

    First video from the project, “in my projects” is on

    followed with the 2nd video “Heart Attack”

    and 3rd “Fallen”

    Tre Treez is ready to drop a Movie/Video for “Dead Dreams” in the next couple of days and would like you to debut it.

    If you like Witty word play and bars then TRE TREEZ is that guy with lots of fire, definitely a Rapper that will be making big moves.

    Here is a Interview with about the project.

    Stay Connected!!

    IG: ‪‬

    FB: ‪‬

    YOUTUBE: ‪‬

    TWITTER: ‪‬


    TRE TREEZ TV: ‪[image1.JPG‬]

    Thank You, Much Appreciated.

  • J El G

    Vibes, breh. Real spiel.

  • TRE TREEZ is a independent artist out of Toronto, Canada seeking worldwide exposure.

    Treez just dropped his debut mixtape  “Wrong Place, Wrong Time” which is now avail on ‪Datpiff.c‬om *FREE DOWNLOAD* 

    First video from the project, “in my projects” is on

    followed with the 2nd video “Heart Attack”
    and 3rd “Fallen”

    Tre Treez is ready to drop a Movie/Video for “Dead Dreams” in the next couple of days and would like you to debut it.

    If you like Witty word play and bars then TRE TREEZ is that guy with lots of fire, definitely a Rapper that will be making big moves.

    Stay Connected!!

    IG: ‪‬

    FB: ‪‬

    YOUTUBE: ‪‬

    TWITTER: ‪‬


    TRE TREEZ TV: ‪[image1.JPG‬]

    Thank You, Much Appreciated.

  • M.O.M.M. 5
  • Isaiah Russell

    Artist Name – Z.E.K.E.
    Location: Chicago, IL

    Who in the world is Z.E.K.E.? Simply put, ZEKE is an
    eclectic fusion of Futuristic Hip Hop Circa 2085 meets Electronica with a
    splash of Soul. No profanity, all inspiration.

    Hailing from Chicago, IL, Z.E.K.E. chose to make music as an
    avenue to motivate and inspire people. We could all use a bit of
    inspiration to help get us through this
    crazy thing we call life. His new single “SHAWN KEMP” is produced by
    Chicago’s own Mike Maserati Myers.

    Shawn Kemp Music Video

  • He is a major influence so I will take that as the highest of complements haha. Many thanks for listening!

  • J El G

    This is ill. From the breakbeat prodo to the verse deliveries and content. Good stuff fam!

  • OnDeck

    Artist: OnDeck
    Location: Greater Toronto Area
    Facebook/IG: @ondeckisdope

    Yo IHH! New to this community but I’m always lookin to connect with other dope underground artists out there. Here is one of my older tracks, short but sweet, gives you a little idea of my sound and what I’m doing as an artist. Enjoy!

  • J El G

    Haha, there you go then. No doubt!

  • Thank you! The beat and the video editing was done by my partner (the guy who rapped the first verse) Glad you liked our song! you can download free at

  • Lē’El Zadok Mahanem

    Hailing from the mean streets of Detroit, Michigan, home to the legendary Motown sound, Tha Jazzadelic is a cutting edge beatmaker and music producer who fuses elements of Funk, Soul, Jazz, and Hip Hop to create a unique kaleidoscope of eargasmic soundscapes. Imagine J. Dilla meets Slakah The Beatchild with light sprinkles of Flying Lotus, and just a hint of Mushroom Jazz on top.

    All my beats are available for both exclusive, and non-exclusive licensing. No beats may be used without express permission.

    Name: Tha Jazzadelic
    Location: Detroit, Michigan
    Facebook: @thajazzadelic
    IG: tha.jazzadelic

  • SONI
    Montreal, Canada
    Follow me on social media:

    PS: This song will probably offend you if you’re a b****

  • Dope video man

  • This is awesome haha #GTALife

  • Atomic Walrus

    Yo! Here’s our new track “Doublethink”- Live instrumentation Jazz/Rock fusion track with a pretty cool flow. Sick fast-rap part at the end. Would love feedback/tips on how to make our tracks hit harder!

    Name: Atomic Walrus

    Location: LA


  • Danzel Hines

    Thanks man let’s connect

  • Danzel Hines

    Thanks man 🙏🏿

  • aaron cordeiro

    Hey everyone it’s a dot c again from Cambridge Ontario,

    I am celebrating my sons bday this month , turnin 1! And untill it’s over I’ve been going light on my promo and just doing collabs💪🏼

    Follow my SoundCloud let’s support eachother💯🤘🏼 my vol.2 of features just started up last night, down to grab your spot

    🚨🔊💥Now Available exclusively on PrescriptionWav .com🙌🏻
    A DOT C : The Collection
    Streaming link🎶
    Best regards A DOT C


  • J El G

    I’m with it. I’ll hit you up on soundcloud

  • JC Tha Rapper

    Sup wit y’all, I’m a conscience mumble rapper from philly, Village Of The Hidden Strap. Me and my squad make these tracks so we go far, so check us out!

  • StrateA

    Song about my Mother
    If you a gamer you’ll like this one for the best


  • Yong Notiz Yi

    Artist: Notiz YONG
    Album: BRB
    Song: TTP
    Written, produced, and engineered by: Notiz YONG

    Hope all is well with yall! Here is a song off of my latest album (BRB), “TTP’. Hear the full album on all streaming sites, as well as on

  • Poetic Justice

    Name: Poetic Justice
    Location: Winnipeg MB
    IG: poeticjusticemusic94
    Twitter: chrisdraake

    What’s good music lovers, repost of my first track give it a listen if you haven’t. Exciting news though I am having my first performance next week! I came a long way from writing raps on my phone when no one was looking lol. Now i produce my own music and most importantly got respect from some of the most talented artists in my city. Keep grinding its only up from here.

    SONG : Intuition ft. Cisha

  • TXVic93

    Wassup y’all got a few “new” tracks on my Soundcloud. I recorded most of them in 2014 in my home. This particular one was recorded during the Ebola outbreak that reached Texas. It’s one of my more unique tracks where I connected the epidemic with dudes who simp uncontrollably putting themselves in bad situations. (I know it sounds weird but just give it a listen and see what you think!)


  • Detroitdrock

    Detroit, MI
    twitter @detroitdrock
    I love early 90s hip hop. Everything from Ice-T to Will Smith

  • Deuce Everett

    Name: Kasper De Vito
    Location: Dallas, TX
    Facebook: kasperdevito333
    Twitter/IG: Kasperdevito

    Hip-Hop artist with different styles from the Triple D Dallas,Texas. Would appreciate it you check out the new song, and like/follow on FB, Twitter or IG.


    thanks for the listen, fam! I appreciate it

  • John Tirado

    Artist: Joogstarz

    Location: Paterson NJ

    Song: Commas

    Instagram: @Joogstarz

    Coming from same hometown as rapper fetty wap

  • waco bell

    Yo! Check out our lyric video to “fair, well” featuring Dom B.
    Name:Waco Bell
    Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky
    Twitter & IG: @wacobell

    Our line up contains lyricist Reuben Bynes, producer Scott Gardner, & bassist Lee Williams.

  • Jay Olorunfemi

    Name: J. Feth
    Location: MA -> AZ

    Flawless Victory is a song that I made in attempt to bring originality back to the rap game. Way too many artists sound like each other these days, back in the day, that used to be called biting. We need less of that and more real, good, music. Check out the music video and share your thoughts.

  • angel d vega

    Name: Bam
    Location: NY
    Twitter: LordIlling

  • Tanner G

    23 year old artist out of Springfield, IL.
    Artist: Tanner G
    Location: Springfield, IL
    Instagram: thetannerg

  • Crispy Hundreds

    Im looking for new artists to collab with!!

    Crispy Hundreds
    I’m a 22 Y/O artist from Montreal, Canada.
    Soundcloud: Crispy Hundreds

    Check me out fam!

  • Zoye Blacc

    Artist: Zoye Blacc
    Single: For The Family
    Location: DMV

    We appreciate your support
    For more information on Zoye Blacc, check out

    Zoye Blacc is an emerging artist who embodies, nostalgic elements from the golden era of hip-hop, with relatable content, and a contemporary presentation that is unique and rare. His lyrics connect with a vast range of listeners and authentically resonate with people from all walks of life.

    His first single, “For The Family,” from his debut album, “Being” captures his ever-evolving process, struggles, and growth as an individual and an artist. Accompanied with soulful sounds from the nation’s capital (DMV), Zoye seizes the attention of hearers with his simplistic and common tones that display depth and unguarded honesty about his current realities versus his future focus and dreams. Through his music, Zoye Blacc takes us on a journey into the dark moments in life and gives hope through the light of his own self-discovery and vision. His internal perspective is what drives his ambition to succeed.

    Bringing Light And Changing Culture (Blacc) is a movement that brings people from outer fringes of the ordinary to their extraordinary potential. Zoye is a voice of and for the people! His audience and fans will be a part of a new culture that is emerging through art.
    Zoye currently putting the finishing touches on his project, “Being,” which is being produced and curated by the Internal Perspective Group (IPG).

    Stay Connected:
    Twitter: @zoyeblacc
    Instagram: @zoyeblacc

  • Kirko da Scientist

    Yo digging the vibe and message tho

  • Kirko da Scientist

    1. KS
    2. Chitown
    3. @incredible_kirk
    4. Yo what goodie! I go by KS aka Kirko the Scientist (yes I am a real like scientist lol). Alot of my musical influences have come from genera other than hip-hop such as rock and blues. I just released my latest track and would love some feedback! Give it a listen and tell me what you think!

  • Thank you!

  • I.B. Riderman

    Live from Newark, N.J. real hip hop music come take a walk with me through my America
    Name: i.b
    Location: Newark, N.J
    IG: ib_riderman

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