Mixtape Malpractice: A New Problem for Hip Hop Artists

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There used to be a time when a rapper could put out a mixtape using popular beats. And as long as that artist wasn’t selling it, he didn’t have to worry much about the beatmaker coming after him for any sort of copyright infringement. Well those days are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Some independent hip hop artists are now building successful careers off of buzzes created by these free mixtapes. And now the beatmakers are starting to feel used and abused. A popular mixtape, for an artists, can lead to well paid shows and even a major label deal. Producers and beatmakers are Read the rest of this entry »

How to Not Get Screwed By the Music Industry – Wendy Day (@rapcoalition)

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Wendy Day is an advocate for indie hip hop artists and has prevented a large number of artists from getting screwed by negotiating their deals. Google her. I had the pleasure of interviewing her a short time ago when she first released her current book.

In this short video clip, Wendy explains that not all deals are bad when you’re educated about music business. But more importantly, she goes on the explain why hip hop artist these days are better off staying independent.

Do yourself a solid and follow her on Twitter @RapCoalition. Wendy is also on our “must follow” list in our Indie Hip Hop Directory, which should already be one of the tools in your grind right now . Read the rest of this entry »

Wendy Day – “How To Get A Record Deal” ( @RapCoalition )

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Wendy Day has negotiated hip hop deals for over twenty years.  She’s been a champion and advocate for the fair treatment of hip hop artists during her career and has been responsible for some of the biggest deals in hip hop history. Before she stepped on the landscape, no artist in the genre had ever walked away from closing a label deal with the amount of payment, rights, and ownership that she was able to secure for her artists. One of the most monumental deals was the 30 million dollar label agreement she got for Cash Money Records. A deal that also awarded them ownership of their master recordings, which was close to unheard of in hip hop at the time.
Here are just a few of Wendy’s former clients: Cash Money Records (Juvenile, BG, Lil Wayne, Hot Boyz, Big Tymers, Baby aka Birdman), Read the rest of this entry »

Indie Rapper, MC Lars, Finds Opportunity in Industry Misfortune

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Not much commentary to add to this video other than the fact that I like finding stories of other indie hip hop artists doing it themselves and making it happen. You can do your own shit, march to your own drummer, and find an audience that’s feels you. Be inspired! Read the rest of this entry »

15, Must Follow, Music Biz Giants on Twitter

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This is my super duper dope list of 15 Twitter grinders that always stay on top of the latest music business info. Follow this 15 and you’ll be way ahead of the game and educated on some of the most important aspects of this ever evolving music industry. But in order to get this list, I ask that you do something for me first.  Tweet this out to your followers on Twitter with the button below, and you’ll get a free download of this list.

Hip Hop Artists: SoundExchange May Have Money For You

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SoundExchange collects royalties when sound your music is played on satellite radi0, Internet radio, on cable TV music channels, and other streaming services. SoundExchange covers ground and ASCAP an BMI doesn’t,  so many artists have unclaimed money waiting for them that they’re totally unaware of. SoundExchange is free to join. Check out the vid to find out more about their service. Read the rest of this entry »

8 Things That Are Working For Hip Hop Artists

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1. Social Networking

Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and even Youtube, when used correctly, are proving to be the most effective ways to build your fan base and keep them updated. Make it a point to follow other successful artists to see how they are using these tools to their advantage. Read the rest of this entry »

When Does an Artist Need a Lawyer?

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I’ve seen some artists sign some fucked up contacts in my day. Whether it was with a record company, management, or production company. These contracts were almost always signed without a lawyer involved. Most of the time artists only seek counsel when they’re trying to get out of a bad agreement. Bad agreements can stagnate and ruin any chances you have of living out your dream of having a career in music.  Music attorney Ed Fair in this video clip expresses the importance of knowing when seek legal help.

Read the rest of this entry »

Artist Deals and Recoupment Explained

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In this video clip, Michele Singer, Director of Legal and Business Affairs for jazz and classical, breaks down some of the finer points of the recoupment process between artists and their labels.

7 Ways of Making Money in the Music Business

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In this video Cappriccieo M Scates of SESAC talks about the 7 forms of income streams in the music business.

A Must Watch Video For Every Indie Hip Hop Artist

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Young Guru, a well established producer in the music business, gives you the straight talk about corporations, major labels, and how artists enslave themselves by signing record contracts. This video is filled with gems and should be encouragement for every independent hip hop artist on the path to building their own business.

Changes Labels Need to Make to Survive

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Lance Grode teaches Legal Issues in the Music Business at USC Law. In this video he expresses the need for labels to adapt to remain sustainable. Good info if you’re running an indie label as well.

A business of Micro Pennies: How Drake missed out on $100k

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It all adds up! Rich Bengloff, President of A2iM discusses how Drake missed out on $100,000

via Digipendent

Phil Gladston On The Role of a Publisher

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The information about publishing is not the most valuable treasure of this video clip. It’s Phil’s will to grind and create an opportunity for himself when the climate of the music business was changing.

Licenses Needed for Sampling

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Peter Shukat, an entertainment lawyer, discusses sampling and the licenses that are necessary to sample music in a recording.

The Evolving Music Industry

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David Purcell from NYU gives insight into the future of the music industry as it relates to file sharing and digital distribution online.

Important Points in a Recording Contract

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Peter Shukat, an entertainment lawyer with Shukat, Arrow, Hafer, Weber & Herbsman in New York City,  discusses key issues in a recording contract such as the amount of product the label agrees to give and what kind of advance/royalty is going to be paid. He also covers the restrictions and limitations an artist can put on a record company and the mechanical royalty clause.

Advice for Getting Some Success in the Music Business

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In this video, Janet Kleinbaum, Senior VP of Artist Marketing and Video Production for Jive Records, gives some sound advice for entering the music business. Some of the points she makes in this video could apply to any business you decide to enter into.


Why Should Artists Be Aware of The Business Side of Music?

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Jay Cooper, a music lawyer based in Los Angeles breaks down the importance of educating yourself about the music business and cites some examples on how that can greatly benefit how you get paid.



Hip Hop Artists: Build Your Brand, Make Dough!

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The formula for success in this game right now is simple. Your following is your value. Period. Creating income streams from that influence then becomes just a matter of creating partnerships with other businesses or developing a business plan of your own.

Whether you know it or not, you are a business, And  you can diversify your income in a number of Read the rest of this entry »