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D.P.: Gainesville, Florida

D.P.: Daniel Perez

D.P. (Daniel Perez), is a independent hip-hop artist/producer from Gainesville, Florida.  As a trained pianist and guitarist, D.P. plays, writes, records, produces and mixes all of his own music without samples.

What inspired you to get into hip hop?

D.P.: I’ve been making music forever, hip-hop is just the music of our generation, I grew up on hip-hop, just is natural that this is the type of music I make, it’s the music of my peers.

If you were a super hero, what powers would you choose and what would be your name?

D.P.: We get to choose now? Thought you were born with those. Never really wanted super powers, with great power comes great responsibility, and I’m not the best with the whole responsibility thing. I have enough trouble with what I’ve got on my plate.

If you could deck a famous person in public and get away with it, who would it be?

D.P.: Can’t say there’s someone I’d like to ‘deck’ in public. I don’t really know who’s famous anymore anyway. How about Carrot Top? Is he still famous? That cat is annoying for sure.

If you were approached to do a reality show, what would be the name of it?

D.P.: Probably would be something stupid, reality TV blows. Tell me what’s real about it. Whatever it was, I’d turn it down. You want reality, take your ass outside and turn off the damn TV.

Your girl caught you leaving the theater with another girl, give me your best lie.

D.P.: I don’t really limit myself to one girl, so I can’t say I’d be in too much trouble if one girl saw me with another girl. But in that situation, the important question to ask would be, who the hell are YOU here with? I don’t lie. And movies are a lame date anyway, let’s go get drunk somewhere.

What do you love and hate about hip hop?

D.P.: I love autotune. I hate the fact that Miami booty music isn’t mainstream any more. What the fuck is up with that?

What’s the dopest shit about your city?

D.P.: We pretty much own everyone in college sports.


Here’s D.P.’s single ‘The Mirror’

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  • Gee Wiz

    No knock to him, but this is a hiphop site, but you (or he) felt the need to say he doesn’t use samples like that’s something to be proud of. It’s not. That’s just his particular style of making music.

  • @Gee Wiz

    I allow each and every artist to put out whatever message they choose. If you read prior posts, you’ll see that a large percentage of emcees here have samples in their music.

    I won’t speak for D.P. but just because a producer may promote the fact that he plays all of his music, doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s against the art of sampling.

  • Gee Wiz

    Ok. Like I said, no knock to your site or him. It’s just I have had similar discussions/arguments with others over the validity of sampling. So I apologize for my overreaction.

  • Definitely no need for an apology! Anyone against sampling would get the same argument from me. In fact, I appreciate you expressing your thoughts about it. Hope you continue to do so. Keep in touch.

  • Gee Wiz

    Understood. If you find the time, this is why I took offense to it http://www.myspace.com/geewiz86

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