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Published on January 17th, 2012 | by Indie Hip Hop Staff


Download Our Hip Hop Blog Directory

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Here’s what’s inside this directory…

  • A list of hip hop blogs that will post your music (with their Twitter profiles)
  • A list of Internet radio stations that will play your music (with their Twitter profiles)
  • A list of some of the dopest graphic artists who will design your covers
  • A “must follow” Twitter list of those who regularly give very valuable advice to indie artists

My fellow bloggers and I agree that submitting music incorrectly accounts for a large percentage of rejections. So also included are…

  • Common mistakes artists make when submitting music
  • Why you’re probably not getting posted
  • What’s wrong with your email blasts?
  • Social media promotion mistakes

Also, the Online Grind hip hop blog directory is constantly being updated with new entries. So as an added bonus, those who purchase it will exclusively receive updates of newly added sites and information by email. FOR FREE! So it always stays fresh!

 It’s important that you know where to send your music to get it properly exposed. 


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About the Author

  • david

    i bought this yesterday and it looks like it’ll really come in handy once i start making music thanks for posting this :) made a mistake yesterday though, i posted my name and e-mail address thinking it was a subscription section but just read it properly now and realise that section is for people who want websites or e-mails listed, just a heads up letting you know there’s no point adding my e-mail address to your directory :P thanks again and keep the business/marketing/promotion etc posts coming

  • Raj

    Man, this is SOOOO needed. Thanks for putting together such a great directory and at such a reasonable price. Love this blog. Keep up the great work.

  • dman

    Thank You! This is great.

  • Biko

    Dope! I needed this. A lot to go through but you better believe I’m going to hit up every one of em. Good look.

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  • Warz

    A person who will help others will always be a prosperous person.
    Highly respect what you do and what you provide to your audience.
    Very good information to offer.

  • Nelson

    Salute to Funkworm once again! Thanks for keeping us up to date with the latest blogs supporting our music. Gotta admire those who help others especially when it comes to this business we’re in. If you haven’t done so, I would def support and get yourself a copy of this directory.

  • Don Krysis

    Online Grind Hip Hop directory is the best book out for any up & coming artist. It really helps u build a buzz for your music by directing u to the right people. If u really wanna get heard & get your music out to the masses don’t think twice about it download the Online Grind Hip Hop directory now.

  • Dave

    This guide is a HUGE come up – me and my boys 100 Proof are using it to promote their first video and we already got it on five blogs!!

    Check it out here

    Their mixtape is due out 2nd week of September

  • FuNkwoRm

    Thanks for the feedback Dave. NIce video fam. I’m gonna post it up. Stay on the lookout for it!! Keep up the good work.

  • FuNkwoRm

    Thanks Don! Keep in touch.

  • FuNkwoRm

    Thanks Nelson! More frequent updates on the way. Thanks for the feedback and support homie!

  • Joe

    This is a must buy for indie hip hop artists. It provides you with an insane amount of indie resources that would be extremely hard to find on your own.

  • FuNkwoRm

    Thanks for the feedback Joe.

  • RicDeVon

    I’ve been using the “Grind List” for about a week now and I must say it has taken away a lot of time spent searching Google for blogs. Me and my team, Lost World Music Group value the information that you give to the indie artist and the love u show for the indie scene. I hope to hear from ya soon tho Funkworm. Much Love!

  • FuNkwoRm

    Thanks fam. Good luck!

  • Omar

    Hey man thanks for the list of new contacts. I’ve been on your blog for a few hours and I got a lot of info and ideas on how to be a good indie artist and push my album. keep up the good work and thanks.

  • FuNkwoRm

    I’ll do my best Omar. Thanks for the feedback bro!

  • Josh Boots

    This is a great resource, thanks for putting in the time to gather all this info!

  • FuNkwoRm

    Thanks Josh for trusting me with your purchase!

  • Lyrical Militant

    Just picked this up, been lookin for a good resource like this. Much Respect for putting in the work on this guide!



  • Jimi “Buc BaLLzy”

    The directory is mos def a gr8 tooL for indie artist to have
    the updates and info you provide in your e-blast is often useful too.
    Stay uP, @BucBaLLzy

  • FuNkwoRm

    Thanks Gary!

  • FuNkwoRm

    Thank you Jimi!

  • hera1093,kiransweeter,kriss1,lisasucker

    Smart work. What a handsome amount of guide

  • Mega EvErs

    The online hip hop directory that i purcHased was really helpful and provided many resources for indie artist like myself.

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  • Rahat

    Really great resource! Saved me a ton of time I can focus on submitting my music to sites rather then searching through and finding places that will give me the time of day. Check out my latest single off of my upcoming ep “The Broken Ice EP” the song is called “Didi” its arabic pop infused rap song. (Rap is in english as is the first set of vocals).

  • Ecouia

    Just purchased mine and will be using it a.s.a.p. for my clients. I would highly recommend it! I do PR for alot of Indie Acts and I do alot of research and there was still blogs and radio stations I haven’t found.

  • JL Rida

    Thanks for the update Funkworm. I haven’t had much luck with the last version, but hopefully these new sites will be more open minded. Here is the project I tried promoting.
    Could you please give it a listen?

    Stand out tracks are: “Wildfire”, “No One Needs You”, and “That Time”.

    Thanks again,

  • Herman

    Had the online grind for a few months now been using it for one of my artist i promote and MANNNN!! really helpful and provided many resources Got my artist 20k youtube views in a few months

  • FuNkwoRm

    Glad to here that here that, Herman. More updates are on the way. Keep up the great work fam.

  • FuNkwoRm

    I’ll check this out JL. Try sending individual tracks or Soundcloud links. There are a lot of blogs and stations in there. One if not some of them will at least give you some feedback. It’s working for some so keep pushing my friend, keep pushing.

  • JL Rida

    Thanks for the advice. I’ll give it a shot.

  • Ryan Collins

    Very helpful directory and true professionalism on the follow-ups. Well worth the purchase!
    Feel free to check out my debut EP project at or on iTunes at

  • Kayla

    Great site & resource! Keep up the great work!

    Kayla Calloway
    Now available on & Amazon “The Essential Guide to Hip-Hop Marketing & Publicity” ebook

  • Anonymous

    peace… brother i really like this site and i would like to have my mixtape featured on here … i bought your online grind and for 3 months i got real focused … wooooohh!! now i have a major following @calicashflo like 20,000 REal followers my own website 1 million views on and 3 mixtapes on dat piff with views streams and downloads

    my album is dropping 03 – 09 -13 via TUNECORE

    i have a video i would like to post on here the place that got me started…

  • http://none Kuazine King ENT

    this was very helpful to me and my team. not only was it good but it boosted our moral.

  • Sammus

    Thank you! I really appreciate it — I’m a lady producer and rapper and it has been SO hard getting people to recognize that not only am I NOT a gimmick, but I am talented as hell in my production and rhymes. I hope these indie cats show me some love —

  • k.i.d.

    thanks for the update i’ve been trying to get my song on here for a while but i understand you get millions of submissions..i have a 5 song ep and a legit video coming out soon hopefully it makes the cut..1love!

  • Unfading Productions

    woke up this morning to a beautiful email and its much appreciated. being that im a producer, I like to listen to music A LOT. everytime this is updated, I find a new blog site that gives me new material to listen to and a potential new customer. this was a great investment.

  • K. Wagner

    How do we get the YouTube grind one if we already purchased the normal edition?

  • FuNkwoRm

    I appreciate the comment. Great beats on your site by the way!

  • FuNkwoRm

    Nice track fam. I think I heard this when you posted it on the Facebook page. I’ve put it in my queue. So stay on the lookout and thanks for following the blog!

  • FuNkwoRm

    Hey Sammus. You’re dope. I checked out the video you made for the contest and you definitely got the skillz. Hip hop needs more women to represent so I appreciate your contribution. I’ve bookmarked that video for later posting but I’m going to take some time out to listen to some of your other music. Keep in touch.

  • FuNkwoRm

    Check your email. Whatever email address you used to purchase the directory, is the same email used to send you the YouTube guide. Check your spam folder too. If you still can find it, let me know.

  • Clockwork Go Listen To This Raw The Mixtape

  • YoungStar Of SFO
    this one for all the twerkers and if u like good music , check this out plz !

  • Shamane Rivers

    Thanks for the list, although some the blog sites are not active, it is useful to see how many different music bloggers there are out there. Just keep us updated on the new links and new sites. Thanks again!

  • FuNkwoRm

    I’m glad that you’re getting some good use out of the directory. I’ll definitely keep you updated.

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  • jSing

    This is a great list

    Cool Rap Beats

  • A.D. Music

    Artist: A.D. Scott
    Embed Song:

    Having Trouble with That girl who Never hits you up?
    NC “Hip Pop Artist”. A.D. Scott Releases New Song “Still Busy”; A catchy Song that is relatable to anyone who’s significant other is “busy” all the time. Find more from this artist at:

  • Cashcal

    Courtesy Of Chicago

  • Tony Mitchell
  • Remix looking to build features with other artists if interested please let me know, would love to make new music with new people

  • buckhead beat
  • Kraza

    Hi, I was wondering if you could blog the world sensation ‘Og Niki’ ‘s return freestyle video.. Link below .. She has 1 million views on her ‘GrimeBlog – Spit Your Game’

    Lyrical Media

  • Ant Lyon

    What’s up funkworm, I really appreciate your blog and insight on the rap game it lets me know that there are people who still respect the artistry. I’m also thankful for the great work you do with directory, it is a great tool for me and my team! Please check out my track when you get a chance!

    Ant Lyon

  • artasha

    promote your videos on My Music Grind

  • #NiceguyTheILLIAN
  • Emmanuel
  • Clarence Lomax lll




  • Allen
    Amazing poetic love song by him check it out. Dope flow as well

  • Allen
    Another one by him dissing the shit out his EX. sheeesh Up and coming. Check him out

  • Carl


    Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

  • Carl
  • Tamara
  • Tamara
  • IAJH

    Colby Stiltz drops the 1st track from the upcoming album, “Down To Earth.”
    SoundCloud “There is Purp in the Universe” @ColbyStiltz

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  • MertzMusic

    Damn, this is a guide about where & how to get your music posted & so many of you guys are spamming the shit out of the comments. has a submissions form where you can submit to be posted. Maybe you should read the guide instead of posting your songs on the comments & saying “please post my shit”. You guys crack me up…

  • Spiffy Clark
  • MidasGawd

    Sparkz (Definition Of A GAWD):

  • J-watty
  • J-watty
  • Jeezy

    There’s a great new rapper out there, he is french but really good!
    You can have a look on his website

  • James J Perry

    Check out Mad Vicious I Don’t Like You Either Video.

  • Changster Jun Tony

    Yo son, is there a free sample of this guide so peeps can check it b4 purchase?


  • Mtell The BreadWinner
  • Aliou Sidibe

    Y’all need to see this Damnit !! hahaha

  • Hcmg Gang

    Take a listen New @TheRealSefmoney #GIRLS prod @MojoGotBeats

  • Derick

    Over the years, M.A.V. has crafted a unique sound which can be enjoyed by any age group, and is only getting better by the second. M.A.V. possesses all the elements it takes to become a Top artist/producer/engineer at the commercial level including, lyricism, delivery, stage presence and style. He is currently featured on a few underground mixtapes and has a couple solo mixtapes dropping this summer. M.A.V. has recently done shows with Roc Nation artist J. Cole on the BET Music Matters Tour, Ques Bar and Grill in Los Angeles, The Arizona International Festival in Phoenix, AZ, “WORLD Natural Hair, Health, & Beauty Show” Georgia International Convention Center, Atlanta, GA; MTV lounge, Atlanta GA, Juneteenth 2014 Music Festival Atlanta GA

  • Davon Moore

    Loved it please download

  • GZ Barz

    What’s up Funkworm! How current would you say this directory is? And if you have a minute, check out my new EP and let me know what you think! Some old school hip hop for ya

  • swanny river
  • Charles Wesley Pace
  • Charles Wesley Pace

    Lord Charles From Atlanta Ga I make beats mix and master and rap hope u guys and girls like my story of music

  • kuntrybandzent

    Kuntrybandz ent.



    Cool Directory! I think its dope to have a list like this on deck with tips and tricks we all could use to get ahead in this overcrowded rap game!!! I tried to find a lot of blogs myself but it aint easy! This takes a lot of guess work n leg work out for me!!! Well worth the $$$ Great Work!!!

  • Duey Sesay
  • Duey Sesay
  • FuNkwoRm

    Glad you found it useful Alex! Keep in touch.


    WATCH The Original Creators Not 50 CENT & all new #KTOENTERPRISE video Na Talking Bout #RT #Real #Heat

  • Kendalai

    Funkworm, I can wait to get started, thanks for providing this tool I will keep you updated on my progress !!

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