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5 Ways To Get Through Writer’s Block


We’ve all experienced it right? Those annoying moments when it seems like your brain is on deep freeze. Can’t find a concept…can’t start a beat..can’t find that next hot line. Sometime ago I decided that I’d find a some ways to work though the drought. Here are five.

1. Write hooks and come back to them later. Don’t try to complete an entire song. Sometimes the hooks are the only thing you can get off at the moment. Why stay stuck on one tune when you can shoot of a dozen hot choruses that you can fill in later?

2. Listen to other shit. Sometimes just hearing a line from another artist can create an entirely different thread of thought. Use it for inspiration.

3. Write about someone else’s experiences. Most emcees feel that they have to live what they write about. I think this has contributed to the lack of imagination in hip hop and why after 3 albums, these dude don’t have anything else to talk about, and talk retirement. You’re a storyteller. It’s okay to write about the lives of others.

4. Take a break!! Sometimes you just need to let your mind reboot. Listen to your body. It may just be telling you to chill the fuck out. You’ll ending up forcing something out that you won’t like later on anyway.

5. WEED!!…………(just kidding!! 😉

I’d like to hear some of the ways you get through writers block.

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  • sidetracked973

    i never really tried just writing hooks.
    everything else is a nice reminder that i’m not the only one who goes through it.

    #5, lol

  • Mark Madness

    I like to do stuff that makes me feel like I am really going nowhere in life and do it all day like play a video all day and then I realize, damn, that isnt doin nothin I need to get busy. Sometimes it takes more than a day though.

  • Great feedback! It’s always good to see how other artists deal with this.

  • I always freestyle for about atleast 10 minutes before i write..Helps a shitload

  • Wow…I am in a five month writer’s block…so I definitely needed this article…thank you all

  • i go back and forth between writing and freestyle so when i cant write, i just freestyle everything til it gets boring..then i just write everything til i’m out of concepts again..i had to train my brain to work like that. haven’t had a day of (technical) writer’s block since.
    …..weed does help though lol

  • I’m not a rapper, but I’m a writer…and I experience writer’s block A LOT. I usually overcome this by taking the pen to the page (or the fingers to the keys) and writing down whatever comes to mind. It’s usually a mess of thoughts, but at least its something. It usually triggers ideas as I go along, and at the very least I have material that I might use later for another article.

  • riverstone

    I drink a 40, it helps me rearrange my thoughts

  • Anonymous

    I just think about whatever gets me mad and talk about it with my friends. Like today’s education system. Then I take some of their views and incorporate them into my lyrics. Sometimes the silly friend of mine will make a joke about something that makes for a wonderful punchline. Sometimes the serious person will make it sound grave. Then I connect it all together so that it flows smoothly from funny punchline to grave quote back to funny punchline.

  • Jon Spreez

    For me the old school cypher can usually help. I call it the Brooklyn’s Finest affect, another equal spitter says some hot shit it drives you to go harder. Just vibing with like minded individuals can usually get my juices flowing.

  • kaycypha

    i watch spongebob squarepants, picking out the humour we subconsciously take for granted and then apply it into our everyday existence… i then come up with a rhyme or a punchline…lol

  • Sometimes what works for me is having an enlightening experience or conversation in real life and applying it to making music. We often forget certain conversations/ideas and don’t even think to incorporate them into writing. Also, keeping your cell phone ready at any moment, wherever you’re at, to take note of interesting ideas. I have a long list of concepts, hooks, started verses that I will eventually use and they help me a lot when i can’t think of something right away. I never force the writing process. It has to come to me.

  • Sometimes I’ll approach a concept from the opposing perspective to overcome writer’s block.

  • Se7en

    weed always does the trick 4 me lol

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