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Published on June 29th, 2011 | by FuNkwoRm


Help Us Bury The Word “UNSIGNED” on July 1st



In the spirit of INDEPENDENCE, IndieHipHop.net, artists, and associates are banding together to officially bury the word “unsigned” on Friday, July 1st, and declaring that we be referred to as INDEPENDENT ARTISTS instead. We believe that the  label “unsigned artist” has a negative connotation that reduces the worth
of that artist. Because before we are even considered “signable”, we are releasing projects, doing our own marketing, handling our own promotions, paying for studio time, selling merch, rockin’ venues and much more. We expect the respect and regard given to any other business entrepreneur. The word “unsigned” has just outlived it’s usefulness in the climate of todays music industry. We will be INDEPENDENT, our deals will be JOINT-VENTURES, and we will make July 1st a day that we reaffirm our worth.

So let’s send a message that will resonate throughout the industry. July 1st with be the “Death of Unsigned” and on that day, lets share our struggles, motivations, and solidarity on the social networks, Facebook and Twitter, and hashtag it with #RIPunsigned. Let try to make this a trending topic, and score another goal for ALL artists courtesy of the hip hop community!

If you’re down for the cause please share and retweet this message!






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