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Published on July 1st, 2009 | by FuNkwoRm


A Plea For Jay-Z to do “Death Of Saggin Pants”

Saggin Soulja_Bow Wo

Okay one of the things that’s fucking up hip hop right now is the fact that it’s holding on to its own trends for far to long. Hip Hop used to be stick-and-move. The minute the mainstream caught on to what was hip, the streets were already on some new shit. The platinum, bling era lasted waaaay to long. Too many songs on the radio, at that time, were about platinum and ice. Some cats still can’t let go to this day.

Jerseys got so bad that Jay had to kill that fad as well. And he did it with one line. So since Jay has taken on the heavily saturated auto-tune craze, I’m making a plea for him to attack a hip hop fashion trend that’s been on the shelf way beyond its expiration date…SAGGIN PANTS!


This went mainstream in the mid 90′s. Around the same time chicks were showing their drawz too with their hip huggin jeans. They knew when the keep that shit movin though. It’s now 2009, way over a decade later, and mofos are still walking around, ass out! I never got into this one but I understand that some bad fads come and go. This fad in particular has overstayed its welcome. They’re actually passing laws to ban it because it’s such an eye sore. Cats are even saggin their skinny jeans. LET IT GO!



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FuNkwoRm is a music producer, creator of the hip hop comic strip, Rap Ratz, and has a dope backspin.

  • Mr.Reala

    Str8 up tho, that’s dumb…I ain’t pullin’ my pants up for nobody, I’ve almost been in fights for stuff like that…the way I see it, I wear my pants the way I feel comfortable and you sure the hell turnin’ hip-hop into Ken dolls! Oh and btw Jay-Z killin’ auto-tunes???? I’ma fan and all, but it sounds like another gimik to me!

  • Mr.Reala

    ….btw Soulja Boy overdoes the “sag”…it looks stupid ha ha

  • Jean

    completely agree with the article, this fad is ridiculous. It should have ended a looonggg time ago. Especially when new “rappers” started taking it to the extreme. Now theres kids saggin down way below their ass and it just looks retarted. If you get pants that fit right theyre comfortable around your hips and not ur ankles…

  • kasey

    i am soooo with you on this one. i don’t find ANYTHING creative or attractive about wearing your pants pulled down, draws showing and ass out. like, you want me to take you seriously while you are standing around airing out your ass and balls? sorry. not feelin’ it. ok, let me take that ass and balls part out, because i see females doing the same thing. showin your ass while lookin like an ass. on the street, in the store, at the movies, on the job…they’re EVERYWHERE! if you don’t want anything tight around your waist and ass, and want to be comfortable…then put on a skirt.

  • hiphopmuse

    Co-sign like a mug! The sagging pants thing has gotten so bad that my dad asked me, “what’s up with these dudes sagging in these skinny jeans!” No one is saying hike ur pants up a la Steve Urkel, but the sagging pants looks homo-thug IMO. Sorry. It may have been cool in 1994, but let’s evolve.

  • bozo

    dude, sagging are nothing but a tendence ok, i mean , and if u don’t like it, why u care?
    Let them wear wnat they want, live your life not otherelse!

  • bozo

    bozo: dude, sagging are nothing but a tendence ok, i mean , and if u don’t like it, why u care?Let them wear wnat they want, live your life manBR>kissmyjazz

  • CautionRalphieralph

    I completely agree with you it’s a trend that should have left or faded away years ago n it just looks completely stupid sagging skinny jeans. L

  • gayguy

    As a gay guy i say keep this fad up!

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