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99 Hip Hop Problems (No. 6) – #RapRatz


Rap Raptz_Fake record label

It’s all about being true to yourself. Major labels aren’t the only ones that try to manufacture an image for you. Independent labels, in their quest to mimic major labels, can be worse at this. The people trying to create an image for you aren’t the ones that end up stuck with it when the shit doesn’t work. As the old saying goes, no one can be better at being you than you. So why waste time trying to be something you’re not because it appears that someone else is being successful at it? Even if you decide to create another persona to deliver your message, make sure it’s by your design and not one pushed upon you by others. I’ve seen this not work on too many occasions.



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FuNkwoRm is a music producer, creator of the hip hop comic strip, Rap Ratz, and has a dope backspin.

  • grm780

    I agree with that but I believe the bigger problem is the audience is slow to adapt to artists who don’t rep the fake bs. This is made worst due to the fact that the major tv and radio stations are own by a handful of corporations. The indie artists needs to have financial investors or be independently wealthy themselves to keep up. Unfortunately most have neither of those options at their disposal. There needs to be a business model developed for the indie artists that will create a strong incentive to motivate their target audience to support them.

  • You know, I always say that Wu-Tang’s commercial success back in the 90’s was proof that mainstream audiences could digest alternative forms of hip hop. The appeal of Wu-tang still resonates event to this day.

    But we all bear some responsibility to help this artform we love if we want it to grow and sustain us. This involves sometimes spending money on shit you like. It’s one of the reasons I started this blog over 5 years ago. I didn’t just want to be another music producer complaining about the problem and not doing anything about it. Artists bear some responsibility to by not massively supporting platforms like this one and many others that shine a spotlight on unknown talent. Instead, most still try, with disappointing results, to chase dying media outlets like local radio.

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